SimCity Societies for PC
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SimCity Societies

Nov 13, 2007

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Content Rating: Everyone10+


SimCity Societies allows players to create a variety of cities with the unique societies they desire. Players can choose from a variety of more than 350 building types, each of which allows them to combine, connect and re-arrange structures freely. Players can also challenge authority and experiment with what happens when citizens flagrantly disobey power in an unruly Orwellian society. Or if players are feeling happy, they can build a Fun City filled with Ferris Wheels, Gingerbread Houses and Chocolate Factories!

Critic Reviews

7 Reviews
John WalkerNov 23, 2007
Pretty much any problem can be solved by spamming certain building types anywhere on the map, there's not a single scenario on offer, and, astonishingly, the only other modes of play offer infinite money and pre-unlocked buildings, making this easy game even easier. This is half a game but at full price. It doesn't live up to the SimCity legacy, nor offer any lasting appeal after you've built your first couple of towns.
jkdmediaNov 12, 2007
A fun game that is accessible and seemingly geared for all members of the family. The game has a really gentle and relaxed feel to it, even when your city starts to hustle and bustle with businesses going up right and left, and the city coffers are working hard to keep up with the growth. This is an enjoyable game.
Kevin VanOrdNov 16, 2007
There are a bunch of maps to choose from, and you can create random ones as well. So if just want to sit back and build a city on your own terms, you'll find a lot of ways to do it. But without any real challenge, the welcome wears out quickly. Unlike most city builders, there's nothing to keep you engaged, and SimCity Societies falls flat as a result.

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