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TJ DenzerSep 05, 2020
Overall, Iron Harvest presents a fascinating alternate reality of which I’d like to see more. The war is intense, the maps are rather pretty, and the units are an escalating maelstrom of steel and steam from which delightfully concepted war machines come into play. The battles are intense and the deployment of armaments can make one feel giddy in the rush of it as bullets and shells fly and explode.
Chris WrayAug 31, 2020
Iron Harvest could be best described as Company of Heroes with Mechs. That's high enough praise in itself and Iron Harvest lives up to it. Featuring great RTS combat across an extensive and engaging, campaign, skirmish levels, challenges, and multiplayer, you'll have a lot to bite into and enjoy. It's well balanced and at a pace which rewards tactical thinking over simple fast gameplay.
Martynas KlimasAug 31, 2020
Iron Harvest is one of the few RTS titles to take after Company of Heroes, and it does so in a unique way. Maybe some of it is due to budgetary constraints, or maybe those were conscious decisions to get the right gameplay that the developers wanted. Either way, the game is fun and good in a way the forsaken sequel to Company of Heroes never was.
Mark SteighnerSep 23, 2020
Iron Harvest shines the brightest when it focuses on its imaginative alternative history milieu, incredibly well-designed robots, and even its story, which is much more engaging than simply being a premise to get the mechs on the battlefield. One could complain that it doesn’t go far enough in changing the mechanics of the genre, but it isn’t like gamers are inundated with Company of Heroes-like titles.
Otto KratkySep 01, 2020
Iron Harvest doesn’t feel like an RTS for seasoned players of the genre. Much like its mechs, some parts of it feel clunky. But past its rusted exterior, inside Iron Harvest is a fun and entertaining time sink. It’s one of the few titles I’ve played this year where I can totally get lost in a match.
Alex VerdiniSep 01, 2020
Strategy games are alive and well, and as Iron Harvest proves, a fantastic vessel for storytelling at a grand level. Feature-rich for a launch title is not a common sight these days, but Iron Harvest delivers in a big way in this real-time hit.
Andrew PenneySep 01, 2020
Although I prefer more responsiveness, quicker movement, and greater control than the new RTS has to offer – Iron Harvest strongly delivers in its own way. It’s an absolute must-buy for fans of Company of Heroes or steam-punk aesthetic lovers. Even if you’re just a moderate fan of RTS games, Iron Harvest is a tough experience to pass up.
Anna BlackwellSep 07, 2020
A decent RTS that takes the core feeling of Company of Heroes and improves it with mechs and modern graphics. And while the quick match function may sometimes throw you to the much higher level wolves, there’s enough in here to scratch that strategy itch and plenty of (blech) encouragement to play frequently. Now all we need are those promised deathmatch maps and co-op modes and that'll round things off quite nicely.
Chris BowmanSep 22, 2020
Overall, Iron Harvest 1920 is a solid title to buy and play. It is available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 right now for $49.99 USD. It gives you the story of a role-playing game with the fun factor of a AAA RTS title. Once you get past the length of the first few missions and into the meat of the story you will see just how big it can get.
Jake HillsSep 21, 2020
By borrowing solid mechanics from the best of the genre, Iron Harvest has the makings of a pretty good RTS. What pushes it across the finish line is a well-realized setting, a wonderful aesthetic, and a solid grounding in what sort of story it wants to tell. I personally wish it could have had more fun with the world, but that’s just me.
Delano CuzzucoliAug 31, 2020
Iron Harvest 1920+ is a gorgeous-looking RTS that harkens back to the classics while bringing its own unique brand of destruction. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel, and the slower style of gameplay definitely won’t appeal to everybody, though real-time strategy fans looking for their next fix should seriously look into trying it out, especially if they happen to have some buddies they can rope into playing against them, or with them if you prefer.
Liv HarrisSep 17, 2020
While the game is certainly not perfect, for the developers’ second attempt at an RTS, Iron Harvest has a lot of potential. Once the multiplayer, competitive, and co-op features are added, Iron Harvest is sure to become a staple of the RTS genre.
Maxim Klose-IvanovAug 31, 2020
Iron Harvest feels like a really professional minor overhaul mod for the Company of Heroes series with so much potential squandered by the developers seemingly wanting to stick too much to the tried and true formula of Relic’s strategy series without innovating or pushing their incredible concepts forward, such as the mechs. Iron Harvest is definitely not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination.
