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South Park: The Stick of Truth

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Jim SterlingMar 04, 2014
South Park: The Stick of Truth could stand alone as an extended episode of the show. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing depends on how funny you think Trey Parker and Matt Stone are. For fans of the show, this is a seriously impressive game.
Joe VargasMar 06, 2014
Kevin VanOrdMar 04, 2014
South Park: The Stick of Truth is not the second coming of role-playing games, so if you come seeking Jesus, you'll be disappointed by the veritable second-rate televangelist you find in His place. But it's as funny as the merry tune of Stratford, and more enjoyable than Butters' favorite game, Hello Kitty: Island Adventure.
David JagneauxMar 04, 2014
Not only have they created what will go down as the greatest South Park ever made, but they did so battling against all odds. After the original publisher going down in a blaze of non-glory, people feared that this game may never see the light of day. South Park: The Stick of Truth is a truly engaging and entertaining adventure from start to finish that made me laugh more than any game before it.
Michael DamianiMar 03, 2014
Despite some minor technical issues and sometimes abstruse mechanics, South Park: The Stick of Truth is an experience to behold. It’s one of the most faithful adaptations of a television show into a video game, and its signature style of humor and commentary come through in every facet of the game. Even with so much focus on capturing the feel of the show, this still manages to be a solid RPG that’s fun and rewarding.
Bill HessMar 04, 2014
For fans of this brand of comedy, you’ll be hard pressed to go even a few moments without a funny reference, or outrageous moment. The risks the comedic duo took in the South Park movies are more in line with what can be found in The Stick of Truth. The humor is the star of the show, so long as your content with passable gameplay being your only roadblock to the next joke or collectible to reminisce over. Seventeen years in, we probably won’t see a better South Park game ever made.
Pete DavisonMar 05, 2014
It looks just like the show in every possible respect -- both during gameplay and cutscenes. Without a doubt the finest TV-to-video game adaptation for a very long time. South Park is a great RPG, a faithful adaptation of its source material -- and a game that knows when to stop before its shtick becomes tiresome.
S. PrellMar 04, 2014
To get the most out of it, you have to buy into its world; you have to play pretend. More than that, you're going to want to know the kids you're playing with. If you're well-versed in South Park history and can imagine cookies as a "health potion," you're off to a good start. If you can also forgive the repetitive nature of combat and some uninspired quests, it's worth taking up arms – or dildos – for The Stick of Truth's hilarious, disgusting adventure.
Alex NavarroMar 04, 2014
Its gameplay is in no way an encumbrance to your enjoyment. Obsidian has fashioned an honest-to-god RPG out of the South Park universe, one with enough depth and longevity to hold your interest even when the comedy takes a breather. If the fantastically foul world of Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny still holds any appeal to you, The Stick of Truth is a game well worth your time.
Dan RyckertMar 04, 2014
I can’t think of a better way to bring this franchise to gaming consoles. The RPG format allows for a ton of funny items and sidequests, the objectives are unlike anything else in the genre, everything moves along at a solid pace, and the overall feel is distinctly South Park. It’s one of the most faithful adaptations of a license I’ve seen, and it ranks among the best comedic games ever released.
Nick TanMar 04, 2014
If it were just five or more hours longer in content, South Park: The Stick of Truth would have struck the perfect balance between writing, gameplay, humor, and length. Not since Earthbound and Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars has there been a turn-based RPG with such a distinct style and with so many memorable moments.
Andy KellyMar 04, 2014
Above all, it's just a wonderful piece of entertainment. It's surprising, surreal, packed with jokes, and rarely frustrating. I didn't get bored once across the 17 hours it took me to finish the story and most of the sidequests, and it kept me laughing consistently until the credits. If that isn't worth 90%, I don't know what is.
Hollander CooperMar 04, 2014
Obsidian's RPG is an absolutely fantastic, surprising experience. It's great for those willing to favor story and comedy over innovative gameplay--and still a damn fun time for anyone interested in a light, open-world RPG. Instead of a game trying to be South Park, it actually feels like you're playing South Park, and playing South Park is… well, it's pretty fucking kick-ass.
