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Serious Sam 4

Sep 24, 2020 NEW
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Developer: Croteam


Another major installment in the series of brutal and bloody shooters developed by the Croatian Croteam studio. The story of this part is set before the events of the third installment, in which Sam had to face the forces of the main antagonist - Mental in a futuristic, virtual version of ancient Egypt. Mental's goal was, obviously, to take over the Earth. However, the story in this new installment seems to be a bit more mature. In terms of gameplay, Serious Sam 4 remains faithful to the core mechanics of the series - the player once again eliminates entire hordes of enemies using a wide array of diversified weapons. What has changed however, is the approach to the players, who are now given significantly more freedom and huge open maps where even more dark creatures await them. When it comes to technology, the game is powered by Serious Engine 4, the improved version of the original, accompanied by motion capture and photogrammetry technologies.

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Rhett RoxlOct 07, 2020
To cap it all off, Serious Sam 4 has heart. It’s fun to play with at certain moments, and it’s too overbearing in others. This game is proof that more isn’t always merrier. It’s almost the video game equivalent of a Michael Bay movie. It’s good to look at, it has jaw-dropping moments, but it just lacks substance. The first few games of the franchise are proof that a game like this can be great. This title, however, is far from that.
Alex EverattSep 24, 2020
Serious Sam 4 is seriously an outstanding first-person shooter. The gameplay is a ton of fun, and while it mostly involves shooting – there is a level of strategy required in using the right weapons at the right time. The visuals are a bit of a mixed bag. While I was impressed with how big the environments were and the enemy character models, I found some of the human character models were a bit, off – especially their vacant stares.
Peter GlagowskiSep 23, 2020
Rushed is basically the best way to sum up Serious Sam 4. In development for around eight years, I imagine the current global pandemic played a big role in how scattershot everything is. At its core, the weapon feel and early level designs aren't bad. There's a solid game buried under these weird choices, but Croteam seems to have shoved it out the door with little finesse.

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