Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne for PC
PC - DLC, Windows

Monster Hunter: World - Iceborne

Jan 10, 2020

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This game requires the base game Monster Hunter: World to play.

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Developer: Capcom
Content Rating: Teen


Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is a brand new expansion for Monster Hunter: World. A new world awaits, with more powerful monsters, and challenging master rank quests!

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Aug 13, 2020

After spending over 1.2k hours on both the base game and expansion, I can definitely say that I can provide you a complete breakdown and review of this game.

Let's start first with the good.

1. Its got more monsters to hunt

2. More armor to craft for both you and your palico.

3. A balance between "roles" has been added such as gunner or bow users receive more damage than players using melee.

4. More cosmetics such as layered weapons, armor, and pendants.

5. Has a better end-game due to the implementation of the Guiding Lands.

Now for the bad.

1. Not enough "New World" monsters.

I know a lot of you fans out there will disagree with me on this but, do we really need to bring back old world monsters? Do we really need to fight another Nargacuga or Tigrex or even Barioth for the 7000th time?

I never was excited to fight these guys again cause I know how they fight during previous titles. The joy in fighting new monsters in MH is discovering what it can do. Capcom pretty much crapped on the bed on this one all for the sake of fan service.

2. More MMO like gameplay in a MH game.

It first started with Lunastra. Then Behemoth. Then Ancient Leshen. Then Safijiva. And finally Alatreon.

Is Capcom too lazy to create a proper difficult monster? They just add an AOE ultimate move on one of these bad boys and call it a job well done? It seems like it.

3. Sticky ammo.

If you wanna beat 90% of the monsters in the game with ease. Well, follow these steps.

- Get artillery 5. (MR Zorah gear)

- Use Shara Ishvalda HBG

- put 4 shields and a long barrel

- have Guard 5 and use a Shield Jewel

- Augment your HBG with Health

And there ya go. GG too easy!

All in all, this expansion is worth getting if you enjoyed the base game. Just don't expect a great end game from it. If you wanna play a MH game with a great end game, go for MH Generations.


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Sam GreerJan 07, 2020
There's so much substantial new stuff here, so much to see and do, it feels like one of those ludicrous platters the hunters are served before a quest. Of course part of that feast is a plethora of cutscenes that construct a clumsy storyline the game could have done without. Perhaps Capcom will one day find a way to engage more carefully with its themes. Until then I'll still enjoy the platter they're offering, but it can't help leaving me feeling a little empty at times.
Tony BaeJan 07, 2020
The price might seem a bit steep, but this is a good old-fashioned expansion pack that doubles the amount of content in the base game, and I think the price is well justified. If you are looking to jump into MHW for the first time though, don’t worry about having to buy Iceborne until you hit the end of the base game, as all the weapon updates are free, and the new paid content is post-endgame. Just like the original release of Monster Hunter World on PC, the game feels right with unlocked framerates and gorgeous graphics.
Jukka PiiraJan 28, 2020
Make no mistake about it, Iceborne is a full five-star expansion that adds dozens of hours’ worth of sizzling action to the brilliant base game but technical issues at the PC port’s launch reduce the score. After a few patches, the game is near the level the fans deserve but still it needs some more tender, love and care to make it perfect. When you get it to work, though, Iceborne is a beautiful and engaging playground for new, exciting hunts among magnificent and imposing monsters, a thrill ride like no other.

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