Rick LaneAug 31, 2020
I'm not saying Iron Harvest should be Starcraft. I don't expect a diesel-powered WW1 era mech to move like a gazelle. But it would benefit from making everything resolve a little quicker, reducing the downtime of collecting resources on the map and manoeuvring mechs into position. All that said, Iron Harvest is still a spectacular and rock-solid RTS—a worthy spiritual successor to one of the best RTS games ever made.
Jordan BaranowskiAug 31, 2020
If you're looking for a strong, single-player RTS with a unique world to explore, Iron Harvest is a perfect option. The world is well-realized, and the mechs offer a sense of style that sometimes get lost in historical strategy games. A train car on legs firing huge artillery shells is a little more memorable than a different-colored tank.
Johnathan IrwinSep 24, 2020
Do I think Iron Harvest has the makings of legends? Not exactly. But I do think it offers a unique enough flavor for anyone looking to sate their RTS appetite will find a good offering here. You won’t see it headlining any major esports events, but not every game needs to be the next big thing to be worth it. Sometimes just being different and relatively well made makes it worth checking out.
Robert GammonSep 04, 2020
Iron Harvest isn’t perfect, but it is an engaging journey into a new world that’s fun to explore. The factions are crazy and their units even crazier, yet the threat of death still feels very real. It’s a shame some of the functionalities of playing let the game down, and its lack of tactical options do hold it back. However, I still found myself having a great time; its mechanics aren’t perfect, but its world is a joy to get lost in.
Blake HawthornOct 10, 2020
All the game’s factions and troops are equally balanced and battles are never a one-sided affair, however, the early game plays very slow. Whilst in my opinion this isn’t a bad thing as it allows for strategies and tactics before trying to annihilate the enemy forces, nonetheless, if you prefer fast-paced real-time strategy games you probably won’t enjoy this game as it is a slow-paced title.
Kim OlsenSep 01, 2020
Overall, King Art has provided rock-solid gameplay, despite its lack of experience with the genre, and it's evident from start to finish, that Rozalski's universe has been brought to life with care. It plays great, sounds great, and even looks decent at times, as long as you are willing to put up with some growing pains.
Anna BlackwellSep 29, 2020
A pretty decent start to Iron Harvest's RTS journey. Lacking some much needed additional content and the campaign could be better, but there's a solid foundation here.
Robert HonakerAug 31, 2020
I haven’t enjoyed an RTS game this much since Company of Heroes 2. Forget the comparisons and enjoy Iron Harvest for what it is: a squad-focused, narrative-driven, old-school real-time strategy game. If you enjoy your RTS games with a strong single-player element and a multiplayer scene that is seemingly well balanced and competitive, then there’s a lot to like here.
Nic ReubenSep 01, 2020
Iron Harvest’s incredible presentation and scrappy, dynamic battles can’t always save it from uneven mechanical depth and arbitrary-feeling limitations. A celebration of the some classic RTS, but not an evolution of it.
Lane MartinSep 23, 2020
I genuinely like Iron Harvest, but it’s hard not to think about the game that it could have been. What is here is plenty fun, but, unless future support really changes things up or improves the dim-witted AI, I worry that these lovely murder machines might sit on the sidelines to gather even more rust.
Kosta AndreadisSep 04, 2020
What we’re presented with throughout the campaign and as a whole though is as they say, rough around the edges. A scrappy mech with inconsistent and sometimes unpredictable movement. Perhaps the machine of choice for a squad of Polanian fighters looking to take back a village or two from the overwhelming size of the Rusviet army but not something you’d want for a full-scale invasion.
Carlos GallegoSep 08, 2020
Iron Harvest 1920+ es una experiencia sorprendente, divertido y trepidante. Su acción directa y fijar su punto de mira en satisfacer al jugador es su mayor acierto. Las horas se pasan volando construyendo y manejando a sus preciosas máquinas de guerra. Solo falta ver cómo funciona el juego en la escena competitiva, pero su trasfondo, y el planteamiento de KING Art Games de seguir dotándolo de contenido, son buenos puntos de partida.
Saúl GonzálezSep 02, 2020
Si observamos este título a nivel técnico, nos encontramos con un juego humilde en la mayoría de los aspectos, con un apartado gráfico discreto en el que destacan la destrucción de edificios en los distintos mapas y las animaciones de los imponentes robots que encontramos en el campo de batalla. Eso sí, no hemos tenido ni un solo problema al ejecutar el título a 4K y al máximo, aunque tampoco lo esperábamos.
