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Andrew FarrellOct 14, 2020
Obviously, Noita isn’t for everyone. But it’s well worth checking out for rogue-lite fans who don’t want their hands held, and don’t particularly care how victorious they are. A lot of people will be frustrated by its unrelenting difficulty and plethora of instant death scenarios, but that’s part of the charm.
David MorganOct 14, 2020
Victory in Noita requires the same patience, planning, and diligence as the recently released Spelunky 2, with an added dose of chaos and unpredictability. Mastering its systems takes time, but a rewarding world full of secrets and plenty of colorful explosions make this adventure worth the struggle.
Jordan HelmOct 18, 2020
Whether it’s for a single hour of investment or a fair number of them. Straightforward and occasionally frustrating the set-up may seem, Noita‘s hands-off approach to instruction and allowing player-made discovery to bloom is one sought-after trait in gaming that here pays off time and time again.
Luke WinkieOct 14, 2020
That said, there are few games that can create the sheer maelstrom of activity that Noita does. You're in a firefight with a shock trooper, your spell zings over his head and strikes the pile of gunpowder lurking in the shadows. Suddenly, both of you are trapped in a burning chasm, as the wooden vat containing a metric ton of oil begins to deteriorate in the flames.
Garland PanOct 23, 2020
Ultimately, Noita is probably not going to change anyone’s mind on roguelikes, but it sure is well-crafted. The game is filled with so many little quirks and gameplay nuances that I never ran out of things to experience.
Brian StasiukaitisOct 14, 2020
Noita relies far too heavily on random numbers to create any kind of enjoyment, and though it might make some fun stories, players will be left craving an actual roguelike rather than this RNG simulator.
Kyle HansonOct 14, 2020
Noita is a true standout title in the roguelike genre, featuring endlessly deep gameplay that plays off of its engaging pixel art style. It takes some time to reveal itself and will turn away those not willing to put the effort in, but for those that do the rewards are great. If you’ve become exhausted by the glut of AAA titles that look great on the surface but feature little depth underneath then Noita should interest you.
Andrew DuncanOct 14, 2020
Running out of levitation while trying to escape a mob of monsters that I’m not equipped to handle, usually. The only negative I’ve found in the whole game is how difficult it is. You’re rewarded for exploring, but man have you got to work for your rewards. But if “it kills you often” is the worst thing you can say about a rougelite, then it has to be doing something right.
Manu DelgadoOct 27, 2020
Un juego impresionante, tanto en sus mecánicas como en sus dinámicas, así como en su estética. Un roguelike que aprovecha magistralmente el sistema de píxeles simulados para establecer una impresionante fantasía de poder mágica.
Paolo BesserOct 29, 2020
Se vi piacciono le sfide difficili e amate questo genere di giochi, Noita fa davvero per voi. Non costa un’esagerazione e garantisce un sacco di ore di esplorazione, sconquasso, uccisioni e divertimento. Fra l’altro, non richiede nemmeno un PC ninja per funzionare e fa uso dei core aggiuntivi del processore se ne trova a disposizione. Frustrante ma bello.