Sins of a Solar Empire for PC
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Sins of a Solar Empire

Feb 4, 2008
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Developer: Ironclad Games
Content Rating: Teen


Ten millennia have passed since you and the few survivors of the once mighty Vasari Empire fled from an unknown threat that all but exterminated your kind. You now find yourself at the fringe of the galaxy in a sector occupied by a pathetically primitive species - one obsessed with trade and lacking any central organization or military technology. Calling themselves the Trader Emergency Coalition, they would have been ideal slaves in the glorious days of the past, but time is of the essence. Use your mastery of phase-space manipulation, gravity and nanotechnology to quickly eliminate any local resistance and acquire the necessary resources to fuel the next segment of your continuing exodus.

Critic Reviews

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Dan StapletonFeb 08, 2008
Sins of a Solar Empire is a slow-paced and large-scale real-time strategy game that incorporates all the best parts of the traditionally turn-based 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) game genre. Ironclad has really nailed the pacing of the action—whether you’re commanding your fleets or managing your planets, there’s always something to keep you busily entertained, but never too much to wrap your brain around.
Cole SmithFeb 04, 2008
The ships are well detailed and highlight each of the race's distinct attributes. The voiceovers may be a little trite, but the sound effects are realistic and powerful. The music is ambient and conveys a sense of majestic boundlessness. Combining elements from different genres is a risky proposition, but Ironclad has managed to create a truly unique hybrid with Sins of a Solar Empire. It may leave purists of either genre confused, but it will undoubtedly cultivate a following of its own.
Jason OcampoFeb 13, 2008
In sum, Sins of a Solar Empire is an absolute must-have if you enjoy strategy games. It's an addictive, deep game that elevates space strategy to new levels. At the same time, it provides a fresh, original take on one of the oldest and most revered subgenres in all of strategy gaming.