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Life is Strange 2 - Episode 5

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Elizabeth HengesDec 11, 2019
Life is Strange 2 is not always comfortable to play, but that’s essentially the point. You’re supposed to be heartbroken about everything that Sean and Daniel go through. You’re supposed to take the experience and reflect. Reflect on why they had to fight so hard just to survive, and why the Diaz brothers had to suffer so much prejudice along the way. A simple happy ending would not work for the story that Life is Strange 2 set forth to tell. Episode 5 is every bit the conclusion that this series deserved, no matter how painful that is to truly say.
Nick CowenMar 06, 2020
Life Is Strange 2’s ending differs depending on how good or bad a father figure the player has been to Daniel, and it could be argued that this is what gives the game a semblance of replay value. That argument crumbles to bits when one considers what an arduous slog a lot of the game has been to play. While there are undeniable moments of power in Life Is Strange 2’s story, they’re strewn too far apart to make playing the game over again attractive.
Sean MartinDec 13, 2019
Life is Strange 2 is very much what the player makes of it. As you move through the world, trying your best to educate Daniel, you are creating a future to be realised, often painful and bittersweet, but also wonderful.
Ryan MeitzlerJan 09, 2020
While Sean and Daniel’s journey wasn’t perfect in some places, Life is Strange 2 managed to cap off a profound road trip with a unique, heartfelt ending, and another worthy entry in the Life is Strange series as a whole. While it was a calculated risk to depart from fan-favorite characters like the original’s Max and Chloe, Life is Strange 2 found not only a unique voice with the debut of Sean and Daniel, but an important one that feels all too relatable in the social issues and events that continue to shape the modern-day United States.
Bob RichardsonDec 29, 2019
Life is Strange 2 concludes with an emotionally impactful and woeful story. How players have chosen to shape Daniel through Sean's actions comes to a head, and that's where player behavior seems to matter most. Though, based on the end-game statistics, it seems most people grew a similar Daniel. I can't say the sequel to this series blew me away, but I'm grateful for the story it told, as it touches the heart and shines a light on a still somehow overlooked problem in American society. This is the power of games.
Jess McDonellDec 10, 2019
Saying goodbye to the Diaz brothers is as difficult as it was to leave Chloe and Max in the original Life Is Strange, which is a testament to the extraordinary strength of the game's character building. Though the story of the Diaz brothers arrives at some kind of ending, the larger implications of the story and its politically-charged themes raise more questions than they can possibly hope to answer, though to even ask them feels like an admirable feat.
Ayden_Dec 06, 2019
Poignant, riche en enseignements et porté sur le monde d’aujourd’hui, Life is Strange 2 termine sa cavale avec force et fracas. Digne de ses prédécesseurs, l’ultime épisode se veut plus cinématographique dans le sens où la contemplation est au moins aussi importante que les phases de gameplay. Avec ses dénouements (très) différents, ce cinquième et dernier volet des aventures de Sean et Daniel interpelle par son sens de l’équilibre, oscillant entre des moments de pure légèreté et des séquences résumant les pires maux de l’espèce humaine.
Gianni MolinaroDec 03, 2019
La saison de Life is Strange 2 s'achève de fort belle manière avec Wolves. Pendant environ trois heures, le volet conclusif des aventures de Sean et Daniel nous laisse voir le plus beau et le pire de l'humanité, espérer et nous décourager, et nous met face à une série de choix décisifs. Et peu importe le dénouement, le voyage dans cette Amérique contemporaine qui fait peur autant qu'elle peut émerveiller valait largement le coup.
Valentino CinefraDec 04, 2019
Life is Strange 2 si è chiuso nel migliore dei modi possibili: in primis, per quanto riguarda i tanto amati ed odiati finali che stavolta sono migliori della serie originale, con più sfumature. Ma, soprattutto, tengono conto di ciò che è stato fatto finora, di come il vostro Sean avrà vissuto con il vostro Daniel, e di come i due avranno vissuto la loro vita piena di disavventure. In generale è una serie che rappresenta un palese salto in avanti qualitativo in termini di sceneggiatura e regia.
Tommaso MontagnoliDec 05, 2019
Quella di Sean e Daniel è una storia che tutti dovrebbero ascoltare, proprio perché il suo valore non è soltanto ludico, ma anche politico/sociale, e questo Dontnod lo sa bene; abbiamo apprezzato tutte le novità introdotte in questi cinque capitoli, e nonostante qualche incertezza presente in alcuni di essi, non possiamo che considerare riuscita l'opera nel suo complesso. Non sappiamo ancora se arriverà mai un Life is Strange 3, eppure non ci dispiacerebbe affatto, e mentre aspettiamo, salutiamo i due lupacchiotti, augurandogli il meglio e ringraziandoli per questo indimenticabile viaggio.
Perry RodenrijsJan 24, 2020
Dontnod Entertainment is erin geslaagd een volwassen en meeslepend verhaal neer te zetten die in ieder geval mijn games jaar in 2019 een stuk boeiender heeft gemaakt. Nu alle episodes uit zijn kan ik hem ook aanbevelen aan iedere gamer die houdt van een goed interactief verhaal. Los van de cameo uit deeltje 1 kun je ook gewoon instappen zonder het eerste deel gespeeld te hebben.
Theo WeberDec 13, 2019
Wolves is de afsluiter van Life is Strange 2 en doet dat op een waardige manier. Het begin is weliswaar wat traag, maar dit komt de vertelling alleen maar ten goede. Daarbij voel je in alles dat het einde van de rit nadert voor de heren. Er is niet veel vernieuwing in deze laatste aflevering en daar gaat dit ook niet om. Het gaat om afsluiting en die krijg je. Met een knal, een lach en een traan. Dag Superwolf en Big Brother. Het ga jullie goed.