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Risk of Rain 2

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Donovan ErskineAug 11, 2020
Risk of Rain 2 is a top-of-the-line roguelike. No matter how familiar you get with the controls, you’re never comfortable, as death is always one or two mistakes away. The vast number of enemies, items, and abilities make for an endlessly replayable experience. The extensive work done in the game’s more than a year in early access has paid off, as Risk of Rain 2 is one of the best roguelikes to hit the market in recent memory.
Patrick HancockAug 11, 2020
Despite my qualms with certain challenges and the last boss, I cannot get enough of Risk of Rain 2. I love the characters and discovering secrets while setting new goals for myself. As someone who mostly bounced off the first game, the sequel sucked me in like a Primordial Cube (an in-joke, hah!).
Brad LangAug 24, 2020
Risk of Rain 2 is an exceptional example of how to combine the rogue-like genre with shooter mechanics. Deep, satisfying and just so addictive, it’s taking every cell in my body to prevent me from taking a week off from work just to play more of it.
Jason RodriguezAug 11, 2020
With hardly any flaws or shortcomings, Risk of Rain 2 more than delivers. Its pulse-pounding, off-the-wall, challenging action, combined with countless secrets and unlockables, are sure to entertain and excite you. Play in short bursts or an hour until you scream, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" -- you're bound to enjoy every minute of it.
James DugganApr 26, 2019
Risk of Rain 2’s early access hooked me with its fluid 3D action and distinct classes, and held my attention long after I’d seen everything it had to offer with its berserk roguelike progression, and the ability to squad up with friends. It’s networking woes could use some TLC, but that’s the only bad news. What’s here now is polished, fun, and immensely replayable, and what’s on the horizon leads me to believe I’ll be playing Risk of Rain 2 for a very long time to come.
Wes FenlonAug 11, 2020
Still, ascending that power curve is hard to resist either way. There are still items I've never seen, and chests that I haven't unlocked, gated behind a timer that demands a speedrunner's pace to open. I'll open one someday—once I've unlocked the alternate abilities for every character, probably many months from now, on a random Sunday my friends and I all happen to be active in Discord at the same time with an hour or two to kill.
Mick FraserAug 28, 2020
Aside from these minor gripes, Risk of Rain 2 is an excellent time that takes you from a scrappy fight with some pesky aliens to a desperate battle for survival in a 3D bullet hell every run, and it’s both massively addictive and utterly satisfying at the same time.
Jamie DaviesAug 20, 2020
Varied items, engrossing gameplay and a killer soundtrack make Risk of Rain 2 one of the best roguelike shooters in recent years. The lack of a mid-game save feature and some uninspired environments hold this sequel back, but the astonishing translation from 2D to 3D more than makes up for it.
Mike HolmesAug 19, 2020
It's also a ton of fun to play. Thanks to simple yet well-implemented controls, a clear visual identity, a battlefield that's easy to read, and more dynamic moments than you can shake a procedurally-generated stick at, Risk of Rain 2 offers an exhilarating blend of action and adventure that you simply won't find anywhere else.
Mario GómezAug 21, 2020
Risk of Rain 2 se ha ganado a pulso el cariño de los fans. Es un juego enorme, divertidísimo, lleno de secretos y de objetivos secundarios. Tiene una banda sonora extraña, personal y carismática, una completa enciclopedia interna y un montón de opciones para personalizar cada partida a nuestro gusto; pero sin duda lo mejor es su abrupta fantasía de poder que nos permite crear un auténtico caos a nuestro alrededor.
Fran G. MatasSep 01, 2020
A pesar del cambio de perspectiva y casi de género de Risk of Rain 2 respecto a su predecesor, la obra de Hoopo Games es un roguelike capaz de ofrecer momentos frenéticos y que nos ha atrapado durante varias horas seguidas, inconscientes de que ese "un intento más y lo dejo" suponía otra partida más de 70 minutos.
JiikaaAug 25, 2020
Risk of Rain 2 est une véritable réussite, à tel point qu’il fait passer le premier épisode pour un sympathique brouillon. Comme si le titre de Hopoo Games attendait de passer à la 3D pour dévoiler son plein potentiel. Ultra nerveux, visuellement très réussi, riche en contenu et doté d’un système de classe qui renouvelle l’intérêt au fil des parties, Risk of Rain 2 s’apprécie aussi bien seul qu’à plusieurs. Une valeur sûre du rogue-lite, doublé d’un jeu d’action explosif.
Simone TagliaferriAug 19, 2020
Risk of Rain 2 è un action roguelike frenetico e complessivamente ben realizzato che però alla lunga rende molto meno rispetto ad altri titoli dall'impostazione simile, per via di una certa rigidità nel sistema di gioco che non favorisce i cambi di stile di combattimento. Anche le sparatorie non sono poi così appassionanti, incentrate come sono sulla quantità di nemici contemporanei, più che sulla tattica.