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Not Tonight

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Dominic RosattiSep 04, 2018
The game is well worth your time picking up if you can manage to push through the massive pool of levels. The game’s completion time gets hammered down if you don’t restart like I do. Bear that in mind when you play. Keep away from all the politics and coming controversy and you’ll be more than satisfied. PanicBarn’s creation is something I’ll recommend at length. I need to unwind now. Tea, anyone?
Phil IwaniukAug 28, 2018
Does it work as social satire? Carding people at nightclub doors isn’t the hand-in-glove fit for Brexit Britain that border control work is in Papers, Please, but Not Tonight does build a certain atmosphere with its pixel gloom, its babbled voices, and its 16-bit graffiti scrawls. The message sledgehammers its way through, but it’s the smaller stories that really permeate and I can’t help but wonder if a more enigmatic, less expository setup might have resonated louder.
Chris WrayAug 19, 2018
Not Tonight is a surprisingly deep and engaging game that will suck you in. If you let it. Of course, the politics aren't to everybody's liking, but the game more than makes up for it with great wit, as it tackles - to an extent - deep subjects. The gameplay can be artificially difficult at times, but is still as engaging as the obvious inspiration: Papers, Please. Should you play Not Tonight? Yes, yes you should.
Gary “Dominoid” SheppardSep 11, 2018
In the end, it’s the political nature of this game which is its undoing. I agree with the author’s view that Brexit was an idea right up there with “Let’s make it so the new Xbox can’t play used games” in terms of being bad, but even I found this to be a little bit much. It’s not a subtle political stance, but one that is hammered home with gay abandon in a way that makes it seem a little bit forced.
Daniele SpeltaSep 03, 2018
L’idea alla base di Not Tonight è brillante e bisogna riconoscere il coraggio dimostrato dai ragazzi PanicBarn nel voler ambientare la propria opera in uno scenario “scomodo”, una realtà alternativo che suona come un campanello d’allarme sul nostro presente. Forse riprendere così da vicino le dinamiche già viste in Papers, Please non ti garantisce molta originalità, ma se funzionavano prima, vanno benissimo anche in questa nuova veste.