Silent Hill 3 for PC
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Silent Hill 3

Apr 6, 2004
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Developer: Konami
Content Rating: Mature


Explore and unravel the mysterious connection between a dreary town and your inner fears.

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Oct 31, 2019

Worse than SH2 better than other SH games


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Chris HudakDec 11, 2003
Yes, the nigh-eternal foibles of cinematic horror games are still here, scattered about, but the product as a whole is still one of the best things going in horror gaming. Really superstitious and/or ADD-afflicted types might want to steer clear for their own special reasons. Everybody else with a reasonably high-end gaming rig, the residents of Silent Hill welcome you.
Scott OsborneDec 09, 2003
Silent Hill 3's awkward story suffers from some serious pacing problems, as all the interesting stuff is saved for near the end. The combat and puzzles could have been better, too. The game doesn't even have that many true scares in it, but if you want to lose yourself in a really disturbing world that really digs under your skin, Silent Hill 3 is hard to beat.
SuperpandaOct 31, 2003
Ce troisième opus de la série est une réussite. Mais la réalisation ne profite pas assez des capacités de nos machines. En outre, la première partie du soft est un peu moins réussie, mais heureusement, ça s'améliore une fois que l'on arrive dans cette bonne vieille ville de Silent Hill. Bref, c'est la nouvelle référence des jeux survival horror. Il vous faut essayer d'y jouer seul, la nuit, volets fermés et téléphone éteint. Brrrrrrrr...

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