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Corey GavazaApr 05, 2019
For those players looking for a truly hardcore experience, Outward is more than happy to provide but for others, it may just be too much effort for too little payoff.
Christopher LivingstonApr 10, 2019
Outward is harsh and occasionally frustrating, but it does what so few games do. It requires you to put real thought into the choices you make, and it makes those choices feel like they really matter. Most of all, it makes you approach each and every encounter as if your life depended on it—even though you never die.
DM SchmeyerApr 10, 2019
There is the seed of a better RPG here, but it’s buried under too much rough terrain. At its best, Outward can offer novel experiences, a good challenge, and a fun way to play with friends. It spends more time at its worst, though, and that’s boring and tedious.
Dan N. ScarboroughApr 03, 2019
By far the best aspect of Outward is travel, which is, we dare say, presented nearly flawlessly. if you ever took a hike on mountains or did a cross-country travel, this game will resonate familiarity with you, inducing the same feelings of joy and accomplishment, but also the insecurity and uncertainty. That aspect alone is enough to compensate for mediocre, well, everything else. If you want to experience traveling without moving, this is the ideal game for that.
Andrew FarrellMar 26, 2019
There are certainly a lot of great ideas in Outward, and there’s co-op that works really well. As such, I’m sure that plenty of people will enjoy walking this tedious world with friends. As for me, I’ve had more than enough. There are a lot of cool things to see in this game, but everything in it is accompanied with tedium. So, I won’t be going back anytime soon.
Ray PorrecaMar 26, 2019
Taken as a whole, Outward practically screams "cult classic." Its consistent challenge, cumbersome combat, and co-op systems won't resonate with everyone. But for a particular type of player—ones that don't mind trading dozens of frustrating moments for open-ended experiences—Nine Dot Studios' RPG is sure to find a dedicated audience. Outward's aspirations are commendable, but just like its protagonist, the end result is just average.
Bryan VitaleApr 09, 2019
Build-crafting ends up being more interesting than the combat itself, and the story acts only as a serviceable distraction, leaving undertuned survival and exploration at the forefront, which ends up being too lenient to carry the experience. It's still a solid playthrough and unique enough to consider worth experiencing -- especially with a friend. The best case scenario is that Outward serves as a successful proof-of-concept that leads to an experience down the road that hits a bullseye where Outward just narrowly missed the mark.
A. R. TeschnerApr 23, 2019
When Outward fails you, or you fail it, it stings just a bit more, in part because the game is so different from a lot of what's out there. When it shows you a beautiful sight, gives you a bit of loot after finding a well-hidden secret, shows you something strange that you rarely see in sword and sorcery games, or makes you feel particularly skilful after trouncing the opposition or figuring out a puzzle, the sting fades. The crux is whether or not one can endure the game's unevenness to appreciate the sum of these novel components.
Renan FontesMay 08, 2019
Outward isn't so much bad as it is outwardly bland. Bolstered by its genuinely endearing premise, and an emphasis on a more "human" approach to the RPG genre, the title is simultaneously held back by lacklustre presentation, an underwhelming combat system, and a main game that goes on far too long to justify the onslaught of hostility thrown at the player.
Jason ColesApr 12, 2019
Nine Dots Studio's RPG will appeal to people who love fiddly systems and have enormous patience. But if that isn’t you then it'll simply feel like a time drain.
Alberto PastorApr 02, 2019
Outward es un videojuego especial capaz de lo mejor y lo peor, que sorprende y emociona, pero también que frustra y puede llegar a aburrir debido al discreto diseño de muchas de sus misiones y lo vacío que se siente su gigantesco mundo de fantasía. Con el alma de una gran aventura, siendo valiente y original en muchos aspectos, Outward es un RPG que merece la pena probar. Puede que te enamores de él, o puede que termine decepcionándote, pero en cualquier caso te hará ver que no es un juego típico. Y eso es digno de elogio.
Jose Luis Lopez de GarayoMar 27, 2019
Tras unas horas jugando, tras haber superado los primeros escollos y dominado la primera zona de juego nos sentiremos los reyes del mundo y aprenderemos a disfrutar del bucle jugable que propone Outward. Poco más tarde nos arrebatará toda esta sensación de superación y volverá a sacudir hasta que volvamos a nuestra humildad previa.
Saúl GonzálezApr 03, 2019
Una gran experiencia para los roleros de la vieja escuela con sistemas de supervivencia, creaci贸n y magia muy buenos que contrastan con algunos errores que estropean la experiencia.
Javi AndrésApr 05, 2019
No son pocos los que empiezan a ver a Outward como un candidato a colarse ahí, sobre todo por su ambición no correspondida y su apuesta por un género que, especialmente en PC, sigue teniendo devotos empedernidos de la fórmula más clásica. Solo el tiempo dirá si se encumbra a esa división aun sin ser sobresaliente, pero de momento vemos varios puntos donde Nine Dots Studio podría mejorarlo mediante parches y generar una experiencia más sólida y satisfactoria a este compendio de buenas ideas y vuelco valiente hacia los formatos pretéritos.
Alex NeyApr 10, 2019
Outward schwächelt in puncto Story und Kampfsystem, besticht aber durch tiefe Survival-Elemente. Am meisten Spaß macht es zu zweit.
Fabien PellegriniApr 15, 2019
Outward ne se destine donc clairement pas à tous les joueurs. Si vous souhaitez vivre une aventure pépère et en prendre plein les yeux, vous pouvez passer votre chemin. En revanche, si vous souhaitez vous investir dans une expérience ardue mais gratifiante, n'hésitez pas à vous plonger dans ce que certains ne manqueront pas de qualifier de Dark Souls du RPG.
Simone TagliaferriApr 03, 2019
Outward è un titolo difficile da consigliare a cuor leggero, ma allo stesso tempo è indubbio che possa avere un suo pubblico. Rozzo, spigoloso all'inverosimile e dotato di una curva d'apprendimento ripidissima, si fa odiare in ogni modo, ma allo stesso tempo finisce per affascinare, soprattutto se si è alla ricerca di un gioco di ruolo profondo e senza compromessi. Il risultato è che per alcuni potrebbe essere il peggiore titolo dell'anno, mentre per altri un capolavoro che ricorderanno per tutta la vita. Il fatto che abbiano entrambi ragione complica non poco le cose.
Rick DijsApr 12, 2019
En dat is een gevoel dat wel langer blijft hangen als je Outward blijft spelen: het had leuker kunnen zijn. Het RPG-systeem is diepgaand en vraagt veel van je, de game is uitdagend en met zijn tweeĂŤn kan je de strijd aangaan. Het is alleen jammer dat de wereld zo leeg is, de AI erg matig en de controls ietwat houterig. Geef Nine Dots nog een keer de kans, maar dan met een groter budget, en dan zien we waarschijnlijk een erg sterke RPG terug over een paar jaar.


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