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Daniel BloodworthMay 22, 2019
RobertPIngramMay 22, 2019
Playing Observation, I can't help feeling like the game could have been truly fantastic with just a bit more mechanical fine-tuning. Trimming some of the game's more superfluous elements would have helped, too. While other players may get more mileage out of Observation, particularly players who manage to stay on rails at a higher rate, the risk of hopelessly seeking out the next step remains for any player who misses a step. If you can weather the game's shortcomings to see its plot, there's fun to be had, but that remains a very big if.
Cade OnderMay 25, 2019
Observation is one of 2019's most unique and interesting games both with its gameplay and overall execution. It delivers a unique sense of horror we typically don't see in games, compelling puzzles, and it has a profound impact on you when the credits roll. While it can sometimes be a tad unpleasant to play with annoying, unsmooth controls and being disorienting, Observation is still a fantastic sci-fi experience.
Simon CardyMay 21, 2019
Observation is a smart, original science fiction story propelled by its novel approach to puzzle design and stunning attention to detail. So often, an experience like this can struggle to find the balance between challenging gameplay and a captivating story, but Observation doesn't suffer from this, and the compelling plot is never halted by frustratingly obtuse conundrums. It simply doesn’t deal in obfuscation. Instead, it’s beautifully signposted without feeling clumsy, driving you through its labyrinth of hallways, and a story that grips from start to finish.
Kyle LeClairMay 21, 2019
While it could have done more with its central concept, Observation is a terrific, thrilling adventure game and a superb follow-up for No Code. The blend of the realistic workings of space exploration along with more bizarre elements is perfectly executed and creates an engrossing story with a haunting atmosphere that you’ll want to see through. It’s an epic mystery you’ll want to experience, and while it may not be the full-on video game equivalent of 2001, it’s still a killer ode that Kubrick would hopefully be proud of.
Chris "Atom" DeAngelusJun 05, 2019
Observation is an enjoyable experience. It has its flaws, ranging from an awkward UI to tedious puzzles, but they are overshadowed by the excellent plot and atmosphere. It's pretty much a one-and-done experience (aside from a few collectibles), but the game provides a genuinely fun time. If you're a fan of sci-fi drama in the vein of Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece, give Observation a shot, but be prepared to work through some rough spots.
Jordan HurstMay 21, 2019
The gameplay in Observation might be a bit of a slow boil, but it's unusual enough to be engaging in between its fascinating narrative moments.
Samantha NelsonMay 21, 2019
While Observation is spectacularly stylish, its base mechanics don’t quite have the same level of polish. It’s easy to get stuck on a puzzle when there’s little explanation of how to proceed. I spent far too long cruising around the space station with the instructions to look for damage because I didn’t know exactly what damage the game wanted me to report back on. The game is even more linear than it appears to be.
Ricky FrechMay 21, 2019
Observation is not a perfect game. I found it unwieldy to play and, at times, was often grasping at straws for what to do next. If you can get past that, this is a gripping tale with a foreboding and mysterious aura that drives the narrative forward at every turn. Like Stories Untold before it, Observation is game that I think you really need to play to appreciate how masterful No Code is at setting a tone and building a compelling world for players to explore.
James O'ConnorMay 22, 2019
Observation is a wonderful example of how to do focused, self-contained science-fiction storytelling in a game. It's well-written and clever, and nails the sci-fi tropes and aesthetics it both plays to and builds upon. It's a game that demands to be analyzed and thought about further once you're done with it, and while the internal world of the game is small, inhabiting it is a real pleasure.
Andy KellyMay 21, 2019
A stylish, understated, and subtly chilling psychological thriller with a compelling mystery at its core.
Kenneth AraulloMay 21, 2019
An amazing, unique and genuinely mind-bending entry into the science-fiction genre, Observation draws on its distinct set-up to pull you into a mystery set deep in space. It's existential dread condensed into roughly six to eight hours of gameplay. Discounting the sometimes buggy levels, it has everything you could ever ask for in an original sci-fi title: an intriguing premise, a foreboding theme, and an AI player character, whose motive eludes even yourself.
Jordan DevoreMay 21, 2019
It's also worth mentioning that the running time is longer than you might expect given the genre. Observation took me a solid seven hours, and I could see myself playing it again soon. While some of that was just me combing for optional background lore room by room and also getting turned around toward the end, I was pleasantly surprised. The suspense never fizzled out. I even missed a meal! If No Code hadn't already gotten its name out there as a strong storyteller with Stories Untold, this game would've put the studio on the map. Observation is everything I hoped it would be.
Sam BishopMay 21, 2019
What's more is that controlling SAM provided some of the most unique and innovative storytelling mechanics we've seen, without sharing too much about why that is (we don't want to spoil anything). It's something we haven't seen that much, and flips the often-seen concept of sci-fi AI on its head, providing some very interesting opportunities and surprises along the way. It's definitely worth checking out, and it's one for those who like something outside-the-box.
OfisilMay 30, 2019
Observation is far from an easy recommendation. If you can't stand slow-paced games, with an unrelentingly cryptic plot, an extreme emphasis in realism and immersion, and puzzles of the "how the heck does this work" variety, avoid it at all costs. The rest can safely give it a go. It's probably the best hard sci-fi thriller of the year, and a must have for those who are in love with space and cosmic horror.
Chris BrownMay 27, 2019
Observation is undeniably beautiful, but it is also vapid and shallow. An interesting premise is let down by simple puzzles and awkward controls. While the game does have some interesting ideas, the execution fails to stick the landing.
