Last Year: The Nightmare for PC
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Last Year: The Nightmare

Dec 18, 2018
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Developer: Elastic Games
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Putting the emphasis on team-based strategy and objectives, Last Year: The Nightmare is a 6-player online action game in which five players work together and attempt to escape while fighting back deadly killers controlled by the sixth. Each of the five players pick a survivor and a class, while their rival has three different enemies to choose from, each with a unique style of play, signature weapon and gruesome tactic.

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Critic Reviews

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SythraelJan 10, 2019
Overall, the game was enjoyable and challenging whether you were one of the kids or the psychos. This is definitely a good game to play with friends; but if you don’t have any of those, the quick match option will get you into the action in no time. Enjoy!
Jeff MarchiafavaJan 15, 2019
Every match of Last Year begins with a cutscene of the students poring over a blueprint of their escape, a rudimentary roadmap of the adventure to come. At this point, that feels like the development stage Last Year is currently at. The core gameplay offers moments of undeniable excitement, but without more depth, variety, and some sense of progression, Last Year won’t survive long against the competition.
Steven PetiteDec 29, 2018
Last Year: The Nightmare is a solid take on asymmetric survival horror. The class-based gameplay makes each successful escape feel like a well-earned victory, and the versatility and over-the-top brutality of the killer makes playing as the bad guy wicked fun. Respawning during a match may take away some of the fear of death but prevents a round from feeling like a foregone conclusion until the last, terrifically tense moments.

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