Partisans 1941 for PC
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Partisans 1941

Oct 14, 2020
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Developer: Alter Games


Partisans 1941 is a real-time tactics game with stealth elements, set on the eastern front of WW II. As an army commander behind enemy lines you gather a group of Partisans to wage guerilla warfare against the German occupants.

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Hasan Yildiz

Hasan Yildiz

Mar 1, 2021

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Clayton CyreOct 17, 2020
Partisans 1941 takes some getting used to in terms of controlling a squad while moving the camera around. The artistic graphics play off the brilliant lighting of the Unreal Engine and the diverse voice acting is believable for the setting. Daedalic Entertainment and Alter Games have come together to bring a perfect blend of stealth and RTS with a twist on history full of rich lore to discover.
Martynas KlimasOct 14, 2020
Partisans 1941 is an interesting, and dare I say necessary addition to the pool of World War II games. If memory serves, the only big title to have previously tackled red resistance was Company of Heroes 2, and that one was almost a piece of Nazi propaganda. So, if you’re mindful of the bit of possible Soviet whitewashing that’s in Partisans 1941, you can definitely enjoy this slightly unusual World War II experience.
Rick LaneOct 14, 2020
This is because the more I played of Partisans, the more I enjoyed it. I like the slow build-up of your forces, the careful drip-feed of new characters and equipment. I like how each new mission is incrementally more ambitious than the last, starting with convoy assaults and rescuing civilians from Nazi death squads, then evolving into blowing up bridges and assassinating local comptrollers.

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