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Elizabeth HengesSep 10, 2019
While Minoria is far from perfect, it does show a lot of promise for future titles. Minoria is not connected to the Momodora for a few reasons, but it’s clear Bombservice wanted to try some new things within the Metroidvania framework and it succeeds in some aspects but needs work in others. If anything, Minoria makes me excited for a Minoria 2, where a lot of the wrinkles are ironed out and all of the gameplay mechanics gel together better.
Andrew FarrellAug 27, 2019
Minoria is another strong game from Bombservice. Although it isn't necessarily better than their last, it's an enjoyable experience with great controls, good art, and an interesting story.
Chris CarterAug 27, 2019
Minoria is an uneven game that will serve as a rainy day Metroidvania if you can't get your fill. In any case it just shows the world how talented Bombservice really is, and how I'll be following them until the end of time.
Marshall BSep 17, 2020
Overall, Minoria is a short, fun Metroidvania type game that’s certainly worth it if this is your jam, but don’t expect it to be a world-altering experience.
Joseph GilOct 04, 2019
Despite Minoria not being in my typical realm of games, I was pleasantly surprised by its entertainment value. The attention to detail was terrific, especially in the background. I appreciated the challenge my mind had in combat, especially when facing the bosses. I would greatly recommend it for gamers looking for voyages of this fashion.
AthanasiosAug 27, 2019
For the spiritual sequel of the Momodora games, Minoria doesn't really do much to separate itself from them, or add some new mechanics. For some that won't be a problem. Those thirty for more of the same will definitely enjoy this short, marvellously gloomy, and pleasantly unforgiving journey. Undoubtedly, it has a pretty strong, unique charm, and it's far from mediocre, but it's safe to say that much better metroidvania alternatives exist out there.
Ramón NafriaSep 10, 2019
Es innegable que Minoria representa un paso adelante de estos desarrolladores respecto a sus obras anteriores. Pero además, es un fantástico contendiente de un género que no deja de aportar juegos interesantes al sector, de manera que ha sido capaz de encontrar su propio hueco en el mercado a pesar de las dificultades que ello conlleva. Es muy recomendable para los que busquéis aventuras de este estilo, y los que no podéis echarle un ojo, pues es muy entretenido y está bien hecho.
Antonio Vallejo.TAug 28, 2019
Minoria es el primer título que se sale de la línea seguida por Bombservice durante estos años. Puntos como un sistema de combate gratificante y un apartado artístico con identidad propia harán que los fans de Momodora y metroidvania en general disfruten de este título. A pesar de sus carencias, podemos decir que Minoria es un juego que merece estar en nuestra colección.