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Derek HideyMay 28, 2008
Despite some of the minor problems, the free downloadable content provided directly by BioWare, the free patches to enhance gameplay, and the new tweaks for the PC platform make Mass Effect a must-buy for those who just couldn't pony-up the dough for an Xbox 360 when it was first released.
Wesley Yin-PooleMay 27, 2008
There are some who would say that Mass Effect feels more at home on the PC, that when you take into account the higher resolution, the performance improvements and the interface tweaks it's somewhat of a director's cut. This would be an understandable assessment. But I happen to think that both games have different strengths and weaknesses. Mass Effect PC is unashamedly hardcore.
Eric BratcherJun 24, 2012
Too vague for you? Sorry. To say more would give too much away. Just trust that it's all great: plot, characters, voice acting, the sheer sense of scale - everything. Add in fantastic graphics and a cinematic flair, and the end result is a truly memorable story. Our only complaint was that it ended too soon - we wanted more.
Chris WattersMay 30, 2008
All the things that made Mass Effect great on the 360--the story, the conversations, the galaxy, the combat, the soundtrack, and the characters--are still great on the PC. The changes that have been implemented don't radically alter the game in any way, but they have enough of a positive impact to make it easy to recommend the PC version over the 360 version.
Jason OcampoMay 27, 2008
It almost goes without saying that BioWare remains one of the very top single-player RPG makers on the planet, and Mass Effect only reinforces their position. This is easily one of the best RPGs on the platform in recent years, delivering a terrific new universe, a fun blend of action and role-playing, and a deeply satisfying story. If you have any love of science fiction or space opera, then you owe it to yourself to check it out. There are hours upon hours of joyful discovery here, and an undeniable love for science fiction, as well.
Game TrailersNov 19, 2007
Involving, ambitious, and beautifully executed, Mass Effect is a powerful experience that has a lot to offer anyone who plays games as more than a casual diversion. A typical run through will take well over 20 hours depending on how closely you stick to the core missions, but it’s well-paced and has hours of completely optional--but still interesting--content if you want to see everything it has to offer.
VGChartz StaffJul 13, 2009
All in all, Mass Effect is an incredible game, only weakened by a series of technical and design flaws. Getting to high levels and taking on 15 or more enemies at a time never gets boring, and there’s always more to learn about through conversations. Between the interesting characters and the fast-paced storyline, the game's narrative also provides one hell of a ride. So if you’re looking for a great RPG, and you don’t mind some small technical flaws, Mass Effect is the game for you.
Nick PantazisJun 20, 2008
The PC version of Mass Effect is an improvement from the previous 360 version, but the core game isn't as amazing as it was hyped to be. Mass Effect is a good game, but it's not really a revolution to the WRPG genre or even an evolution to the WRPG genre. It's more an expansion on what Bioware already accomplished with Knights of the Old Republic. The combat is good, and the setting is great, but some lazy design decisions and poor attempts at shoving sex in the game hold Mass Effect back from true greatness.
Simon PriestJun 16, 2008
Mass Effect is a superb game for its story, its breadth of characters and setting a new bar of standard for cinematic videogaming. Demiurge has helped polish BioWare’s galactic sci-fi into a greater experience to be had on the PC, if you’re already a Spectre inductee with years of service like myself you’ll easily recognise this as the greater experience.
Francisco Alberto AcostaMay 27, 2008
Pero, olvidándose de aspectos sobresalientes como la ambientación o el realismo de los personajes, y valorando el juego como tal, Mass Effect supone una exitosa combinación de ideas que a la postre funcionan de forma mucho más convincente que el último intento del estudio de combinar acción con rol -Jade Empire-. Ahora el experimento ha salido redondo y se ha conseguido una adecuada mezcla de elementos, que en conjunto dan a este título un carácter especial.
Álvaro CastellanoJun 03, 2008
Mass Effect es, también en Pc, la inmejorable confirmación de un estudio de desarrollo en perpetuo estado de gracia, BioWare. Nos encontramos ante una de esas joyas que perduran en la mente del jugador durante mucho tiempo, un título clásico ya antes de su lanzamiento, y un innegable argumento que esgrimir ante quienes niegan la condición artística del mundo del videojuego. Este juego es un soberbio manual de cómo hacer un inconmensurable juego de rol.
Benjamin JakobsMay 27, 2008
Ohne Frage: Auch auf dem PC hat BioWare mit Hilfe der Demiurge Studios ein hervorragendes Rollenspiel abgeliefert, das Euch mit seiner spannenden, epischen Geschichte in seinen Bann zieht. Zumindest, sofern Ihr Euch nicht daran stört, dass die für die Story unrelevanten Planeten eher leblos gestaltet wurden und keinen Beitrag zur Hauptgeschichte leisten.
HiroJun 05, 2008
Délivré de ces défauts, Mass Effect s'exprime plus librement que jamais et propose une aventure exaltante, enchâssée dans un univers superbement cohérent. Certains défauts pourtant sont toujours de la partie, telle cette IA décevante, ces phases véhicules en carton et une durée de vie un peu limite. Rien qui n'empêche cependant Mass Effect de prétendre au titre de jeu enchanteur, à même de ravir les fans de space operas classieux et intelligents. Une fois encore, un grand merci à Bioware pour tant de générosité.
Adolfo SoaresJun 09, 2008
Apesar de todos os pontos positivos presentes em Mass Effect o jogo sofre de pequenos problemas que lhe retiram alguma qualidade. Diálogos por vezes demasiado extensos, qualidade gráfica no geral fraca apesar da excelente caracterização das personagens. Também de lamentar é o facto de não podermos alterar o curso da história do jogo, seria sem dúvida uma mais-valia para Mass Effect.
Rob OttensDec 14, 2007
Mass Effect kent enkele minpuntjes, maar deze vallen in het niet als we kijken naar wat het spel wel goed doet. Naar deze minpuntjes moet je al gaan zoeken, en dat betekent dat je al te maken hebt met een topper. Grafisch ziet het spel er netjes uit, het speelt goed, het geluid is super en de vrijheid ongekend. Deze game moet je als RPG liefhebber meteen in huis halen, maar ook gamers die wat meer van actie houden, zullen met Mass Effect niet teleurgesteld worden.