Jurassic World: Evolution for PC

Jurassic World: Evolution (PC)

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Jurassic World: Evolution for PC
Content Rating: Teen


The game described herein is set in the universe created for the movie series titles Jurassic Park and Jurassic World. The action of the game takes players to a near future, in which human scientists managed to develop a technology allowing them to recreate the DNA of prehistoric reptiles from the preserved samples and bring them back to life. This has resulted in the creation of the titular Jurassic World – a peculiar zoo, in which the visitors can see the prehistoric reptiles with their own eyes.
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It’s full of the kinds of intricacies you’d hope for in a Jurassic Park game, the fantastic management sim mechanics that Frontier is famed for, lovely little nods and references to the movie series and, honestly, why wouldn’t you want to play a game that lets you drive your own gyrosphere through the legs of a T-Rex? It’s true, life always finds a way, but in Jurassic World Evolution it’s all in your hands - or should that be claws?

Sam Loveridge Jun 11, 2018

Game Revolution


I would have liked for some more scope for experimentation in terms of its enclosure designs — I was hugely disappointed that Jurassic World's SeaWorld-esque attraction wasn't available to create — though there's more than enough here to please those who want to build their own dinosaur theme park and let a Velociraptor loose every now and again. Arguably the best Jurassic Park-themed game to date, and a must-buy for fans of the films.

Paul Tamburro Jun 11, 2018

Game Informer


Jurassic World Evolution is a mixed experience, at times reveling in its fantasy and becoming bogged down in its own systems in others. If you’re a fan of the franchise it’s a fun dip into the prehistoric pool, but the water isn’t deep enough to satisfy a voracious carnivore.

Daniel Tack Jun 12, 2018

Game Skinny


I love building and management games. I have dozens to hundreds of hours in Rollercoaster Tycoon, the old SimCity games, Cities: Skylines, Railway Empire, Banished... Jurassic World: Evolution couldn't even hold my interest. This isn't even a genre-fans or movie-fans only recommendation. The game is just ... underwhelming. And that's unfortunate.

Fox Doucette Jun 12, 2018



Jurassic World Evolution really captures the feeling of the Jurassic Park/World film franchise: it's equally divided between the majesty of seeing well-animated dinosaurs roaming around and fending off corporate bickering. Unfortunately, the game lacks variety in terms of planning out your ideal Jurassic Park, especially in comparison to Frontier's own Planet Coaster.

Mike Williams Jun 27, 2018



If there's one word that could easily describe Jurassic World Evolution, it's "faithful." Taking control of a ranger behind the wheel of a Jeep in the rain and sidling up to a pack of socializing Stegosaurus is as epic as it sounds and is a definite highlight, as is releasing a newly recovered species into your park. Despite the campaign stumbling over itself and losing focus towards the end, Evolution captures the essence of Jurassic Park while being a good park management sim in its own right.

James Swinbanks Jun 21, 2018

PC Gamer


To be honest, as it’s a licensed project rather than one based on Frontier’s own intellectual property, I can’t imagine that situation changing. In its current form there's certainly enough for you to lose entire evenings to, and the dinosaurs themselves are absolutely beautiful. I actively want to look after them. But I'm just not finding the layer which keeps you coming back after that primary experience loses its sheen.

Philippa Warr Jun 11, 2018

Game Zone


Jurassic World Evolution is by no means a bad game, it can be enjoyed, it just can’t be enjoyed for very long. Despite its efforts to try and have a progression system that doesn’t unlock certain features until you go to a new island, there’s not enough to keep the player filled with an urge to want to progress.

Cade Onder Jun 18, 2018

Game Debate


In all, Jurassic World Evolution doesn’t offer a simulation quite deep enough to appeal to the more hardcore management fans. The depth and creativity on offer absolutely pales in comparison to Planet Coaster. But for those in love with the Jurassic Park franchise, it can be an incredible time. Jurassic World Evolution is incredible to look at, bizarrely relaxing, and a true homage to one of the cinematic greats.

