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Chris SchillingJun 13, 2020
You’ll quickly settle into its moreish loop, enjoying your time in Inaba more and more as this small town and its inhabitants open up to you. Despite its fantastical elements, Persona 4: The Golden captures the challenges, heartaches and embarrassments of adolescence in a way that feels piercingly true, while giving you an absorbing mystery to solve as a bonus. It may be getting on a bit, but the belated arrival on PC of one of the finest contemporary JRPGs is extremely welcome.
Andrew StretchJun 01, 2020
By building a fantastic story filled with a deep cast of characters Persona 4 Golden manages to truly invite you into its world. While at times peaks and troughs in gameplay can be jarring the complete package is one any JRPG fan should turn their hand to.
James PaleyJun 13, 2020
If even one of these conditions isn’t met, I can’t promise you’ll enjoy this ride. If you’ve somehow never played a Persona game, then welcome! This is a prime place to start. Golden is the superlative version of this entry in the series. There’s nowhere else you’ll find such an expert mix of ruthless battles, lovely social interactions, and awesome music. First-time players of all varieties would do well to snag Persona 4 Golden on the PC.
Francis DiPersioJun 13, 2020
But that’s not to say it’s perfect. Persona 4 Golden on PC could probably benefit from some added optimization. The occasional blurry visuals and dips in performance are surprising missteps that slightly blemish what is otherwise an outstanding game. But it’s easy to overlook its minor quirks when considering just how engrossing of an experience the game offers. If you’re an RPG fan who somehow managed to miss out on the original release, then adding this to your Steam library should be a no-brainer.
Logan MooreJun 13, 2020
Persona 4 Golden, by all accounts, is still one of the best JRPGs that you can play right now, which speaks volumes given that the original game is over 10 years old. Whether you’re a longtime fan looking for a reason to return to Inaba or you’re someone who has had an eye on P4G for years but just never had the means to play it, this new PC version of the game is definitely worth snagging.
AllenJun 13, 2020
Persona 4 is over ten years old and still manages to feel fresh, exciting, and fun after all this time. The Shin Megami Tensei method of RPG gameplay is timeless and engages far better than any other menu-based combat system. Each battle is a challenge and a contest of endurance that leaves little room for error.
Adam BeckJun 13, 2020
Persona 4 Golden is slowly starting to show its age in the gameplay department, but that doesn’t detract it from being one of the best RPG experiences you’ll find. The lovely cast of characters and goofy, yet shockingly serious story will have you enthralled for the 100+ hours it has to offer.
Bob RichardsonJul 03, 2020
Persona 4 Golden has been a bucket list game for me for several years now. I put the Devil Survivor series on my "best of all time" RPG list, and wanted to find out how this sister series played. At 90 hours, it better have been worth it! Occasionally misty-eyed, infrequently laughing out loud, and other times pensive as I sit idly, controller in hand, I can honestly say it was time well spent.
Stefan BriesenickJun 20, 2020
Many fans like Persona 4 because it feels so down-to-earth and personable, although this crazy parallel world with all its silliness is always the centre of the attention. It's a great game, funny and heartfelt and worth your attention, even after all these years. While it doesn't hide its age very well, with a few exceptions, Persona 4 still convinces on the PC in 2020.
Brandon HowardJun 13, 2020
Twelve years later, and the dreary little world of Persona 4 Golden is as captivating as it's ever been. Having it on Steam is a wonderful boon to its accessibility, given the limited range the Vita and PSTV had, and this port more than does it justice. The elements unique to the expanded rerelease may not add much to the experience, but there's no doubt that this should be on everyone's list of must-play RPGs.
Dominic LeightonJun 13, 2020
Persona 4 Golden remains an iconic and hugely enjoyable JRPG, and its arrival on PC means a slew of new players can discover its delights. It’s a shame that there are a few technical problems lurking in the current build, but with the inclusion of both the Japanese and English dubs and the crisp, clear visuals, this marks a fantastic way to experience the game.
Cole WatsonJun 13, 2020
Persona 4 Golden remains one of my favorite RPGs of all time and this rock-solid PC port is quickly becoming the definitive release of the game for me. I’m overjoyed that games that were previously stuck in the PlayStation vault of platform exclusives are finally making their way to PC for a wider audience of players to enjoy with better performance and enhanced visuals.
Carlos LeivaJun 13, 2020
Persona 4 Golden era y es un juegazo tanto en PS Vita como en PC, y si os gustan los JRPG se trata de una compra que no deberíais dejar escapar a poco que no tengáis problemas con el inglés y no os importe demasiado su anticuado apartado gráfico. ¿Podría haber sido una conversión mucho mejor, más trabajada y elaborada? Sí.
Alejandro PascualJun 22, 2020
Persona 4 Golden es una oportunidad magnífica, y más aún tras el éxito arrollador de su quinta entrega, para conocer una de las entregas más queridas por los aficionados, que solidificó los pilares de la franquicia. Aunque hoy día se nota el paso del tiempo en su apartado visual y el diseño de sus mazmorras, el desarrollo de los personajes, ambientación y banda sonora siguen estando al más alto nivel.
Ricardo FernándezJun 21, 2020
La llegada de Persona 4 Golden a ordenadores ha resultado ser menos ambiciosa de lo que todos esperábamos pero no por ello es un título de cuestionable calidad. Sigue siendo un rpg potente y a pesar de no llegar con textos en castellano, se merece una oportunidad. Trae mejoras sustanciales con respecto a la versión de PlayStation Vita y su precio de lanzamiento es rompedor. Si solo conocías la saga por Persona 5, ahora es momento de jugar a otra joya en bruto.
MidnailahJun 16, 2020
Atlus et Sega nous offrent un portage sur PC de belle qualité. L'optimisation calibrée au millimètre et la fluidité de la navigation, que ce soit avec le combo clavier / souris ou une manette font de cette édition Golden une belle occasion pour ceux qui ne disposeraient que d'une machine modeste et qui seraient rebutés par des commandes complexes d'appréhender Persona 4 de manière confortable, y compris le public plus habitué aux consoles.
Paolo SirioJun 16, 2020
Non introduce alcun contenuto aggiuntivo rispetto alla release originale del 2012 (ad eccezione del summenzionato doppiaggio giapponese) e ha alcuni difetti nella veste grafica scalata senza troppi sforzi verso l’alto, ma questo non mina la godibilità di uno dei JRPG più riusciti degli ultimi venti anni.