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Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth

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Ben MooreOct 24, 2014
It’s easy to look at Beyond Earth and see it as nothing more than an elaborate reskin of Civilization V. In many ways, it shares a similar interface and borrows many components. Yet as soon as you get to the end of your first game, you’re acutely aware of how different it feels. At this point, it’s cliche to say how time consuming Civilization can be, but Beyond Earth only lends further credence to the phrase “one more turn.”
Danny VittoreOct 29, 2014
Civilization: Beyond Earth is a solid attempt to bring back the glory days of Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. It isn't what everyone has hoped for, but if you have the time and patience to put into it, it makes for an enjoyable game for fans of the franchise, while simultaneously being pretty accessible to newcomers as well.
Geoff ThewOct 23, 2014
It must be an interesting challenge for developers of a series so focused on history to tackle questions of humanity’s future. ...This is a work of speculative fiction that allows the player to speculate for themselves, starting from a similar place each time but potentially reaching vastly different conclusions. It’s also a tightly-designed, well-balanced 4X game that is sure to consume many gamers’ free time in the coming months and years. That’s one bit of speculation I’m confident in.
Nick CapozzoliOct 23, 2014
Beyond Earth's combat suffers from some balance issues though, and that's curious for a game that leans so heavily on proven systems. ...The fragility extends to the units themselves, many of which die in a single hit. By consequence, a small standing army is less tenable than it was back on Earth, and I find myself less invested in the fate of any one unit when it can be snuffed out by an orbital strike at any given moment.
Dean TakahashiOct 23, 2014
You never see another cutscene. You hear a lot of quotes and narrated stories. But nothing beats these kind of visuals. It’s too bad that Firaxis didn’t include more moments like this one. ...Sid Meier should be proud to have his name on Civilization: Beyond Earth. It’s got its problems. But it’s a game that will have you staying up late at night, itching to complete just one more turn.
Sarah LeBoeufNov 03, 2014
Civilization: Beyond Earth sets itself apart from the previous games in the series in ways big and small, and you would be mistaken to dismiss this entry in the strategy franchise as “Civ V in space.” Beyond Earth is an excellent standalone experience that can be enjoyed regardless of your history with the series—though having some understanding of how the turn-based strategy gameplay works is certainly an asset. After 300 hours of Civ V, the time has come to move on; I’ve left Earth and headed into space, and I think I will be there for thousands more turns to come.
Alexander SliwinskiOct 23, 2014
Civilization: Beyond Earth is a good game in the context of the Civilization franchise. It moves to the interesting mechanics faster than any entry in the series to date and everything within the game world looks great. A lot of time went into making the new planet pop visually, if only so much care had gone into the presentation around it.
C. CusterOct 29, 2014
The game’s complexity will likely be filled out eventually with expansions just as Civ V was, and there will be plenty of mods for it as well. As it stands now, it’s not the best entry in the Civilization series, but it’s certainly a worthwhile excursion for anyone who wants to add a little spice into their Civ experience without straying too far from the series’s tried-and-true formula.
Steven WongOct 23, 2014
Even after multiple playthroughs, I can't really say that I'm completely comfortable with the technology web. Perhaps it's because a web makes for more indecision than a straightforward tech tree. Or maybe it's because I'm one of those people who can't decide between a creating a giant robot or a giant bug to crush my foes. Despite its faults, Civilization: Beyond Earth does fulfill its promise to take you to a distant world, where you'll find exotic alien life, meet future leaders of mankind... and conquer them.
ProJaredOct 23, 2014
Matt Sakuraoka-GilmanOct 23, 2014
Beyond Earth is a fully fledged, eye-burningly addictive strategy game. Perhaps measuring it up against Civ V is unfair, considering how well it stands up on its own. Manage to penetrate the layer of obscurity that reinforces coerced reaction rather than active planning and execution and you may very well find yourself facing the old "Oh-my-days-what-time-is-it-I'm-late-for-work" scenario.
Christopher BrattOct 23, 2014
The Civilization series is one of the biggest names in strategy for a very good reason, and Beyond Earth adds some wonderful ideas on top of all that, but the underlying systems have remained largely untouched. That's either exactly what you wanted to hear, or reason enough to hold fire on this one.
Dan StapletonOct 23, 2014
Beyond Earth is nowhere near the strongest game in the more than 20-year-old Civilization series, but this big collection of interesting experimental ideas definitely still kept me playing long after I should’ve gone to bed. The Affinities and streamlined military upgrade system, and a colorful change of scenery make it worth the time to figure out the difference between Protogenetics and Surrogacy, and suffering through temperamental alien wildlife.
Now GamerOct 23, 2014
Civilization: Beyond Earth is at once familiar and unfamiliar, and that’s enough to make it a valid, separate release outside of the standard Civilization vein. Yet its biggest success is its dynamism, making for subtly varied games each time you restart.
