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Kind Words (lo fi chill beats to write to)

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Samuel GuglielmoSep 29, 2019
I absolutely love popping Kind Words open and checking out who needs help and seeing what I can do for them. Plus, getting a few nice messages, while it doesn't really solve my issues, at least makes me feel better. It's nice knowing I'm not the only person who's suffocating in their dreams and some ideas on what I can do to get better. It makes the world a little less scary of a place.
Heather Johnson YuOct 25, 2019
I genuinely did not think I was going to spend 80+ hours on a game that feels like sending good vibes into an echo chamber — the soothing music and calming atmosphere kept me involved long after the novelty of the concept wore off. It’s an absolute delight to play and is now an active part of my daily routine. I can’t thank the dev team enough for creating such a wonderful masterpiece and believing in the inherent good of humanity.
Terris HarnedOct 09, 2019
It’s just as gratifying to send hope as it is to receive it, and perhaps cathartic knowing that others are dealing with troubles the same as you are. It is perhaps a little bit sad that this is a certainly needed resource in our modern world, but I think that Kind Words definitely fills that need. I give it 5 of 5 paper airplanes, and I hope that this bud blooms into a glorious rose.
Claudio CugliandroOct 11, 2019
Nel parlare di Kind Words, per qualcuno che lo sta amando, si ha quasi paura. E se gli altri, “loro”, i troll dei forum e dei social, dovessero scoprirlo, e inondassero questo splendido e dolce spazio con ironia non richiesta, insulti e banalizzazioni del dolore altrui? Ma credo sia proprio in queste riflessioni che scopriamo il vero valore, statico e immutabile, di Kind Words.