Kosta AndreadisMay 23, 2019
Going into greater detail about the story and events would rob Observation of a lot of its power. And the expected ambiguity that comes from this brand of sci-fi. In the end, Observation resonates primarily because of how it uses its interactivity and presentation. Playing a role and being there as a part of it all even elevates even some of the weaker narrative moments. From the visual effects to the detailed space station to the ambient music and even the animation of Emma herself, Observation is a triumph in both design and calculated execution.
Borja RueteMay 21, 2019
Observation es un juego narrativo de suspense que utiliza las mecánicas de las aventuras gráficas point & click para desarrollar su base jugable. Como sugiere el título del juego, la nueva obra de No Code Studio nos exige estudiar el entorno e interactuar con los diversos objetos para resolver los problemas y avanzar en la trama. A diferencia de otros videojuegos espaciales, en Observation no manejamos a un personaje humano, sino que somos la inteligencia artificial de la estación.
Sergio MartínMay 22, 2019
Los usuarios de PS4 y PC ya pueden disfrutar de una de las mejores producciones indie de lo que va de temporada dentro de su categoría o, al menos, de una de las más originales e inquietantes. Observation es una de esas aventuras que giran en torno a un guion sensacionalmente concebido y que, encima, acoge una fórmula de juego tan original que seguro que no va a pasar desapercibida para un grupo selecto de usuarios. No es perfecto y en ocasiones la resolución de algunos puzles puede resultar algo confusa, pero es un título muy notable en la inmensa mayoría de sus aspectos.
Michael KrostaMay 23, 2019
Observation ist anders als erwartet. Eingestellt hatte ich mich auf einen weiteren öden Walking-Simulator im Weltraum, ganz im Stil von Adr1ft. Bekommen habe ich eine wesentlich originellere Variante, in der ich als KI einer Raumstation mit der Crew interagiere, durchaus kreative Logik- und Umgebungsrätsel löse oder Minispiele meistere, deren Konzept ich erst durchschauen muss. Meist macht es irgendwann Klick, doch manchmal fühlt man sich auch etwas verloren, weil man nicht weiß, was eigentlich zu tun ist.
Manuel FritschMay 22, 2019
Faszinierende Grundidee als packender SciFi-Thriller. Nimmt sich mit faden Minispielen und frustrierenden Suchaufgaben selbst den Schwung.
Silent_JayMay 22, 2019
Observation déroute par son concept aussi simple que singulier. Voici venir un jeu dont vous n’êtes pas le héros. Ce thriller spatial ose bousculer les joueurs et parvient à maintenir un équilibre certain entre récit de science-fiction surnaturel crédible et gameplay aux antipodes des archétypes modernes. Si la réalisation sobre et la courte durée de vie témoignent des ambitions du studio, Observation est une pépite à découvrir et savourer pour ce qu’elle est… un O.V.N.I vidéoludique.
Valentin CeboMay 23, 2019
C’est ce qu’il faut pour boucler le premier chapitre d’une aventure qui devrait pouvoir s’étaler sur 10 à 12 heures à en croire les développeurs. En insistant un peu, ces derniers évoquent aussi des durées sensiblement différentes entre les joueurs qui prennent leur temps et ceux qui rushent. Gageons que les premiers en auront au moins pour huit heures avant de lever le voile sur tous les mystères qui entourent Observation et qui do.
Thomas PillonMay 22, 2019
Fidèle à sa promesse de départ, Observation propose de vivre à travers les capteurs d'une intelligence artificielle un véritable thriller spatial aux retournements de situation accrocheurs et ne cédant pas à la facilité. Mais pour profiter des qualités narratives du nouveau jeu de No Code, il faudra accepter une certaine monotonie, qui pourra parfois virer à la frustration la plus totale, la faute à une interface rarement claire et à quelques mécaniques cryptiques à souhait.
Simone TagliaferriMay 24, 2019
Observation è un titolo eccellente che piacerà sicuramente a chi ama i videogiochi narrativi. Scritto con grande capacità e privo di compromessi che ne sviliscano il senso, riesce a raccontare la sua storia in modo efficace, pur dando al giocatore un punto di vista originale e ameno. Leggete con attenzione di che tipo di gioco si tratta prima di decidere se acquistarlo o meno, ma non snobbatelo assolutamente.
Daniele SpeltaMay 21, 2019
Attorno a questo cardine sono state create in modo sapienti delle meccaniche di gioco allo stesso tempo semplici e funzionali, fatte di puzzle e interazioni che sfruttano proprio l’inusuale prospettiva. Il tutto è immerso in uno scenario tanto spaventoso quanto affascinante, uno spazio siderale capace di per sé di generare ansia senza scadere in facili banalismi. Observation è un’ottima avventura, su cui però aleggia un forte determinismo che svuota alcuni passaggi e una discrepanza tra i momenti clou e il resto del racconto.
Claudio MagistrelliJun 03, 2019
Preso come un’esperienza cinematografica, Obeservation può tranquillamente essere considerato uno dei punti più alti del genere. Merito di una fotografia pazzesca e di una riproduzione maniacale dell’ambiente, che sostengono una narrazione solida e snervante, ma comunque in grado di instillare tensione dal primo all’ultimo minuto di gioco. Sul piano delle meccaniche, invece, qualcosa non ha funzionato fino in fondo e almeno una parte delle urla che ho lasciato a vagare nello spazio non sono state di terrore, ma di frustrazione per rompicapi o situazioni mal congeniati.