David RobertsOct 23, 2014
Civilization: Beyond Earth may seem a bit too familiar for a game supposedly set on a distant planet, but the roving packs of aliens and the new quest system make it an expedition worth embarking on.
Angelo M. D'ArgenioNov 03, 2014
Overall, I would say that Civilization: Beyond Earth was fun, at least as fun as Civ 5. It just wasn’t mind-blowing, which is a shame because all the Alpha Centauri fans out there were kind of hoping for that. The game almost feels like a Civilization 5 sci-fi mod, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. ...For now, however, the game is simply fun, and that is probably enough to warrant a purchase for most. Just don’t expect this game to give you the stars.
Russ PittsOct 23, 2014
This is how Beyond Earth succeeds in spite of its similarities to Civ 5. It offers a game steeped in the traditions and mechanics of Civilization, that’s nevertheless surprising and new in often unexpected ways. I’ve conquered countless civilizations on the planet Earths of each various Civilization game.... In Beyond Earth, victory feels like living in—and forging—humanity’s future, and I can honestly say I’ve never had more fun building a civ “to stand the test of time.”
Greg TitoOct 23, 2014
An overall solid turn-based strategy game that suffers from information overload resulting in analysis paralysis for the player, Beyond Earth has a few really interesting systems but ultimately doesn't transcend those mechanics into something unique or awe-inspiring.
Kat BaileyOct 23, 2014
I was worried going in that Civilization: Beyond Earth would be little more than a re-skinned Civilization V with a few added bells and whistles; but thankfully, the flow, structure, and overall feel of the strategy makes for a very different game. At the same time though, it embraces its roots, while also playing its sci-fi inspirations to the hilt. Firaxis Games can still take the concept further, but ultimately, I like the foundation they've laid with their latest foray into science fiction strategy.
Peter ChapmanOct 30, 2014
Beyond Earth takes that struggle away from the semi-familiar trappings of high-school history personalities and in doing so manages to reflect more of the nature of humanity. Removed from the reimagining of a history we all have a degree of familiarity with, Beyond Earth is less about growing to a point we’re all living right now and more about evolving beyond that; beyond this.
Alex NavarroOct 29, 2014
It's a shame, because Beyond Earth offers up a tantalizing premise that, nonetheless, feels incomplete. Its best parts are aesthetic in nature, changes to a visual palette that evoke a world of futuristic possibility. Yet the game itself feels regressive compared to the many changes made to Civ V's formula throughout its lifespan. ...Beyond Earth is more a glimpse of potential greatness--the sort that would come from future updates--and less a great game in its own right.
Colin CampbellOct 23, 2014
Civilization: Beyond Earth is an immensely pleasing simulation of a future human society, struggling to survive on a new planet. It presents the player with a constant stream of challenging and intriguing choices. Packed with big ideas about science and science fiction, it meticulously interlocks dozens of strategic gaming systems that work together at a level that approaches genius.
Brian ConnorOct 23, 2014
Civilization: Beyond Earth does essentially nothing new, but you know what? That’s probably fine with most people who have experienced the franchise before. It still does what it does incredibly well, and every new campaign in a Civilization game brings originality and variety on its own. I thought the extra-terrestrial setting was badly wasted, but even without any real innovation it’s still a very solid game, just not one that’s much different from Civilization: V.
Janelle BonannoOct 23, 2014
Every game found me exploring new options and expanding my horizons. ...It’s a testament to the robust and complex systems vying for your attention, allowing each game to feel fresh and new, but also confusing and hard to grasp when the crux of all strategy is knowing your options and predicting where they will lead. Ultimately, Beyond Earth is an exceedingly polished 4x experience, taking you and humanity through space exploration, frustrations and all.
Darren NakamuraOct 23, 2014
In all, Beyond Earth is excellent. It maintains the secret sauce that the series is known for while adding setting-appropriate systems that change the gameplay up in interesting ways. Orbital units are inherently cool and add depth to international encounters. The narrative is thoughtful and important without being too preachy. ...If only there were more variety in the structure of the victory conditions between divergent philosophies, Civilization: Beyond Earth would be a perfect game.
Daniel TackOct 23, 2014
Civilization: Beyond Earth doesn’t take the series to the outer galaxies in terms of revolutionary new gameplay, but it provides fantastic modifications and mechanics that allow it to stand proud as a worthy bearer of the Civilization name. This is a must play for strategy fans, and if you’ve always been curious about the genre but never jumped in, your opportunity is here.
Joe VargasNov 01, 2014
Nick HorthOct 29, 2014
I’m sure Firaxis will eventually make a great game out of Beyond Earth. They’re a smart development team that knows how to improve and iterate on a solid core product, which Beyond Earth certainly is. Right now, though, I can’t help but feel slightly disappointed by the state of the game. It’s perfectly enjoyable, but for every smart innovation it seems to have lost a portion of both complexity and character.
