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Brandon JonesSep 22, 2015
The mission was less profound for us because the game can be empty at times and not in a way that contributes to the solitude you’re supposed to feel. The story can only survive so long on loud, static-filled screams and somber diary entries. If you’re a fan of Frictional Games, you’ll find Soma equally spooky and thought-provoking. At times it was difficult for us to maintain our immersion in this nightmare under the sea.
Justin CelaniSep 21, 2015
Soma is both an extremely beautiful and terrifying experience. While I still think Amnesia takes the cake for scare factor, everything else in Soma is done better here Story, visuals, and the soundtrack are superb and top tier from Frictional at this point. One of the best sci-fi stories I’ve ever experienced in a videogame and one that can get under your skin.
Caitlin CookeSep 21, 2015
SOMA gets everything right about the the survival horror genre. It’s like someone created the perfect video game mixtape -- a little bit of abandoned underwater atmosphere from BioShock, detailed environments a la Gone Home, and (of course) the frenzied monster mechanics from Amnesia. Even if you dislike non-combat-oriented games, I dare you to give it a try.
Marshall LemonSep 22, 2015
Even with a few odd quirks - you'll probably figure out SOMA's mysteries long before the clueless protagonist - this is an absolutely fantastic game. Frictional's latest title is a benchmark for the horror genre, and easily one of the best examples of video game storytelling this year. Whether you're a returning fan, or a horror newbie, SOMA deserves your immediate attention.
Andy KellySep 21, 2015
SOMA has big, interesting ideas when it comes to story and themes, but this ambition and imagination doesn’t carry over into its game design. But, monster encounters aside, this stricken underwater base is one of the most fascinating, atmospheric spaces I’ve ever explored in a game. There’s all manner of horrific imagery down in those murky depths to be uncovered, and the story is unsettling. In this sense, it’s a great horror game.
Kyle LawrenceSep 23, 2015
The best way I would describe SOMA’s gameplay is blunt and unintuitive. The overly methodical interactions, boring puzzles, frustrating stealth and the long stretches of walking through admittedly atmospheric areas, all make SOMA something I’d have rather watched than played. It feels like a story was written, a setting was created around it, and then a few gameplay elements were slapped on to keep the game from being a two hour walking simulator, but honestly I wish I had gotten two hours of a great story than about nine hours of performing menial tasks waiting to be rewarded with narrative.
Philip KollarSep 21, 2015
It's in that clarity, more than anything, that SOMA feels most distinct from Amnesia. The latter game embraced a sense of vagueness to modify its dread, even going so far as to make not looking at its monsters a key part of the gameplay. SOMA copies that at first, but within a few hours it's given you most of the answers. I don't know if SOMA will scare people as much as Amnesia did, but it is without a doubt a stronger game, with better pacing, smarter writing and more powerful subject matter.
Scott SullivanSep 22, 2015
It taps in on things that are common ground for people, and some of these things are huge fears for people, and it serves to make this game so much scarier than Amnesia was. SOMA had the tools to come together to be something special, but like some of the AIs and machines in the game, it’s not quite a complete product, but still quite enjoyable nonetheless.
Leon HurleySep 21, 2015
This is a dark and deviant science fiction tale well worth a look thanks to some uncomfortable themes and concepts. And, at about 8 to 10-ish hours long, it’s a perfectly formed and satisfying experience to see through to conclusion. Seriously, that ending? You’ll be digesting it months from now.
Jim SterlingSep 21, 2015
Intentional or not, SOMA regardless provides that example. This is not just another horror game. It’s a science fiction story with horrific shades, a game that ponders the human condition in an industry where “the human condition” has become an awkward dead horse of a phrase. A horror game that, curiously, would have benefited from a little less horror.
Tim TuriSep 21, 2015
The evasive, non-combat focused gameplay of Amnesia collides with an unnerving and fascinating underwater sci-fi tale. Playing cat-and-mouse with monsters feels formulaic at this point, but Soma’s engrossing subsea environment and intriguing narrative keep the entire experience afloat.
Richard WakelingSep 21, 2015
These missteps of tedium shine a light on just how incredibly assured SOMA is elsewhere. I came in expecting something similar to Amnesia, just in a terrifying new location, but what I found is an intelligent game that forced me to think and contemplate ideas as only the best sci-fi is capable of doing. It may not stir the hordes of wailing YouTubers looking for the next best haunted house, but SOMA succeeds at crafting something much more meaningful in a genre that’s deserving of more than just simple jump scares.
Steven WongSep 21, 2015
All the stumbling around trades away any sense of suspense. It's hard to feel scared of monsters after you've walked circles around them several times. Not even tricks like suddenly switching off the lights saves the mood. Soma does a great job of making me feel lost and frustrated. Perhaps too good.
Jon LedfordSep 22, 2015
Ultimately, SOMA provides a unique tale of sci-fi horror that is unlike any of its contemporaries. While it's fun to get the heart racing while being chased down by a huge robot set on dismantling you, it's the narrative parts of SOMA that left me thinking about it long after completion.
