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Red Faction: Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered

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Louis StoweJul 16, 2018
Red Faction: Guerrilla was one of my favorite games in childhood, but after playing through it with fresh eyes I’m able to see the issues I didn’t pick up as a kid: the story isn’t memorable, the combat is lackluster, and the large open world isn’t full of many interesting things to do. However, I do still thoroughly enjoy blowing stuff up, knocking stuff down, ramming vehicles through a building’s foundations, and collapsing a bridge with EDF forces driving over it … do I have a problem?
Christian VazJul 18, 2018
Red Faction: Guerrilla’s biggest strength is without a doubt the sheer amount of fun you can have smashing things across Mars. Sadly, that initial enjoyment doesn’t last long as you proceed to do the same missions over and over again. Is this game worth picking up, or even worth replaying? For the sake of nostalgia, it might be nice to boot up the game just to relive old memories, but I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this title. Despite launching at a reduced price and even being free in some instances, I would suggest playing something else.
Jason FaulknerJul 16, 2018
Red Faction Guerilla is a one trick pony, which might lead you to believe it’s not worth playing. That’s not at all true though. The one trick this pony does is impressive even today, and the years have been kind to the game. Red Faction Guerilla ReMARStered does suffer from a generic story and floaty shooting controls, but it’s a blast if you’re looking for a mindless, destructive romp where you can bring down any structure you can see.
Richard CostaJul 04, 2018
In spite of some niggling issues, I had a real blast, which is surprising, as the pretentious, brainy gamer I think of myself. It goes to show that gameplay is absolute king, and there’s no revolution in sight. For all its minor flaws and missteps, Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered is absolutely worth the time and coin, especially if you get it for free on Steam as a previous owner of the Steam version.
Mitchell GassnerJul 02, 2018
The story may not be the most in-depth and the AI is from 2009, but the fully-destructible open world map of this third-person shooter yields enough chaos and destruction to keep players happy for the long haul. With so many recent games focusing on building up towns or surviving hordes of zombies, RFGR is a blast from the past that reminds us that as a kid, building things wasn't the fun part, it was smashing them to bits that made it worth the time!
Roy WoodhouseJul 03, 2018
We didn't enjoy Armageddon as much, probably because too much emphasis was put on the story and very little on the booms and bangs so here's hoping that if we're ever to return to the red planet, the emphasis will once again be on blowing things up. Why? Because explosions are fun, and Red Faction is at its best with its all about the explosions.
Rubén MartínezJul 02, 2018
Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered es una oportunidad de oro —o de cualquier otro metal preciado de vuestra elección— para que los jugadores que no pudiesen disfrutar del original, lo hagan ahora. Está disponible tanto en formato físico como digital, y cualquier opción es igual de buena. Para los usuarios de Steam que ya tuviesen el original este título es, además, completamente gratuito, ya que se distribuye mediante un parche que se aplica al juego, tal cual.
Ramón VarelaJul 02, 2018
Volition es algo más que Saints Row y esta es la prueba. Red Faction Guerrilla podría ser un simple shooter con historia predecible, misiones monótonas y desiertos marcianos, pero la mecánica de destrucción es tan fresca ahora como hace casi una década, puedes afrontar cada batalla de multitud de maneras, se mantiene el multijugador y las mejoras visuales hacen que, por lo menos, nos olvidemos rápido de sus imperfecciones, inclinando la balanza a favor de su ambición y la diversión
Benjamin SchmädigJul 03, 2018
Red Faction: Guerrilla macht abseits von „Befreie den Mars!“ nicht viel, um spielerisch oder gar erzählerisch Eindruck zu hinterlassen. Aber zum einen tut gerade die Konzentration aufs Wesentliche dem Spiel gut – zumal es mehr als genug Erkundungsreize und noch viel mehr Aufgaben abseits der Hauptmissionen gibt –, und zum anderen fühlt sich gerade die profane Action hier so unglaublich gut an!
Valentin CeboJul 03, 2018
Sans transcender la formule originale, Red Faction Guerilla: Re-Mars-Tered remplit à merveille son rôle de portage HD en remettant à neuf le meilleur épisode de la série. Textures plus soignées, effets de lumière accentués et performances au poil en font un très bon moyen d'assouvir ses pulsions destructrices sur les consoles modernes, grâce à un Geo-Mod 2.0 toujours aussi impressionnant.
Silent JayJul 06, 2018
Red Faction Guerilla Re-Mars-Tered est à conseiller aux révolutionnaires de la manette étant passés à côté du titre en 2009. Avec son affichage “4K”, sa refonte graphique et l’ensemble de ses contenus, cet épisode retrouve une seconde jeunesse neuf ans après sa sortie initiale… sans jamais réellement briller. Le plaisir de tout démolir n’a pas pris une ride et les démolisseurs de tout bord y trouveront leur compte.
Nicolò BicegoJul 04, 2018
Red Faction: Guerrilla è un titolo discreto che, però, sente il peso degli anni. Uscito quasi dieci anni fa, in un periodo in cui gli open-world ancora non avevano la fortuna che avrebbero avuto in seguito, il titolo mostra i limiti tipici dei primi tentativi, risultando fin troppo scarno e poco profondo se paragonato con le produzioni odierne.
Furkan GülerJul 26, 2018
Fakat bir önceki nesilde oyunun altını üstüne getirdiyseniz ve herhangi bir detayı atlamadan oyunu bitirdiyseniz, Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered’dan beklediğinizi bulamayacağınızı belirtelim. Bu sebepten dolayı oyunu satın almadan önce iki kere düşünün.
kordiAug 14, 2018
Tým je vlastne povedané všetko. Arkádová hrateľnosť v starom štýle dostala nový kabát, no stále je to len arkáda. Síce v nej môžete ničiť, búrať a rozsievať skazu kade-tade, ale na dnešnú dobu je to už sakramentsky málo. Iste, otvorený svet je obrovský, misií hromada, dokonca za zozbierané trosky kupujete upgrady, ale stále tomu niečo chýba.