Ryan DaviesNov 05, 2014
It’s ever-present that the game has a tendency to force the player down a certain path, lacking the overall freedom of something like Europa Universalis IV. Yet when the path is as beautiful, thoughtful and fun as Beyond Earth, it’s not exactly a challenge to walk that path over and over again. It does indeed feel like a reskin of Civilization V, but it’s a skin that the game wears quite well.
Fraser BrownOct 23, 2014
For everything great that Beyond Earth adds to the Civilization series there's another feature that drags it down
Rasmus Lund-HansenOct 23, 2014
Sometimes the presentation of information leaves a bit to be desired. ...I'm itching to jump on it again, raise the difficulty a notch or two, and see how fast my plans go down the toilet as I try to mount a panic-stricken comeback. It's an excellent strategy game, and despite minor problems it deserves a warm recommendation.
Christian DonlanOct 23, 2014
Beyond Earth isn't concerned with your plan so much as it's concerned with the intersection of that plan with a dozen other complications. Seeing this feels valuable. It's possibly why we spent so long in the middle ages, why 2014, a year that sounds like science fiction, is still mired in Ebola and austerity, and why nobody you're friends with lives on Pluto - but it's also why we aren't all Nazis.
Reid McCarterNov 03, 2014
Exploring a strange new planet, choosing whether to allow a society to evolve into bizarre robotic or alien hybrids; it’s little touches like these that give the game any of the distinction it holds. Though it often feels more like a robust expansion to Civilization V than a true sequel, Beyond Earth still warrants attention not just on the strength of its solid strategy gameplay, but for its ability to make humanity’s expansion on new worlds feel wondrous.
Siobhan KeoghOct 24, 2014
Boasting some clever innovations and generally smooth execution, Civilization: Beyond Earth is a sure bet for fans of the long-running series. Heaps of customisation. A useful tech web. New units and technologies. Just as complex and rewarding as ever.
JoabyOct 29, 2014
As first impressions go, Civilization Beyond Earth makes a staggeringly poor one. After a few games -- after you get your head around the affinities and the tech web and the dos and donts of living on an alien planet -- it becomes a gorgeous and engaging, if not revolutionary, 4X game. Put aside your expectations of an Alpha Centauri successor, play it like a sci-fi Civilization V and enjoy experimenting with the combinations of sponsors, affinities and techs.
Álvaro CastellanoOct 23, 2014
Beyond Earth no sólo expande los horizontes de Civilization, sino que nos devuelve a una colonización galáctica que no disfrutábamos con Firaxis desde 1999. Sólo un empujón de novedades para diferenciarse más de la entrega de 2010 y una cierta sensación de falta de posibilidades en aspectos como la tecnología, entre otros, le han impedido consolidarse como un título incluso superior. ¿Por lo demás? Todo buenas noticias.
José Álvaro Sañudo DíazOct 23, 2014
Civilization: Beyond Earth supone un nuevo soplo de aire fresco para la saga, aunque para ello haya tenido que alejarse años luz de su escenario original. Un título que ofrece una sustanciosa variedad de opciones, y en el que dos partidas no serán iguales. Aunque necesita una serie mejora en su inteligencia artificial, nos encontramos ante un título que nos dará muchísimas horas de diversión, solos o acompañados de nuestros amigos.
Albert AmbrosOct 23, 2014
Ese es un punto de cierto riesgo para el juego. Seguro que una buena cantidad de aficionados a Civilization son amantes de la historia y a los que no les interese mucho la sci-fi quizás prefieran quedarse con la saga original, por razones obvias. Pero sería una lástima olvidar Beyond Earth, que aprovecha una mecánica sólida para ofrecer posiblemente el mayor nivel de inmersión en un Civilization desde Alpha Centauri....
Jorge S. FernándezOct 23, 2014
Civilization Beyond earth devuelve a la saga de Sid Meier el aire fresco que ha podido perder en sus últimas entregas, creo que las series históricas necesitaban un descanso y qué mejor que esta nueva entrega interplanetaria para relanzar la franquicia de forma extraordinaria. Si eres un veterano de la saga, no te defraudará en absoluto, pero si nunca lo has jugado, ¿a qué esperas? Es un título imprescindible.
José Luis LópezOct 23, 2014
La variedad en las opciones durante el juego potencian más que nunca la rejugabilidad en un juego que de por sí logra cautivar a sus jugadores durante meses y años. Con todas las posibilidades que deja en manos del jugador y su manera de enfocar cada partida, Civilization Beyond Earth abre múltiples mundos y te permitirá escribir mil veces el futuro de la Humanidad.
