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Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms

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Steve ButtsSep 10, 2007
Kingdoms is definitely an expansion focused on adding lots more content than enlarging the game design and its appeal to you will depend on how satisfied you are with the basic format of the core game. True, there are some surprises in the way the new campaigns play out but, dog warriors and Greek fire aside, Medieval 2 fans will be in very familiar territory here.
Jason OcampoSep 07, 2007
In the end, Kingdoms packs about four times as much gameplay as a traditional Total War expansion, making it an excellent value. All of these campaigns are interesting and well done, and if you've got a yen for a particular period in history that they cover, then you should definitely dive in. Or if you're tired of conquering Europe, you've got something else to look forward to.
Kieron GillenAug 31, 2007
And this is Kingdoms at its worst. The Crusades and the Teutonic campaign fight it out for being the main act, both playing to the core design of Medieval while having enough character to justify playing again (And seriously - I repeat from the first impressions - the Greek Flamethrowers are at least eighteen kinds of splendid). Seriously, I really, really mean it - go read all this again and feel excited.
CptobviousSep 05, 2007
Malgré quelques originalités, on a souvent une impression de déjà-vu en jouant à Medieval II : Total War Kingdoms. Mais comme le jeu de base était bon, ceux qui l'ont apprécié devraient aussi aimer l'extension. The Creative Assembly poursuit donc avec succès sa série stratégique, en attendant un Empire : Total War qu'on espère un peu plus inspiré.