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Original Journey

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Felix WongAug 15, 2017
Contrary to its name, Original Journey is far from an original adventure, offering little to motivate players to see its campaign through. If not for the sake of this review, I would have thrown in the towel long ago. Unless you’re really keen on checking out some hand-drawn art, steer clear of Original Journey.
Beth MeadowsAug 16, 2017
Original Journey functions well enough, but the game was an absolute slog fest. I can’t see anyone having fun with this game for more than a few hours, tops. I didn’t even have fun for that long. I’m not even sure who might enjoy a game like this, and I’m loathe to include even the hardest of hardcore shmup fans. The best I can offer is that if you’re looking at Original Journey, proceed at your own risk. There’s not a lot there, and your money can be spent on better games.
Gabriel JonesAug 15, 2017
With its surreal visuals and quirky character design, Original Journey has little trouble drawing attention. Determining whether or not it can retain that attention will depend entirely on the player. On its own, the platforming and shooting aren't all that tightly designed. Relying on level-ups and gear to maintain interest only goes so far. Given a long enough period of time, most gamers will feel like they're just going through the motions.
Jesse CabralAug 16, 2017
Original Journey is a game that is perfect to pick up and play for small bits at a time even with the shortcomings it has.