Daniel KrupaSep 21, 2015
At 12 hours long, the story feels a little stretched, especially when so much of its gameplay feels less original than its ideas. That’s not to say it’s scares aren’t effective or intense but I found myself drawn to its quiet moments in which its philosophical yet unpretentious storytelling is allowed to breathe without interference from unintuitive puzzles and monsters that can’t be manipulated.
Chris CapelSep 21, 2015
SOMA is a truly excellent gaming experience, with the only flaws coming from your own personal expectation. If you’re expecting a game as terrifying as Amnesia and without any adventure game-style puzzles to solve you might have some complaints, but SOMA is still scary, dripping with tension and heart-stopping moments, and it’s easier to find the items you need to solve puzzles than in Amnesia.
Borja Vilar MartosNov 05, 2015
SOMA's thought-provoking well-paced plot, sound and visual design work great, but some limitations in gameplay make it not fully live up to its legacy. It is a highly recommendable game, but unlike Amnesia, it isn't going to spur to a whole genre. In fact, it is not even the best ones in the genre.
Mike HolmesOct 02, 2015
There's a philosophical edge to the narrative that elevates this above the rank and file, and although it might lack subtlety in this regard from time to time, this is still a cerebral shocker that provokes the mind as much as it does the senses. Make no mistake, Soma is a really good horror game, and if you've been out of Isolation for too long and want a title to hold you in its deathly grip during the ever lengthening autumn evenings, this is an experience well worth braving.
TuffcubSep 21, 2015
I’ve never played a game that’s affected me as much as SOMA, and to be honest I’m not sure I want to ever again, although I’m very glad I did. It has the DNA of movies like Alien, 2001, Sunlight, and Event Horizon, with a splash of the original Dead Space and Bioshock, but brings plenty of new ideas to the table. It makes you think about what it means to be alive, and indeed how you classify life, and is a brilliant example of just how far video games have evolved.
gamesTMOct 31, 2015
Every time you see that static, your heart sinks. Not just because you know you’re about to reveal how much of a coward you are, but because you resent the fact you’re being taken away from SOMA’s wonderful world. The result is an unhappy marriage of horror and narrative exploration, but – by the end of the satisfying story – you’ll be glad you stuck it out.
Jake YanikSep 22, 2015
SOMA is a first-person existential crisis that’s terrifying to even think about. It’s the only game where its own self-awareness is merely another level that’s been crafted to reiterate upon the game’s fundamental premise.
Chris BrownSep 22, 2015
When Soma is able to stretch its legs and be the horror game fans have been waiting for these past five years, it delivers in giant terror-inducing waves. Sadly, some inconsistent pacing and clunky mechanics weigh it down, leaving us with a good game rather than a great one.
Juan RubioSep 21, 2015
En definitiva, nos encontramos frente a una muy buena aventura de terror, a la que únicamente le podríamos pedir un mejor ritmo y un punto más de innovación, pero que sigue creciendo sobre las bases del "terror indefenso en primera persona", apoyándose en una buena historia que consigue atrapar y en situaciones variadas y exigentes.
Alberto PastorSep 21, 2015
Hay tantas aventuras de terror al "estilo Amnesia" que a estas alturas es difícil que un juego así te sorprenda. Y sin embargo SOMA lo consigue sin revolucionar el género ni salirse de las pautas establecidas. ¿Su mejor baza? Una genial puesta en escena aderezada por una de esas historias de terror difíciles de olvidar. Es inteligente, te hace cuestionarte muchas cosas y además te mantiene en constante tensión.
Jose A. RodríguezSep 21, 2015
Dentro de un género que empieza a verse algo explotado en PC, Soma nos ofrece una excelente experiencia, aterradora y con una duración muy bien ajustada. Y si bien podemos alabar muchas características del título, como hemos hecho durante la review, sin duda nos llama por igual la atención las falta de "sorpresa" más allá de los sustos. Y es que aunque Soma no aporta novedades, lo que hace lo hace muy bien, y ese trabajo, de los padres de Amnesia, es más que encomiable.
Luis SánchezSep 26, 2015
Siento que en esta ocasión el desarrollador abandonó algunos elementos de terror extremo y sustos para presentar una historia mejor escrita, lo que representa el verdadero valor del juego. A pesar de que hay fallas en el ritmo con largas caminatas subacuáticas, enemigos con poca inteligencia artificial y poco reto, los temas profundos de ciencia ficción como el existencialismo y la transferencia de mentes convierten a SOMA en una experiencia que los fanáticos del género no deben perderse. Se trata de un juego que requiere intelecto, que te pide pensar, explorar, investigar y que te entregues por completo a las vivencias que tiene preparadas para ti, aunque eso aleje a los fans del terror que buscan sustos fáciles y baratos.
