Iron Harvest for PC
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Iron Harvest

Aug 31, 2020
2320th of 26789

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Developer: KING Art Games


After World War 1 farmers found a plethora of unexploded ordnance, barbed wire, weapons, shrapnel and bullets while ploughing their fields. They called it the Iron Harvest.

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Rick LaneAug 31, 2020
I'm not saying Iron Harvest should be Starcraft. I don't expect a diesel-powered WW1 era mech to move like a gazelle. But it would benefit from making everything resolve a little quicker, reducing the downtime of collecting resources on the map and manoeuvring mechs into position. All that said, Iron Harvest is still a spectacular and rock-solid RTS—a worthy spiritual successor to one of the best RTS games ever made.
Jake HillsSep 21, 2020
By borrowing solid mechanics from the best of the genre, Iron Harvest has the makings of a pretty good RTS. What pushes it across the finish line is a well-realized setting, a wonderful aesthetic, and a solid grounding in what sort of story it wants to tell. I personally wish it could have had more fun with the world, but that’s just me.
Andrew PenneySep 01, 2020
Although I prefer more responsiveness, quicker movement, and greater control than the new RTS has to offer – Iron Harvest strongly delivers in its own way. It’s an absolute must-buy for fans of Company of Heroes or steam-punk aesthetic lovers. Even if you’re just a moderate fan of RTS games, Iron Harvest is a tough experience to pass up.

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