Martin DeppeAug 31, 2020
Iron Harvest bringt viele Elemente zusammen, die wie für mich gemacht sind: Eine alternative Zeitlinie, die in sich glaubwürdig, also nicht zu abgedreht ist. Stark animierte Mechs, die nicht so übermächtig wie ihre hochtechnisierten Battlemech-Kollegen auftreten, sondern mit teils aberwitzigen Konstruktionen und Waffen perfekt ins Setting passen.
Marcel KleffmannSep 07, 2020
Mit Iron Harvest gibt es nach langer Durchstrecke endlich wieder gute Echtzeit-Strategie - dank des hervorragenden 1920+-Szenarios, einer vorbildlichen Story-Kampagne mit leichten Abstrichen und guten Missionen. An den Infanterie-Gefechten hatte ich nicht so viel Freude, u.a. wegen der mauen Standard-Truppen und dem nicht immer treffsicheren Deckungssystem.
Fabien PellegriniSep 07, 2020
D'une manière générale, la fluidité est d'ailleurs plutôt bonne, et les graphismes sont de très bonne facture pour un jeu de stratégie en temps réel. Evidemment, si on les compare à celles d'un TPS AAA, les scènes cinématiques peuvent paraître un poil trop limitées ou rigides. Mais pour un RTS, qui doit composer avec des modèles faits pour être observés de loin, il n'y a vraiment pas matière à se plaindre.
Luca OlivatoSep 01, 2020
Iron Harvest, pur avendo delle basi tecniche e artistiche molto interessanti, si presenta come titolo in fase di crescita. L'eventuale acquisto va fatto con la consapevolezza che, attualmente, la campagna per giocatore singolo è la modalità di gioco principale: è longeva, presenta delle situazioni originali e maschera certe limitazioni che devono ancora essere superate.
Daniele D'OreficeAug 31, 2020
I punti di forza di Iron Harvest sono il suo stile e il suo immaginario. Sono i paesaggi naturali dilaniati dalla guerra e le città percorse da grosse automacchine rombanti, aspetti che raccontano il lato più distruttivo dell’ingegno umano. Il gioco di King Art Games è poi anche un buon RTS, forse troppo conservativo e aderente alla “scuola di Relic”, tanto che sembra abbia davvero poco di suo da comunicare.
Daniele SpeltaAug 31, 2020
Iron Harvest non rivoluzionerà il genere degli strategici in tempo reale, ma poggia su basi ben solide e soprattutto può far sfoggio di un universo ancora poco esplorato e decisamente interessante, che speriamo verrà sfruttato con più frequenza da qui in avanti. La campagna in single-player gode di una buona longevità ed è ben scritta, anche se non manca qualche passo falso nelle numerose missioni.
Marco BortoluzziAug 31, 2020
Iron Harvest 1920+ è un titolo che non manca di potenziale. Il contenuto singleplayer è ampio, con tre campagne della durata di qualche ora ciascuna, più varie sfide che, se volete davvero guadagnarvi quella medaglia di platino, vi terranno impegnati a lungo. Dove però deve ancora dimostrare il suo valore è il comparto multiplayer, che presenta poche mappe e un gameplay non pulitissimo. Nulla che non possa essere sistemato con il tempo, in ogni caso.
Денис КнязевSep 03, 2020
Iron Harvest — все еще не самая дорогая стратегия на свете, и со StarCraft 2 или той же Dawn of War 3 ей не потягаться хотя бы в количестве деталей в кадре, однако игра и впрямь выглядит неплохо. И круто, что разработчики не поленились сделать частичную разрушаемость зданий — в игре, где есть огромные крушащие все роботы, это важно.
Reinoud SchaatsbergenSep 28, 2020
Iron Harvest zet een sterke RTS neer die vooral sferisch de juiste toon raakt. De campagnemissies zijn weliswaar traag, maar leveren voldoende variatie in zowel gameplay als verhaal om je erdoorheen te loodsen. Zelfs de skirmish-modus heeft een bepaalde aantrekkingskracht, ondanks het gebrek aan diversiteit in opties en speelstijl.
uniSep 14, 2020
Iron Harvest zaujme svojím umiestnením v alternatívnej minulosti, kde pochodujú ťažkí mechovia a vo vojne zohrávajú úlohu Teslove vynálezy. Nebude však z toho hit. Hra sa síce inšpiruje značkou Company of Heroes, ale nedosahuje jej kvality. Navyše neprináša do žánru nič nové. A keď k tomu pripočítame technické problémy, občas nefunkčné herné prvky a slabšiu umelú inteligenciu, vykryštalizuje sa z toho zľahka nadpriemerná RTS, ktorá však rýchlo upadne do zabudnutia.