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Andy ChalkMay 28, 2016
I did have some fun with Shadwen as a “how to get away with murder” puzzle game, or by seeing how long I could string a murder rampage before the guards rang the bell. But that's as good as it gets. The genuinely good idea on which Shadwen is built is betrayed by feeble AI, restrictive and repetitive level design, and a game world that isn't nearly as interesting or interactive as it first looks.
Ravi SinhaMay 27, 2016
Story logic quickly falls apart and the narrative is extremely lackluster. Glitches, ranging from inconsistent AI to wonky physics, drag the experience down. Escort style of missions is annoying at best. For all of its borrowing from other games, it fails to deliver a mechanically competent game. Rewind mechanic takes all the risk out of the stealth experience.
Shaheryar Ehsan-i-HaqueJul 03, 2016
Shadwen indeed sets the bar fairly high for stealth based games with its unique approach on real-time/turn-based gameplay. It lacks content and deserves more well thought out alternative gameplay moments, but overall we are talking about a fine game here which wears its heart on its sleeve. If you're looking for a stealth based adventure to keep you hooked for a few evenings entertainment then go grab Shadwen, you’ll (probably) not be disappointed.
Joe ParlockMay 17, 2016
I’m really disappointed in Shadwen and certainly wouldn’t recommend it, but it’s still difficult for me to write it off completely. If you can get through the wonky controls, the pants AI, and the visual stylings that are just a blur of identical guards and barrels, and the endless escort mission featuring the most annoying little girl ever, there are small glimmers of a good game shining out from the cracks.
OfisilJul 03, 2016
Shadwen's first few levels will surely give some amount of fun to those who like this type of game, and the fact that the main character has to keep a little girl out of sight will, initially, feel like quite the exciting concept. Unfortunately, gameplay-wise, this is quite a flawed product, with its main problem being the fact that it requires doing the exact same thing for more than 10, almost identical, levels.
Alberto PastorMay 20, 2016
Cargado de buenas intenciones pero también de grandes defectos, Shadwen está lejos de ser esa gran aventura de sigilo a la que aspiraba convertirse. Tiene el potencial, no así la calidad necesaria por culpa de una deficiente inteligencia artificial y un desarrollo de la acción al que le falta chispa, creatividad y más variedad en los desafíos que plantea.
Benjamin SchmädigMay 25, 2016
Die Gründe dafür fangen beim mangelhaften Verhalten der Wachen an, reichen über Logikfehler im Zusammenspiel mit physikalisch beweglichen Objekten und gehen bis zur oft fummeligen Steuerung am Greifhaken. Noch schlimmer wiegen ganz grundlegende Probleme, allen voran der gebrochene Spielfluss, weil das Geschehen ständig automatisch angehalten wird.
Francesco UrsinoMay 17, 2016
Insomma, Shadwen è un titolo che presenta tante idee interessanti, realizzate purtroppo in maniera poco precisa.
Przemysław ZamęckiMay 19, 2016
Nawet gdy potraktujemy Shadwen jako grę indie niezależnego dewelopera, to nie da się przymknąć oka na większość wymienionych w recenzji baboli. Tym bardziej że w życiu widziałem już dziesiątki lepiej wykonanych niskobudżetowych gier, w stworzenie których niewielkie ekipy włożyły o wiele więcej serca.