Risk of Rain 2 for PC
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Risk of Rain 2

Aug 11, 2020
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Developer: Hopoo Games
Content Rating: Teen


A continuation of a well-received game that combines the elements of platform games, RPGs, and roguelike productions. Both installments of the Risk of Rain series have been developed by an independent studio called Hopoo Games. In Risk of Rain 2, a player assumes the role of a character traversing the surface of an unknown distant planet with the objective of surviving in this unwelcoming environment and exploring locations filled with aggressive adversaries. One observes the action from the third person perspective and explores dangerous areas filled with traps, arcade challenges, and enemies to defeat. Risk of Rain 2 offers improved character development system and elaborate crafting mechanics. Unlike its predecessor that featured retro style, Risk of Rain 2 delivers 3D environments and colorful, somewhat comic book like visuals.

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Jason RodriguezAug 11, 2020
With hardly any flaws or shortcomings, Risk of Rain 2 more than delivers. Its pulse-pounding, off-the-wall, challenging action, combined with countless secrets and unlockables, are sure to entertain and excite you. Play in short bursts or an hour until you scream, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" -- you're bound to enjoy every minute of it.
Wes FenlonAug 11, 2020
Still, ascending that power curve is hard to resist either way. There are still items I've never seen, and chests that I haven't unlocked, gated behind a timer that demands a speedrunner's pace to open. I'll open one someday—once I've unlocked the alternate abilities for every character, probably many months from now, on a random Sunday my friends and I all happen to be active in Discord at the same time with an hour or two to kill.
Patrick HancockAug 11, 2020
Despite my qualms with certain challenges and the last boss, I cannot get enough of Risk of Rain 2. I love the characters and discovering secrets while setting new goals for myself. As someone who mostly bounced off the first game, the sequel sucked me in like a Primordial Cube (an in-joke, hah!).

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