Pupperazzi for PC
PC - Windows, Mac


Jan 20, 2022 NEW
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Developer: Sundae Month
Content Rating: Everyone


Photograph dogs! Take photos for fame, fortune, or just plain fun. Don't lose yourself along the way. Your career is riding on this. Whose dogs are these???

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Andrew FarrellJan 20, 2022
Cute, but featuring far too high of a price tag to justify the amount of content it includes.
Marcus EstradaJan 20, 2022
Pupperazzi immediately impresses with its adorable dogs bounding across a variety of colorful levels. Once digging into the game, it’s clear that there isn’t too much beyond the basic concept of collecting adorable photographs. Sure, there are ways to tweak the photos via lenses and filters, but there’s not much beyond that. With that said, there doesn’t need to be more to it. Pupperazzi is exactly the kind of game designed for players to unwind with after a stressful day. It demands little from the player and offers copious cartoony cuteness in response.
Lara JacksonJan 20, 2022
Exploring is a joy the first time, but once players have seen everything there is to offer, there’s not much else. There's also some inconsistencies with dogNET, with users' responses sometimes praising a photo for elements it doesn't include. Despite this, Pupperazzi is barking up the right tree for dog fans. Thanks to its simple controls, this wholesome indie game is one that can be enjoyed by the whole family, and with its humor and cute pups, it’s hard not to crack a smile while snapping away.

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