Cristian CiuranetaSep 21, 2015
SOMA no cae en los convencionalismos del género y trata de sumergir por completo al jugador en una cautivadora historia de ciencia ficción que nos invita a cuestionar nuestra propia naturaleza y nos pone a prueba constantemente, sin descanso. Con una integración total de enigmas, rompecabezas y narrativa, SOMA no pretende ser un Amnesia con robots bajo el océano. SOMA va más allá y se sirve de tan aterrador contexto para contarnos un relato del que se pueden extraer varias conclusiones.
Jörg LuiblOct 02, 2015
Frictional Games demonstriert mit SOMA hinsichtlich der Konzeption der Spielwelt, der Regie und des Storytellings seine Stärken. Obwohl die Schweden auf Sparflamme kochen, was Rätsel, Aufgaben oder die Entwicklung von Fähigkeiten angeht, zeigen sie vor allem in den Begegnung mit Maschinenwesen ihr dramaturgisches Können - das sind tolle, angenehm subtil inszenierte Momente. Allerdings erreichen sie im Spieldesign nicht die Klasse der Abenteuer, die sie zitieren.
Nils OsowskiSep 21, 2015
In den Gesprächen von Simon und Catherine dreht es sich letztlich immer um die Frage, was unser menschliches Selbst ausmacht, ob unser Schicksal vorgezeichnet ist oder nur das chaotische Resultat von Zufällen. Dass die Gameplay-Mechanik sich dabei auf simple Versteckspiele und einfache Schalterrätsel beschränkt, nehme ich da gern in Kauf. Wer reinen Terror und Horror sucht, ist bei SOMA allerdings falsch.
KaarajSep 25, 2015
Sur la forme, il est déjà plus classique mais a au moins le mérite de reprendre bon nombre de mécanismes dont l'efficacité n'est plus à prouver tout en s'évitant les plus faciles d'entre eux, jumpscares et hausses de sons artificiels en tête. Frictional Games a également su franchir un palier dans la modélisation de ses titres, mais peine encore à se débarrasser des quelques ralentissements et défauts d'optimisation qui lui collent aux basques. SOMA n'est certes pas parfait mais il réussit où on l'attend, c'est bien là l'essentiel.
Fabien PellegriniSep 29, 2015
Plusieurs dilemmes moraux nous sont présentés, mais ils ne changent finalement rien. Ceci dit, cette lacune est peut-être volontaire, les développeurs donnant ainsi à croire au joueur que la sombre conclusion de l'histoire est entièrement sa faute, avant de… Non, impossible d'en dire plus ici sans spoiler, ce qui serait un véritable gâchis étant donné la haute volée scénaristique de SOMA. Le mieux, c'est encore que vous y jouiez !
Francesco DestriSep 27, 2015
SOMA non parte benissimo, ma si riprende presto, inciampa qua e là in sessioni di spostamento un po’ noiose, ma ha un gran finale e la trama cresce piano piano. Immergersi (letteralmente) nel mondo di Pathos 2 rimane una bella esperienza e i fan del genere apprezzeranno sicuramente i dettagli delle ambientazioni, il sound-design e certe trovate narrative.
Simone TagliaferriSep 21, 2015
SOMA è uno di quei titoli che vanno giocati a prescindere da ogni possibile opposizione perché riescono a fare bene quello che molti altri titoli neanche tentano: raccontare una storia profonda sfruttando i mezzi espressivi propri dei videogiochi, stupendo il giocatore in più di un'occasione talvolta prendendolo anche in contropiede. Detto questo è anche un horror di grande levatura, con momenti terrorizzanti, anche se più radi rispetto ad alcuni concorrenti.
Виктор ФликманDec 29, 2015
SOMA – игра довольно занудная и скучная даже по меркам симуляторов ходьбы. Она способна дать пищу для размышлений и дискуссий, но одного этого мало. Совершить прорыв в совмещении сюжета и геймплея у нее, увы, не удалось; не получилось из нее и хорошего хоррора. Остается надеяться, что следующая игра Frictional Games не потребует столько же времени на разработку и сможет нас по-настоящему напугать.
Nurullah KarapınarOct 15, 2015
Frictional Games, bizi okyanus dibindeki tesislerde heyecanlı, dramatik ve birazda ürkütücü bir yapımla buluşturdukları için teşekkürlerimi sunuyorum. Korku öğeleri keşke biraz daha fazla olsaydı, ama bu açığı hikâyesi ve oyun içi müzikleri ve karaktere seslendirmelerindeki başarılarıyla kapattıklarını söylemeliyim. Gerçi Thomas Grip, Amnesia tarzı bir korku oyunundan daha çok, farklı bir hikâyesi olan bilim kurgu türü oluşturduklarını söylüyor.
Petter HegevallSep 28, 2015
Soma är inget mästerverk och det blir aldrig lika läskigt som Amnesia. Inte ens nära. Det finns dock stunder som skrämt mig rätt ordentligt och atmosfären är suverän - hela spelet igenom. Temat samt berättandet är klockrent och det finns tänkvärda poänger som gjort att jag fortsatt tänka på Soma flera dagar efter det att jag bevittnade slutsekvensen, vilket naturligtvis är positivt.