ProJaredMar 07, 2014
Ryan McCaffreyMar 03, 2014
There’s much, much more here for series fans than the uninitiated, but it’s a light but good quality role-playing game in its own right. It is, in a way, Season 18 all by itself. It is funny, shocking, self-effacing, and pretty much everything I could ask for from a South Park game -- even if it’s mostly a one-and-done experience.
Justin McElroyMar 04, 2014
It's a testament to The Stick of Truth that my enthusiasm for the game didn't dim in the face of those hiccups. Despite them and the jokes that occasionally run out of steam this is an experience that even the most casual fan of South Park is going to get something out of, and one of the truest translations from screen to game I can recall.
Phil HornshawMar 04, 2014
There’s certainly fun to be had in South Park: The Stick of Truth, especially for people who have followed the show for its entire 17-year run. But it’s absolutely not for everyone (if you don’t like “South Park” already, you ought to know full-well to steer clear), and there’s a lot of rehash here.
Patrick WebbMar 14, 2014
Overall, the game is enjoyable throughout and has made me rethink licensed products in gaming. Those interested in replayability may find the game lacking, as most can be seen in one playthrough. If playing all classes is something you wish to do allocate roughly 100 hours (I could think of more shitty ways to spend 100 hours). I recommend this game to any South Park fan, RPG fan, or video game fan. Ultimately, everyone should give this game a go.
ScrewAttack!Mar 31, 2014
Alex DonaldsonMar 04, 2014
South Park: The Stick of Truth is bloody good. Sluggish menus and some visual chugging on consoles can't take that away, and if you're playing the PC version you'll dodge that bullet entirely. Obsidian have proved here that they're not just great at making RPGs for the hardcore, but can make something more immediately accessible and no less fun, too. Pair that with one of the most faithful adaptations of an external property I've ever seen, and you're on to a winner.
Rasmus Lund-HansenMar 04, 2014
It's fun and entertaining, unusually polished for a game from Obsidian Entertainment, and beneath the simple surface and the fart jokes there's a surprisingly well functioning RPG. If you're in any way tempted by South Park: The Stick of Truth you don't need to worry. Just stick with the PC version.
Chris CapelMar 04, 2014
The Stick of Truth has loads of fun things to do, clever and involving combat, well-thought-out mechanics and abilities that open up the town Metroidvania-like, and above all else it’s goddamn hilarious. Taking most side-quests into account it took me 15 hours to complete and I utterly loved every minute of it, from silly beginning to glorious ending.
Adam CookMar 04, 2014
Die-hard fans of South Park have waited an eternity for a good game, let alone a great one. The Stick of Truth makes you laugh throughout, but never forgets that it is a game, and engages you on that level, too. I had high hopes for this one, and Obsidian have fully delivered. It’s hard to stay mad at Ubisoft for the censorship, because you get the feeling that their quality assurance really helped this become the wonderful experience that it is. Don’t be a conformist, grab this one and indulge in the stupid toilet humour and dick jokes that it possesses. One of the best games of 2014 so far.
Fraser BrownMar 04, 2014
South Park: The Stick of Truth feels like it’s been 16 years in the making, drawing on the high points from 17 seasons of lewd hilarity. Kenny dies a lot, and those immortal lines are uttered; Jimmy takes five minutes to spit out a sentence, requiring players to press a button to skip it; and Canada is a weird place containing dire bears, farting comedy duos and queefing women – it’s all there. This is South Park, and Obsidian’s RPG design at their very best.
VGChartz StaffApr 13, 2014
I look back on my time with this game and realise what a blast I had. The presentation is definitely its biggest asset; the art style is fantastic, the story humorous, and the combat surprisingly enjoyable and deep. It's a short adventure, and will only appeal to those who like the show's crude humour, but if you are a fan of South Park then this is definitely one licensed property you won't want to miss out on.
