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Slayaway Camp

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Ruaraidh DempsterNov 10, 2016
Slayaway Camp isn’t a large nor an expansive experience – but it doesn’t want to be. It wants to be a simple puzzle game that through evolving mechanics becomes a difficult and satisfying experience. It revels in both the ludicrous and outlandishly fun things that come from its original genre while making fun of its stupidities. It won’t be for everyone but for those who enjoy basic puzzling at its best, Slayaway Camp is a killer.
James CunninghamOct 27, 2016
The main game’s ten movies have an initial set of regular levels, harder deleted scenes and a set of levels that use all the unlocked mechanics once you’ve beaten the game, for about 200 puzzles total. There’s a lot of clever content in Slayaway Camp‘s massive collection of puzzles, and its smart level design is equally matched by a dark but affectionate slasher-flick tribute that gives the game its unique and brutally cute identity.
Jillian WernerFeb 14, 2017
Every aspect of the game feels minutely considered, like the fact that the skulls of victims you’ve killed remain in the level and will be kicked around as you pass by or the way still-alive characters shake and glance around nervously once they’re aware of your presence. The inclusion of hints, full solutions, and level skips; tons of achievements and leaderboards; and optional gore sliders to reduce the blood and carnage indicate Blue Wizard was truly thinking of all their players when they created this game. It worked: this Valentine’s Day, we’ve given our heart to Slayaway Camp.
Nathan LakritzJun 24, 2017
Although the game could use a bit of polish around its UI framework, a ton of thought was put into countless popular culture references and cubed graphics. If you’re looking for a gorefest though, this isn’t the place to find one.
Olivia FalkMay 12, 2017
There's something truly special about Slayaway Camp. What could have been a one-note gag instead manages to be a hilarious, charming, and ingenious puzzle game. Actually stopping to write this review was incredibly difficult; the game is just that addicting. There's something new around each corner, with numerous unlockables and dozens of levels. Plus, new content is still being added, with the developers demonstrating some true passion for the project. It may be one-way only, but a trip to Slayaway Camp should not be missed.
Helena ShlapakNov 18, 2016
Slayaway Camp has everything gamers could want and more; proper use of retro formatting, amazing humour, good music, good voice acting, gory animations and buffet of variety. For slasher film fans that love a good jab at those movies, this is the best $9.99 you’ll spend this year on Steam.