Left 4 Dead for PC
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Left 4 Dead

Nov 17, 2008

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About this game

Content Rating: Mature


A new and highly virulent strain of the rabies virus emerges and spreads through the human population with frightening speed. The pandemic's victims become grotesquely disfigured widely violent psychopaths, attacking the uninfected on sight. As one of the "lucky" few apparently immune to the sickness, you, unfortunately, are also trapped in a city crawling with thousands of the bloodthirsty Infected. Alone, you're dead. But together with a handful of fellow survivors, you might just fight your way to safety.

System Requirements


  • OS: Windows® 7 32/64-bit / Vista 32/64 / XP
  • Processor: Intel core 2 duo 2.4GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Graphics: Shader model 3.0, NVidia 7600, ATI X1600 or better


  • OS: Windows® 7 32/64-bit / Vista 32/64 / XP
  • Processor: Pentium 4 3.0GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB
  • Graphics: 128 MB, Shader model 2.0, ATI 9600, NVidia 6600 or better
  • Hard Drive: At least 7.5 GB of free space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

Critic Reviews

13 Reviews
Anthony BurchNov 24, 2008
As it stands, Left 4 Dead just happens to be a must-have game with a versus mode cherry on top. The cherry's a little bit sour, sure, and it's still got the pit in it, and it's been cut in half, and sometimes you can't connect with the cherry because you're not allowed to actually pick the cherry yourself but have to instead rely on a half-blind chef who rummages around in a bucket full of week-old cherries before handing you a random one, but hey -- it's still a cherry, and it's on top of an orgasmically awesome sundae.
Chris WattersNov 20, 2008
Between play sessions, you may find yourself craving more maps, but once you're in the game, you'll be so consumed by your quest to survive that you'll likely be grateful for your knowledge of the terrain. It's a tricky proposition for a game to serve up such seemingly meager variety, but Left 4 Dead does so with panache, and gamers will likely be enjoying this recipe for a long time.
Game TrailersNov 26, 2008
Left 4 Dead is a fun game while it lasts, but that’s not long. There’s not much nuance to the combat or weapons, but the realistic enemy behavior gives it a sense of unpredictability. The AI director is mostly successful at scaling the difficulty to the skill of the player, and this is one coop game that actually forces you to cooperate. Some will find it refreshingly straightforward, others will find it repetitive, but everyone will have at least a few hours of fun just trying to survive.

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