Jon Sutton Jun 23, 2018



Jurassic World Evolution is a simply gorgeous and robust game. This multilayered gameplay experience takes place in a beautifully crafted world with lush terrain, changing weather patterns, and an incredible amount of control. Even the musical score awakens that sense of wonder and the gravity of what you are doing - you get to run Jurassic World!

Damien Gula Jun 11, 2018



Besides the fact that there’s absolutely no evolution involved in it, Jurassic World: Evolution is a bad game because it’s just a bore of a park sim. Sure, the dinosaurs look nice enough, but the process of unlocking new species is beyond tedious and actually running the business is shallow and quickly gets stale. It beats getting mauled by raptors, but after careful consideration, I’ve decided not to endorse this park.

Dan Stapleton Jun 11, 2018

Game Watcher


Jurassic World: Evolution may not have all the options most management gamers would expect, but it makes up for it with the best dinosaurs of any game. It’s missing quite a lot of features that have been standard in sim games since Theme Park, such as staff and guest interaction and park customisation options.

Chris J Capel Jun 11, 2018



Business management games don’t come much cooler than Jurassic World Evolution, and as subject matter goes it has done the the franchise proud. The dinosaurs look fantastic, the park building is easy and coherent, and the ensuing chaos when it goes a little bit off the rails can be frantic and enthralling.

Dominic Leighton Jun 11, 2018

3D Juegos


Pero, teniendo en cuenta que seguramente muchas de ellas se acabarán implementando, y que en su estado actual es un juego mucho más que entretenido; lo nuevo de Frontier Developments puede resultar una opción muy interesante para los fans de los videojuegos de gestión ligera en general y de los dinosaurios en particular. Sólo queda ver cómo progresa.

Álvaro Castellano Jun 19, 2018



Jurassic World Evolution nos pone al frente de inGen para que gestionemos todo lo relacionado con la creación de dinosaurios y un parque de atracciones. Frontier Developments muestra que sigue estando en forma en el terreno de los simuladores y nos trae un juego sólido que hará las delicias de los amantes del género.

Carlos G. Gurpegui Jun 11, 2018



Jurassic World Evolution es un juego de estrategia y gestión con mucho potencial y grandes valores de producción que se ha quedado demasiado limitado en lo jugable. Acierta de pleno al convertir a los dinosaurios en las grandes estrellas de la función, pero fracasa a la hora de hacer realmente divertida la construcción, gestión y resolución de problemas de nuestro parque, impidiéndole llegar más lejos.

Carlos Leiva Jun 20, 2018



El contar con el control directo del jeep y el helicóptero nos permitirá salir de la típica visión cenital. Con ello podremos recorrer el parque libremente además de disparar dardos con medicina y tranquilizantes, tomar fotografías de las criaturas y recogerlas tras calmarlas para regresarlas de nuevo a sus cercados.

PaulaCroft Jun 18, 2018



Die Ankündigung von Jurassic World Evolution vor einem Jahr hatte bei mir schon fast Begeisterungsstürme ausgelöst, denn es gab die Aussicht, endlich wieder einen eigenen Dinosaurier-Themenpark aufbauen zu können - und das mit beachtlicher Grafik sowie der Planet-Coaster-Expertise von Frontier Developments.

Marcel Kleffmann Jun 19, 2018



Stimmt schon, der eigentliche Management-Teil von Jurassic World Evolution ist im Vergleich zu anderen Aufbauspielen ganz schön dünn. Aber ich spiele das Ding ja nicht wegen Pommesbuden und Toilettenhäuschen, sondern eben wegen der Dinos. Und die halten mich auch ohne Micromanagement-Ballast schon ordentlich auf Trab.

Martin Deppe Jun 11, 2018

Game Kult


Avec sa tronche de premier de la classe et un premier contact des plus réjouissants, Jurassic World Evolution est certainement le jeu le plus abouti de la série sur le plan technique. Il reprend les bases solides de son aîné Operation Genesis avec une cinquantaine de bestioles différentes, qu'on prend plaisir à découvrir et trafiquer génétiquement avant de les voir ravager notre parc en l'espace de quelques minutes.