Jörg LuiblOct 24, 2014
Ganz wichtig für dieses Platin: Zum ersten Mal ist es auch erzählerisch interessant. Neben den für die Atmosphäre so wertvollen Erkundungsreizen über Ausgrabungen sorgt die tolle Einbindung von Quests dafür. Sie wirken wie kleine Kampagnen mit ihren Geschichten und Entscheidungen. So wird man ganz nebenbei auch mal zum Philosophieren über die Rolle der Menschheit angeregt. Freut euch auf ein ausgezeichnetes Strategiespiel und einen Herbst mit verdammt wenig Schlaf!
Michael GrafOct 23, 2014
Von bescheidenen Anfängen führen wir unsere Nation so zur Herrschaft über die neue Welt. Das ist der Kernreiz, der Motivationsmotor von Beyond Earth. Ja, es ist Civ 5 im All - aber es ist immer noch ein Civilization. Und das kann man noch so unfair vergleichen, irgendwann plumpsen halt doch die Augenringe auf die Tastaiijehehr
Martin WogerOct 23, 2014
Technisch bewegt Beyond Earth keine Welten. Wichtiger als Effekte ist eh die Ablesbarkeit der Landschaft und der Einheiten, ohne sich in Menüs zu verlieren, und das wiederum gelingt dem Spiel blendend. Seine klaren optischen Strukturen machen es euch einfach, das Land zu erfassen, die Symbole sind schlüssig und schnell erlernt. ...bei allem anderen kommt euch Beyond Earth so weit entgegen, wie es nur geht. Da auch die Menüs aufgeräumt und durchdacht sind, spielt es sich einfach wie ein Traum.
[87]Oct 23, 2014
Civilization : Beyond Earth représente plus qu'un « Civ dans l'espace ». Avec l’introduction d'un très bon système d'affinité parfaitement intégré au jeu, d'une toile technologique riche et la cohésion à tout instant de chaque élément de gameplay par rapport à son univers SF, Beyond Earth respecte l'essence de la licence, en modernisant ses mécaniques sans les changer profondément.
Loup Lassinat-FoubertOct 24, 2014
Avec intelligence, le gameplay de Civilization : Beyond Earth s'adapte au propos du jeu afin de produire une expérience mimant la colonisation spatiale. En renforçant l'importance de l'environnement et en plongeant le joueur dans une nature hostile et cruelle capable d'engloutir froidement ses unités, cet épisode stellaire balaie plutôt bien nos habitudes impérialistes de joueurs de Civilization et nous amène à penser différemment.
Damien GreffetOct 23, 2014
Civilization : Beyond Earth est donc très loin d'un Alpha Centauri, mais très proche d'un Civilization 5. Avec autant de nouveautés et un contenu supérieur à son prédécesseur, il est difficile de ne pas recommander ce jeu aux amateurs de stratégie au tour par tour tant les mécanismes de jeu sont bien huilés. Même s'il n'y a pas de révolution, la série fait un pas de géant dans une nouvelle direction qui séduira surement les joueurs plus adeptes de la fantaisie façon SF, que des cours d'histoire.
Claudio ChianeseOct 23, 2014
Questo nove-punto-uno è, probabilmente, il voto più alto che assegno da quando faccio questo mestiere. Beyond Earth se lo merita: per l'intelligenza del design, e per la passione che traspare. Non è un'opera di qualità uniforme: a volte scivola, alcuni elementi tradiscono scarsa cura, ma la qualità del prodotto, bisogna ammetterlo, è una spanna sopra tutti i concorrenti. ...La troverà, o ne inventerà una, come insegnano Annibale e Beyond Earth.
Luca ForteOct 23, 2014
A volte farete fatica a trovare la tecnologia all'interno della rete o a capire perché, dopo aver fatto un viaggio interstellare, dovrete imparare nuovamente a sfruttare il petrolio o attraversare gli specchi d'acqua, ma è innegabile come la magia sia ancora lì, anzi forse è più forte di prima.
Marcel de JongNov 12, 2014
Hoewel Civilization: Beyond Earth zwaar op zijn voorganger leunt, weet ontwikkelaar Firaxis toch te vernieuwen. Naast de prachtige buitenaardse setting is het Affinity-systeem een verfrissende toevoeging. Wederom wordt je strategisch vermogen behoorlijk op de proef gesteld. Afgezien van een paar onderontwikkelde ontwerpkeuzes biedt de game een diepgaande turn-based ervaring die tot diep in de nacht duurt.
Johan van den BeldNov 03, 2014
Civilization: Beyond Earth is bij verre na niet de slechtste strategietitel ooit gemaakt, maar de game maakt enkele fundamentele fouten. Vooral het gebrek aan variatie en het ontbreken van het verken-aspect uit de serie doen de nieuwe titel van Firaxis geen goed. De game doet leuke dingen met de aliens en Affinity-keuzes, maar dit is bij lange na niet genoeg om te verhullen dat Civilization: Beyond Earth in de kern een matige game is.