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Paradise Killer

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Adam NixSep 04, 2020
All told,Paradise Killer’s open world nature with a mystery driven narrative just doesn’t work for me. The pacing was all over the place, something that is vital for any mystery. Even with interesting locations and characters, the world itself didn’t feel lived in and was frustrating to navigate. The experimental nature of this game, creative design, vast scope, and rad tone make it worth trying if you are a big mystery fan, but it may be best to skip if they’re not your thing in the first place.
Eric Van AllenSep 03, 2020
Paradise Killer drips with endearing style and charm, but can't quite make its finale match up to its opening hours. Discovering intrigue and mystery is compelling at the start, but the good gets lost in its collectible busywork. Paradise Killer is a good option for virtual detective fanatics in need of new mysteries, but it lacks the staying power of other modern mystery giants.
Bryce O'ConnorNov 13, 2020
An investigative adventure that actually makes you feel like a detective, Paradise Killer blends surreal world-building, vibrant art, clever writing, and rock-solid open-world gameplay to create an experience you won’t soon forget.
Henry EwinsDec 11, 2020
Whilst I wish Paradise Killer’s mechanical detective fangs were a little sharper, it oozes style and its writing and world-building are out of this world. It’s not a lie when I say I wanted to stay forever here in paradise where love dies. I already know as truth/fact that when it comes to this game my love will never die.
Jordan HurstSep 30, 2020
For some, the gaudy and selectively-primitive aesthetic of Paradise Killer will be a huge selling point. For others, including myself, they’ll be met with raised eyebrows and a shrug. Despite that indifference, the narrative at the heart of the game was wholly engrossing from its foundation to its conclusion. The gameplay can only hope to limp along in support of that narrative, which is disappointing but never makes for a frustrating or outright boring experience.
Marcus EstradaOct 02, 2020
It’s also a shame that the open world nature of the gameplay does not carry over into the anticlimactic trials. Even so, it’s worth taking a vacation on Paradise Island. Paradise Killer is a bold first release from Kaizen Game Works and we’re looking forward to see what they create next.
Kim SnaithSep 03, 2020
There are very few murder mystery games that give you as much agency as Paradise Killer does. Although it takes a little while to get into the swing of things, when you’re deep in your investigation, coming across key pieces of evidence or catching your suspects out in a lie, you feel unstoppable. And having the power to make an accusation, right or wrong, is a very nice touch too.
Austin SutherSep 03, 2020
Paradise Killer offers a compelling and complex mystery combined with a memorable cast of characters. The strange lore and vaporwave theme create a wholly unique experience that will certainly stick with you for a while after completion. Were it not for the clunky, stiff movement and some hiccups in the text and trial, Paradise Killer would be a much stronger game.
Heather JohnsonSep 11, 2020
As much as I love Vaporwave, I stand by what I said earlier — it’s simply not as accessible as other retrowave subgenres, and that might affect Paradise Killer’s accessibility as well. Additionally, there is a massive amount of complicated lore that bombards players from the get-go, which may further discourage some players.
Andrew FarrellSep 03, 2020
Paradise Killer is an exceptionally enjoyable piece of entertainment. I loved the world and characters and I loved solving the mystery. Anyone who enjoys piecing things together and carefully combing over a digital world for goodies will likely be elated by what's on offer.
Funké JosephSep 03, 2020
Paradise Killer sets a new standard for investigative gameplay; I felt untethered and invested in the world's mysteries in a way I've never felt in a detective game before. The neon sheen, fantastic soundtrack, quirky characters, and narrative twists make it one of the best whodunits you can play.
Miguel MoranOct 02, 2020
The open ended nature of the investigation can be daunting at first, and while some clunky platforming and frequent periods of downtime can sour the experience just a bit, Paradise Killer still manages to be one of the most well put together and utterly satisfying mystery games I've ever experienced.
Andy MansonSep 03, 2020
A bright and breezy game that unfortunately drags a little at points, Paradise Killer is nevertheless an enjoyable jaunt that does something a little different with a genre that has a reputation for being somewhat dour. Absolutely worth your time – just be prepared to dedicate a little more of it than you might expect in the early stages.
Dane TownsendOct 08, 2020
Overall, Paradise Killer was a surprise. It’s such a unique game despite being reminiscent of a lot of different things, and it’s definitely one of the best I’ve played this year. Paradise feels good, even with the dark secrets buried within.
Laura LunaOct 13, 2020
Paradise Killer toma nota de Phoenix Wright y Danganronpa para ofrecernos todo lo que podemos desear de una aventura detectivesca. Un sistema que exploración que reivindica la libertad del jugador y le incita a ser atrevido, salirse de las ruta establecida e investigar los rincones más inesperados.
Benjamin SchmädigSep 17, 2020
Ständig fügt sich ein Puzzleteil ins andere, während man zu coolem Elektro-Pop durch abstrakte Kunst spaziert. Das hat richtig viel Spaß gemacht und nimmt ja auch bei weitem den größten Teil der Spielzeit ein. Würde das alles nur nicht in einem so erschreckend beliebigen Finale verpuffen...