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Sid Meier's Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

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Jason RodriguezFeb 12, 2019
That’s a darn shame, really. The Civilization franchise has always been known for having a weaker endgame experience, and Civilization VI: Gathering Storm is no exception. Most of the action happens in the early to mid-game stages of your playthrough. Anything that happens past turn 250 is just you cleaning up the mess — whether it’s an AI opponent that needs to get crushed by your Giant Death Robot, or the planet’s pollution.
Ben ReevesFeb 13, 2019
The Gathering Storm features a long checklist of other new additions, including 18 new units, 9 new world leaders, 9 new technologies, and 10 new civics. These are all nice little bonuses, but Gathering Storm’s world congress and natural-disaster system are robust enough to make Civilization feel fresh. The Gathering Storm adds new layers to Civilization VI’s incredibly deep strategy system, but taming the planet remains far from simple.
Jake HillsFeb 11, 2019
Civilization has always been a board game too complicated to play with cardboard and plastic pieces. Gathering Storm takes that complexity to new levels of simulation, but it is so well presented you never feel overwhelmed. I’m an easy mark for a new Civilization, but I have no fear in saying that Gathering Storm is one of the most creative and significant expansions a Civilization game has ever received.
Fraser BrownFeb 11, 2019
Civilization 6: Gathering Storm bites off a lot, but it proves more than capable of juggling big concepts like climate change and global diplomacy. It turns them into coherent but still complex systems that you'll constantly be interacting with, even before you start noticing that the beaches are vanishing. The climax doesn't live up to the build-up, but Civilization 6 is still a richer game for all the expansion brings.
David WildgooseFeb 11, 2019
Gathering Storm is overall a great expansion, ushering in two significant new systems that work hand in hand to deepen the experience. The embellished diplomatic options extend the range of interactions with other leaders, allowing you to work cooperatively towards common goals or pull the strings to your advantage behind the scenes.
Brandon Rhuhm WolfeFeb 16, 2019
It is, perhaps, a pity that environmental catastrophes aren’t as harsh and destructive as could be expected (that would make their manifesto even more convincing), but that’s also possibly a conscious decision made by the game designers. Perhaps Firaxis is trying to tell us that there’s still time to atone for our crimes against the planet and that even the effects of the worst calamities, whether natural or manmade, can be reversed with unity and hard work?
Dan StapletonFeb 11, 2019
Civilization VI: Gathering Storm is a bursting-at-the-seams expansion that leaves few systems without substantial improvement and new content. Its new civs and leaders are distinctive and its natural disasters are meaningful without feeling as cruel and unfair as their real-life counterparts, though they are sometimes a tad too predictable.
Doug MercerNov 29, 2019
Personally, given how much replay value and how all consuming Civ VI is when I’ve delved into it, I wouldn’t hesitate to bite the bullet. However, I can understand the trepidation if anyone would have it. The Gathering Storm is certainly worth the price tag to me and I’ve lost sleep and been late to work in order to squeeze a few more turns out. If you’re dedicated to the 4X genre and enjoy Civ VI already, it’s well worth the price tag.
Marcello PerriconeMar 01, 2019
In the end, Gathering Storm brings a few new toys to the sixth entry of the classical turn-based franchise, but does hedge a few bets on the natural disaster part of the deal. While those are an interesting addition, they are not meaningful enough to spearhead a whole expansion – and certainly not at the full prices charged by 2K. Disasters would be a fantastic addition as a cheaper content pack or DLC, but as the main feature of a £35 expansion to a two-year-old game, it is simply not worth it.
Richard Scott-JonesFeb 11, 2019
The World Congress and climate change mirror real-life in that they're partly beyond your control. This makes them hard to factor into your schemes, but the new civs are among the series' best and most novel.
GameCentralFeb 12, 2019
The only other downside is that for an expansion this is extremely expensive. Apart from the price though this is an easy recommendation for any fan of the series, as it has some of the most interesting diplomatic scenarios and real-world parallels Civilization has ever seen. If you think you can do better than modern governments then Gathering Storm offers you the chance, but you may well find that the weakness in politicians is the weakness in us all… Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2019/02/12/civilization-vi-gathering-storm-review-change-the-world-8556962/?ito=cbshare Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetroUK | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MetroUK/
Nick PetrasitiFeb 11, 2019
The astute Civ player can shape the history of their nation and craft a story for the ages with with pinpoint accuracy. The Gathering Storm enriches this experience by giving you more ways to add subtle realism to how the world evolves around you and how you can directly affect it. With so many new and returning features, it’s hard not to recommend this expansion to Civ fans, turning an already great game into one for the literal ages.
Preston DozsaFeb 11, 2019
It’s these smaller changes, not the advertised features, that kept me engaged with Gathering Storm. The environment doesn’t have as big of an impact as I’d like it to have, and the World Congress could use some work in how you pitch ideas for it, but past that, this expansion has a lot of solid additions that make the end-game actually interesting. It’s taken some time, as most Civilization games do. But with Gathering Storm, Civilization VI finally feels complete.
Guillermo NavarreteFeb 27, 2019
En fin. Si no has tocado Civilization VI en un tiempo y estás buscando un buen pretexto para volver, la expansión Gathering Storm sin duda lo es. Los cambios mayores como la victoria diplomática y las pequeñas adiciones como los fenómenos climáticos y las nuevas unidades dan como resultado una experiencia refrescante y novedosa para los jugadores de este gigante de la estrategia por turnos. Si me lo permiten, regresaré a Civilization VI, para jugar un turno más.
