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Partisans 1941

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Rosh KellyOct 13, 2020
Partisans 1941 blends differing aspects of the tactical squad genre with mixed results. While the staging of ambushes and scouting of strongholds is as satisfying as any other game, the actual combat and fireworks leave a little bit to be desired.
Clayton CyreOct 17, 2020
Partisans 1941 takes some getting used to in terms of controlling a squad while moving the camera around. The artistic graphics play off the brilliant lighting of the Unreal Engine and the diverse voice acting is believable for the setting. Daedalic Entertainment and Alter Games have come together to bring a perfect blend of stealth and RTS with a twist on history full of rich lore to discover.
Martynas KlimasOct 14, 2020
Partisans 1941 is an interesting, and dare I say necessary addition to the pool of World War II games. If memory serves, the only big title to have previously tackled red resistance was Company of Heroes 2, and that one was almost a piece of Nazi propaganda. So, if you’re mindful of the bit of possible Soviet whitewashing that’s in Partisans 1941, you can definitely enjoy this slightly unusual World War II experience.
Rick LaneOct 14, 2020
This is because the more I played of Partisans, the more I enjoyed it. I like the slow build-up of your forces, the careful drip-feed of new characters and equipment. I like how each new mission is incrementally more ambitious than the last, starting with convoy assaults and rescuing civilians from Nazi death squads, then evolving into blowing up bridges and assassinating local comptrollers.
Adam KerrJan 08, 2021
A satisfying take on the Commandos genre. Partisans 1941 allows players to walk through the brutality of the Second World War, searching for a beacon of hope on the other side.
Andy MansonOct 30, 2020
For newcomers to the real-time tactics genre, it may represent a step too far as a first experience. However, for experienced players, Partisans 1941 is a solid and engaging title, with plenty of scope to try out a number of different approaches. Overall, it’s also a refreshing change to see the Second World War represented from a different perspective.
gazzagbDec 03, 2020
Partisans 1941 is an enjoyable take on the real time tactics genre, but too often your perfect ambush is then undone moments later by hyper-alert enemies spotting your squad. There's some balance issues (which will hopefully be improved with patches), but there's a solid tactical game here with an enjoyable story and some gameplay mechanics that we’ve not previously seen in the genre.
Mick FraserOct 14, 2020
It’s a little unfortunate that Partisans 1941 came out in the same year as Desperados III, because judged on its own merits it’s a well-made adventure game with enough new ideas that it doesn’t need to fully ape its inspirations and just enough confidence that it, mostly, gets away with its shortcomings. If you can look past the slightly drab exterior, fans of the genre will certainly get a kick from its earnest blend of action and tactics.
Eric AceOct 19, 2020
Combat being far too random is the largest problem as it is causing constant saves and reloads with how deadly it is. Strategy games are in a dearth right now, so this is not a bad game in the slightest if there is a need to play something new, but it simply does not stack up against some of the heavy weights of the genre.
Marcello PerriconeOct 14, 2020
Still, this is a game in a rarely explored genre nowadays, and it does offer the interesting experience of fighting a guerrilla war on the Soviet front – a rare occurrence outside Russian games. If you are a fan of this kind of title and have a lot of patience for rough edges and frustrating stealth, Partisans 1941 might actually be worth a shot.
Francisco FonsecaOct 20, 2020
While it doesn’t innovate on any aspects, it integrates a lot of systems into one ever growing product, that gets better as you play it. If you like guerrilla tactics and overcoming uneven-odds, Partisans 1941 is the game for you.
Yago LagoNov 18, 2020
Partisans 1941 es un correcto juego bélico de estrategia táctica en tiempo real con perspectiva isométrica, enfocado a la infiltración y el sigilo, que nos ha gustado y nos ha hecho disfrutar, pero que debido a varias aristas por pulir se queda lejos de los mejores exponentes del género, como puedan ser Desperados III o Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun.
Alberto VenegasOct 27, 2020
En conclusión, Partisans 1941 es un sólido videojuego de estrategia táctica que reproduce con entusiasmo diseños y patrones ya probados en obras anteriores como Commandos o This War of Mine. El resultado final es divertido y atractivo aunque el estudio deberá seguir trabajando en él para mejorar los modelos de los personajes y solucionar fallos en mecánicas como la apertura y cierre de puertas o la selección de iconos en el mapa.
Saúl GonzálezOct 16, 2020
Partisans 1941 es un digno "heredero" de Commandos, ofreciéndonos una acción táctica divertida, que engancha y que tiene una buena variedad de situaciones y un diseño de niveles que mejora a medida que pasan las partidas.
Manuel FritschOct 14, 2020
Ich freue mich, dass mit Partisans 1941 ein weiterer Vertreter das Echtzeittaktik-Genre bereichert. Klar, das Spiel ist lange nicht so ausgereift wie Desperados 3, und selbst das mittlerweile ein paar Jahre alte Shadow Tactics ist in vielen Punkten runder. Aber dafür punkten die russischen Entwickler mit großer spielerischer Freiheit.
Fabien PellegriniOct 27, 2020
Quatre mois après la sortie de l'excellentissime Desperados III, Partisans 1941 vient nous rappeler nos premières amours puisqu'il reprend la thématique "seconde guerre mondiale" du fondateur Commandos : Derrière les lignes ennemies. Mais on se bat cette fois du côté russe, ce qui n'est guère étonnant quand on sait que le studio Alter Games est basé à Moscou.
Nicolò PaschettoOct 14, 2020
Forse gli sviluppatori di Alter Games hanno provato il passo più lungo della gamba e avrebbero fatto meglio a realizzare un’esperienza di gioco più limitata ma meglio cesellata intorno a confini più precisi. Partisans 1941 rimane comunque una buona alternativa per gli appassionati delle opere di Mimimi Games, purché si accontentino di un titolo nel complesso meno elegante.
Денис КнязевOct 26, 2020
Просто между сюжетными заданиями вы можете построить пару новых строений (например, медпункт) в своем партизанском лагере или собрать провизию, отправив кого-нибудь на рыбалку и по ягоды. Механика позволяет отвлечься от основного геймплея и создает ощущение того, что ваши партизаны действительно чем-то полезным занимаются вне сюжета.
Yasin AbayNov 09, 2020
Steam üzerinden satın alabileceğiniz Partisans 1941, Türkçe dil desteği veriyor. Oyunun İngilizce seslendirmesi de var ama gerçekçilik adına Rusça seslendirme ile oynadım. Sistem gereksinimlerinde 8 GB RAM, minimum olarak gösterilmiş. Bu, sisteminizi yorabilir. Mümkünse oyunu 16 GB RAM ile oynatın. Her ne kadar yukarıdan bakışlı oyunlara olumlu bakmasam da Partisans 1941, hikaye içeriği ile beni kendine çekmeyi başaran bir oyun olmayı başardı.
francisDec 03, 2020
Partisans 1941 do svojho žánru v konečnom dôsledku prináša najmä dlho očakávaný návrat do druhej svetovej vojny. Správa partizánskeho tábora a šikovne vymyslený otvorený boj sú zaujímavou novinkou, avšak nudný tichý postup, ktorý je nosným pilierom žánru, monotónne prostredie a technické neduhy zanechajú trpkú chuť na jazyku.