SolSeraph for PC
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Jul 10, 2019
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Developer: ACE Team
Content Rating: Everyone


Build your cities and set up defensive structures to protect them from the constant threat of monsters. Brought to you by ACE Team, SolSeraph combines action and strategy for a rich gameplay experience reminiscent of the 16-bit era.

Critic Reviews

8 Reviews
Brittany VincentJul 09, 2019
It could have been a much more exciting game, especially since such a classic lent its inspiration. Unfortunately, it simply can't capture the same magic of ActRaiser. Perhaps it's time for a real sequel instead of a spiritual one.
Steven PetiteJul 09, 2019
SolSeraph is a faithful homage to ActRaiser, one of the Super Nintendo’s best games, but it doesn’t shine quite as brightly as the classic it pays tribute to. The side-scrolling sections admirably recreate the feeling of playing a 16-bit action game, but the levels themselves are a mixed bag. Some have real stakes, others feel strangely abbreviated. And the city-building, while intuitive and fun, throws strategy out the window entirely. As a result, SolSeraph is shallow, but fun, nostalgia snack food.
Jordan BaranowskiJul 08, 2019
SolSeraph never quite overcomes its sluggish, deliberate pacing and odd design choices to become what you'll want it to become. With a few small tweaks, it could be a fantastic diversion and admirable tribute to the 16-bit days. As is, it feels like a tragic case of "almost got it."

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