Sara BorondoFeb 11, 2019
No es malo de por sí que Gathering Storm se centre tanto en las eras finales; al contrario, es un incentivo para llegar hasta esas últimas etapas de cada partida, pero hubiera estado bien que se notase su presencia en las primeras horas de partida más allá de las catástrofes naturales.
Alberto PastorFeb 11, 2019
El cambio climático y sus terribles consecuencias son la excusa perfecta para regresar al mundo de Civilization VI y jugar ese otro "un turno más" que nunca acaba. Gathering Storm plantea nuevos desafíos en un entorno más interactivo y peligroso que nunca. Volcanes, tornados, sequías o maremotos; en cualquier momento la madre naturaleza puede golpear y cambiar nuestros planes de conquista en un videojuego que divierte y engancha como pocos.
Alberto Venegas RamosFeb 12, 2019
Civilization VI: Gathering Storm es una expansión que añade mucho contenido a la partida y que se integra en el juego base de una forma limpia, coherente y sencilla. Una vez juguemos con esta expansión nos preguntaremos como hemos podido disfrutar del título sin ella. Sin embargo, como hemos mencionado y realizado hincapié, las verdaderas transformaciones se encuentran al final de la partida, momento al que tardaremos en llegar, dejando descuidada y despoblada las primeras fases de la partida.
Martin DeppeFeb 13, 2019
Warum nur grundsätzlich? Weil einige Abstimmungen und Wettkämpfe nur schwache bis gar keine Auswirkungen haben (etwa nur kleine Boni auf Stadtstaaten unter meinen Fittichen), während andere Resolutionen spielerisch wirklich was bringen, bis hin zum neuen Diplomatiesieg. Insgesamt fügt sich die zweite Erweiterung gut in Civ 6 ein - wird dessen Kritiker aber nicht um-, sondern nur ein bisschen gnädiger stimmen.
Camille AllardFeb 20, 2019
Un peu en dessous de Rise and Fall en termes de contenu, cette nouvelle extension n'en reste pas moins de bonne facture. L'ajout de la pollution est sans doute la notion la plus importante car l'écologie et ce qui en découle touche la topographie, la diplomatie et même tout simplement tous les sous-systèmes du jeu.
Damien GreffetFeb 11, 2019
On est plus réservés quant à l’intérêt du congrès mondial, puisque ce dernier nous semble plus être une variation du système de Civilization V Brave New World qu’une réelle nouveauté, or l’ancien mécanisme était plus gratifiant. Néanmoins, cet écueil n’est pas suffisant pour qu’on vous recommande la prudence, et si vous aimez cliquer sur le bouton juste un tour de plus, on ne peut que vous conseiller l’achat de Gathering Storm.
KaarajFeb 11, 2019
Notre principal regret vient donc de la mécanique du congrès mondial et du retour pourtant très attendu de la victoire diplomatique, aux idées trop timides et pas encore convaincantes. Gageons et surtout espérons qu’avec quelques mises à jour supplémentaires, l’ensemble pourrait encore gagner en cohérence.
Loup Lassinat-FoubertFeb 21, 2019
On croyait s'être sorti de toutes les situations avec Civilization VI : les guerres, les famines, les rébellions… Depuis qu’on avait conquis les étoiles, on se pensait à l’abri. Avec cette seconde extension Gathering Storm, le célèbre 4X nous ramène à la réalité et entend bien nous faire mordre la poussière pour mieux nous inciter à l’entraide. Et si l’Histoire suivait une nouvelle voie ?
Simone TagliaferriFeb 11, 2019
Se vi piace Civilization 6 e ci state giocando ancora oggi dal lancio, avvenuto ormai circa due anni fa, Gathering Storm è un acquisto semplicemente essenziale, che vi regalerà molte altre ore di gioco. È vero che si tratta di un'espansione costosa, ma come sempre Firaxis è riuscita a confezionare un prodotto ottimo che arricchisce in particolare la fase finale del gioco.
Алексей ЕгоровFeb 21, 2019
Так или иначе, Gathering Storm — ответ тем, кто утверждал, что шестая часть и в подметки не годится пятой, сравнивая, конечно, «голую» шестерку с пятеркой со всеми дополнениями. А вы поиграйте в Sid Meier’s Civilization VI сейчас — уверен, что до конца партии вас от экрана не оттащат!
Reinoud SchaatsbergenFeb 11, 2019
Civilization VI: Gathering Storm doet wat de eerste uitbreiding niet wist te behalen: zichtbaar de spelwereld aanpassen. De game confronteert je met natuurrampen die je rijk in gevaar brengen en bovendien zeer herkenbaar zijn door onze eigen klimaatproblemen. De herintrede van het Wereldcongres is een leuke manier om je betrokken te voelen met andere Civs voor de globale problemen, maar het is jammer dat je er niet meer invloed over kunt uiten.
Mateusz ZdanowiczFeb 18, 2019
Wiele zmian i modyfikacji odczuwamy dopiero po kilkunastu godzinach zabawy, a później czekają na nas jeszcze kolejne niuanse. Nowe frakcje to też najlepszy od dawna zestaw nowych cywilizacji i sam jestem już pewien, że rozpocznę jeszcze kolejne podejścia jako królowa Szwecji czy władca Węgier. Firaxis porządnie odświeżyło swoją strategię i może z czystym sumieniem, bez poczucia zaniedbania, przystąpić do opracowywania Civilization VII.