Mushroom 11 for PC
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Mushroom 11

Oct 15, 2015

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Developer: Untame
Content Rating: Everyone10+


Mold an amorphous organism into any shape by pruning its cells. New cells will immediately grow, allowing you to traverse a mysterious world across brain-twisting obstacles, overcome swarms of bizarre mutated creatures, and understand the true nature of the devastation from which you emerged.

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James CunninghamOct 15, 2015
Whether it’s figuring out how to land on a platform so that, when it starts swinging, you don’t get dumped into the acid below, or guiding a rocket up an angled shaft so it carries you to the plants above, or sacrificing a chunk of mass so that it can get fried carrying electricity from generator to door, Mushroom 11 demands each area be looked at with the lessons learned from previous sections. The wasteland of the corpse of civilization is not a forgiving place, but with a little care and a huge amount of perseverance, the fungus’ journey may let it see what lies at the conclusion of the unforgettable journey of Mushroom 11.
Darren NakamuraOct 17, 2015
Overall, Mushroom 11 is a worthwhile experience. It has its missteps, most notably when its puzzles favor brute force over elegance or when it doesn't play to its unique control scheme's strengths. But its uniqueness is its greatest asset; there isn't anything else quite like it out there, and it takes a different kind of thinking to get through.
Chloi RadOct 15, 2015
Mushroom 11 captivates with its ability to make such a strange, unique mechanic feel so incredibly natural, but it’s in the clever applications of this system of motion that it hits its highest points. It’s an endlessly creative and exciting puzzle game that manages to make your failures just as fun and important as your accomplishments.

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