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Mushroom Wars 2

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Robert N. AdamsOct 11, 2017
Mushroom Wars 2 makes for an interesting casual RTS experience that nonetheless provides plenty of depth for people who really want to get into the game. If you enjoy RTS games or you would like to get into them, this will make for a fun, quick experience that won’t drive you up a wall or eat up 45 minutes of your time in a stalemate.
Josh ThompsonDec 02, 2017
Mushroom Wars 2 is a colorful game full of fun characters, challenging environments, and subtle strategy (And looks really cool in HD!). Every match and single player level is very short, so it’s an easy game to pick up and put down whenever you have spare time. If you like RTS games, go check it out. But even if you don’t typically like RTS games, give it a try, you may find the experience more enjoyable than you expect.
Matt KeithOct 09, 2017
Mushroom Wars 2 was a surprisingly engaging for me. I really wasn’t expecting myself to get pulled into what seemed on the surface to be a simplified RTS. Yet with it’s engaging, layered combat, easy to pick up and play attitude, four episode campaign and some great multiplayer offerings, Mushroom Wars 2 is a title worth spending some time with. Be sure to check it out when it releases on Steam, Xbox One and PS4 starting October 6th.
Renan FontesOct 06, 2017
Mushroom Wars 2 is a surprising balance of charm and depth, offering new ideas and new ways to play at every turn. The campaign offers the right amount of challenge without being overwhelming, and the tutorial is excellently paced, ensuring that all the mechanics are understood before they are put to use. A clean UI and smooth controls keep every match responsive. While most of the gameplay boils down to a capture the flag style objective, the multiple heroes' unique skills allow for plenty of variety in strategy. Mushroom Wars 2 isn't a groundbreaking RTS, and it won't be changing the genre in any major ways, but it does stand out as a particularly strong title that's more than worth investing a few hours into.
Francesco UrsinoOct 08, 2017
Mushroom Wars 2 propone su PC un’esperienza al limite tra tower defense e RTS, che si contraddistingue per un ritmo di gioco spesso frenetico. Il titolo, però, dà il suo meglio se giocato in modo accorto, complice anche un impianto di gioco più profondo di quanto sia possibile pensare dopo una prima analisi.