Rayman Origins for PC
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Rayman Origins

Mar 29, 2012
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Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Rayman Origins is playable with up to four local players who may drop in or out at any time. Players can choose to control either Rayman, Globox or two Teensies, with additional costumes available as the game progresses. Players travel through each level, fighting enemies and rescuing imprisoned Electoons. As the game progresses, players gain new abilities such as running up walls, gliding in midair, swimming and shrinking in size to reach new areas. Certain segments also sees players riding a mosquito, where players can shoot enemies or suck them up and fire them.

System Requirements


  • OS: Windows® XP / Windows Vista® / Windows® 7 (only)
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel® Core™2 Duo E4400 or 2.0 GHz AMD Athlon™ X2 3800+ or better
  • Memory: 2 GB recommended
  • Video Card: 128 MB DirectX® 9.0c-compliant video card or higher* (see supported list)
  • Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compliant
  • Peripherals Supported: Windows-compatible keyboard, mouse, optional controller (Xbox 360® Controller for Windows recommended)

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Aug 26, 2021

Rayman Origins is a good game, there are a lot of mistakes though, 1 after sometime of the game it's starting to become extremely hard and boring, 2 to play the last levels to get the king it requiers a specific amount of electoons, if you don't have that amount you have to play the same levels again until you get them, This game could have been better



Sep 27, 2020

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Jon BlythApr 28, 2012
Rayman distinguishes itself and embarrasses the competition with its visual design. The creativity that flushes through every square inch of the canvas makes Mario feel like a stage adaptation of a washing machine manual. Moreover, Rayman Origins exists comfortably in its two dimensions, the only concession to the third being understated parallax. It makes the hysterical original Sonic levels in Sonic Generations feel insecure and incoherent.
Brian AltanoNov 09, 2011
In a blockbuster holiday season of M-rated war games, it&#A;rray;s refreshing to see something so different and special as Rayman Origins. It&#A;rray;s downright gorgeous and a total blast to play alone or with friends. A truly realized vision at the top of its genre, Rayman Origins is an extravaganza with plenty of action to keep it fresh from start to finish and beyond.
Chris J CapelDec 02, 2011
Rayman Origins is the best 2D platformer this year, one of my favourite ever made (it’s up there with Yoshi’s Island), and the one game out in November everyone should play. I don’t care if you’ve got other games to play – this one will make you feel good inside. More fun than shooting Russians, shouting at dragons, stabbing Templars and smacking strippers with dildobats combined. Crazier too.

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