Marvel's Avengers: War For Wakanda for PC
PC - DLC, Windows

Marvel's Avengers: War For Wakanda

Aug 17, 2021
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This game requires the base game Marvel's Avengers to play.

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Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Content Rating: Teen


War for Wakanda is a free update for anyone who owns the base game. The Expansion tells an original Black Panther story inspired by the comics and consulted on by Black Panther writer Evan Narcisse. Ulysses Klaw has infiltrated Wakanda’s borders to mine the nation’s precious Vibranium, putting King T’Challa’s leadership to the test. The King, of course, is our new playable Hero. Black Panther’s abilities reward defensive play – blocks and parries build your Intrinsic Meter that when full allows you to release a burst of kinetic energy. He can also be played as a fierce predator too, with a unique pounce mechanic that lets you grapple large and small enemies to the ground, attacking them with your Vibranium claws.

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Oct 17, 2021

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Cade OnderAug 25, 2021
Although there's some improvements made to the UI and a few other quality of life improvements, Marvel's Avengers - War for Wakanda is ultimately worth playing through for the brief story and Black Panther himself, but not much else. It succeeds at what it has always succeeded at and falls victim to the fundamental issues that have been there since launch, something that may leave a bitter taste in the mouths of lapsed players.