Jesús BellaMar 04, 2014
South Park estrena nuevo capítulo, esta vez jugable y con convencimiento para convertirse en el mejor videojuego basado en la licencia. Lo ha conseguido. El título parodia al género rolero con su irreverente humor mediante un esquema jugable sólido al tiempo que accesible, profundo y divertido. Es un auténtico imprescindible para los fans, pero no por ello una obra menos recomendable para cualquier tipo de jugador, sobre todo si lo que quiere es reirse y pasar un buen rato.
Francisco Alberto AcostaMar 04, 2014
Cuando un juego tiene detalles incluso en aspectos tan nimios como los objetos “basura” que podemos encontrar para vender, es buena señal de se ha depositado una gran cantidad de atención y cariño al proyecto. Es un juego especialmente dedicado a los fans, realmente imprescindible para ellos, pero que se deja jugar perfectamente por cualquier tipo de usuarios. Sin pillar las referencias y los guiños, la experiencia no es tan plena, pero el juego también tiene mucho que ofrecer a los que no sean acérrimos de South Park.
Björn BalgMar 04, 2014
Leider endet es jedoch zu früh. Das ist zwar ein Zeugnis für die überragende Qualität, lässt mich in meinem Hunger nach mehr Spiel dennoch etwas unbefriedigt zurück. Plötzlich wirkt die Welt trotz ihrer Detailverliebtheit zu klein, die Handlung zu schnell abgewürgt und das Kampfsystem zu unterentwickelt. Sobald ihr sämtliche Facetten verinnerlicht habt und euch auf neue Strategien der Feinde freut, zieht das Spiel die Handbremse an und stagniert.
Michael GrafMar 04, 2014
Zumal Obsidian den Brachialhumor der Serie nicht nur perfekt einfängt, sondern auch noch mit Vielfalt würzt – ich würde mir wünschen, dass sich künftig auch andere Studios derart viele Gedanken über originelle Ideen und Kulissen machen. Genau das ist die große Stärke von Der Stab der Wahrheit, ich hab's schon alleine deshalb mit großer Freude durchgespielt, weil ich wissen wollte, welche Absurdität, welcher Auswuchs mich hinter der nächsten Ecke erwartet.
Florian VelterMar 04, 2014
South Park : Le Bâton de Vérité est un énorme pas vidéoludique en avant pour la série animée. Visuellement parfait par sa fidélité à l'esthétique du show, le titre d'Obsidian est également un RPG très sympathique, simple mais plaisant qui a su tirer parti assez intelligemment de l'univers de South Park, dont il sait conserver l'esprit WTF.
[87]Mar 04, 2014
South Park : Le Bâton de la Vérité n'est pas un excellent RPG au sens littéral. Il est en revanche à ce jour le meilleur jeu inspiré de l'univers de Parker et Stone. Avec sa réalisation impeccable qui ne s'écarte jamais de l'essence de la série, avec ses références innombrables, grâce son écriture soignée qui rend parfaitement justice à l'impertinence de South Park mais aussi en raison de son gameplay plus diversifié qu'il n'en a l'air, on peut affirmer que les fans de la série ont enfin le jeu qu'ils attendaient depuis des lustres.
Thomas MangotMar 04, 2014
Le développement à rallonge de South Park : La Bâton de la Vérité nous avait inquiétés mais Obsidian et Ubisoft prenaient visiblement le temps d'engendrer une très bonne adaptation de la série télévisée de Trey Parker et Matt Stone. A la fois intéressant à jouer et passionnant à suivre pour les fans de la franchise, ce jeu de rôle nous noie sous une avalanche constante d'objets complètement débiles sans oublier de l'exploiter dans ses mécaniques de jeu finalement pas si idiotes.
Jorge LoureiroMar 04, 2014
A cooperação entre os criadores da série e do Obsidian deu frutos e está claramente visível ao longo de toda a aventura, que apresenta bons e memoráveis momentos dignos do nome deste título. Acaba por não apenas corresponder às expectativas, como também por ser uma aquisição obrigatória para fãs de South Park, que vão sentir-se em casa.