Noddus Jun 12, 2018



Pas parfaite pour autant, l’expérience pâtit de quelques lacunes, comme la durée de vie quasiment absurde des dinosaures, qui meurent de vieillesse au bout de deux heures de jeu. Ou encore l’absence totale de dinosaures aquatiques ou aériens, alors même qu’ils tiennent une place relativement importante dans les films de la licence et dans l’imaginaire collectif. D’ici à ce qu’on nous les serve dans un contenu téléchargeable payant...

Fabien Pellegrini Jun 18, 2018



Si l'on regrettera une construction pas très permissive, quelques pépins d'interface ou encore une économie un peu trop généreuse, le titre de Frontier, en plus d'être très rafraîchissant et agréable à l'oeil, offre des mécaniques de jeu équilibrées et cohérentes, qui demandent parfois du doigté pour être parfaitement maîtrisées. Pas exactement le jeu de gestion le plus complexe de ces dernières années, mais assurément l'un des plus fun et agréables.

[87] Jun 11, 2018



Jurassic World Evolution représente la concrétisation d'un rêve d'enfant pour tout fan de Jurassic Park : pouvoir faire prendre vie aux rêves de John Hammond. Véritable madeleine de Proust, c'est un délice audio et visuel qu'il est difficile de bouder. Ode au livre et à la série de films, le jeu est pour l'heure bourré qualités, mais tire clairement le frein à main pour le lancement, histoire de se laisser une marge de progression pour la suite...

Camille Allard Jun 19, 2018



Jurassic World Evolution apanha o comboio da chegada de Mundo Jurássico: Reino Caído, e mantém-se fiel ao mundo criado no clássico Parque Jurássico. Se fores fã da franquia, tiveres um gosto particular por dinossauros e não fores um veterano de jogos de gestão, vais desfrutar de várias horas de diversão e entretenimento, mas os jogadores mais experimentados do género vão notar a falta de complexidade e alguma pobreza na forma como o jogo funciona em termos económicos.

Abílio Rodrigues Jul 19, 2018

Spazio Games


Jurassic World Evolution è la cosa più vicina alla materializzazione dei sogni di qualsiasi amante della serie ideata da Michael Crichton e poi trasposta sul grande schermo da Steven Spielberg: il titolo di Frontier Developments è un vero tributo a tutto quanto è apparso sui romanzi e sulle pellicole, nulla è stato lasciato al caso e dar forma al proprio giurassico parco dei divertimenti, equivale a sfogliare una immensa enciclopedia sull’opera.

Daniele Spelta Jun 17, 2018



Jurassic World Evolution è un gestionale ambiguo che si concentra completamente sull'elemento più folkloristico della serie Jurassic Park, ossia i dinosauri, abbozzando tutto il resto. Tanto per dire, il vecchio Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis era molto più profondo dal punto di vista gestionale, nonostante fosse anch'esso limitato rispetto ad alcuni concorrenti.

Simone Tagliaferri Jun 18, 2018



Короче говоря, Jurassic World: Evolution — это натурально «приложение к билету в кино» из середины нулевых, когда каждый второй блокбастер получал игру-сопровождение. К чести Frontier игра получилась не настолько уж кривой и косой, поэтому способна доставить удовольствие как минимум любителям динозавров — по крайней мере, пару десятков часов вы точно просидите перед экраном.

Алексей Егоров Jul 06, 2018



Jurassic World Evolution is een amusementspark simulator die zelfs evolutietheorie-afwijzende mensen nog vermaak brengt. De game is positief chaotisch en uitdagend, maar houdt spelers tegelijkertijd genoeg aan het handje om ook de mindere managementgetalenteerde spelers de boel draaiende te laten houden. Dit onder het genot van een prachtig aanzicht.

Jimmy Kemkes Jun 13, 2018



Ekipie Frontier Developments udało się stworzyć bardzo sympatyczną grę ekonomiczną na bazie znanej marki. Jako że w świecie wirtualnej rozrywki licencjonowane projekty rzadko odnoszą sukces, tym większe brawa należą się brytyjskiemu studiu. Jurassic World Evolution to ciekawa, klimatyczna i stawiająca gracza w obliczu ciekawych wyzwań produkcja.

Michał medic Wasiak Jun 19, 2018