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Into the Breach

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Spencer RutledgeMar 18, 2018
Into the Breach is one of those gems that will be talked about for the rest of 2018; a game that will come up in game of the year discussions and beyond, because it’s just that good. It came out of nowhere, making waves in all the right ways. Into the Breach shows that strategy games don’t need to do anything new because they can create some of the most memorable gaming experiences to be had if done correctly. Into the Breach is a game that is being played even when away from the computer, because it can’t help but fill the mind with possibility.
Will BorgerMay 02, 2018
Excellent art and music. String emphasis on strategy and player choice. Mechanics are easy to learn and hard to master. Adaptable difficulty. Being able to keep one pilot is a nice touch. Strong characters and worldbuilding. Lots of mechs to unlock and customize. Strong art and music combine with excellent mechanics and an emphasis on strategy and players choice to create one of the best strategy games in years.
William MurphyJan 05, 2018
It doesn’t take overly long to beat once you get the hang of how the combat works, but the replay value is generally very high. In the future, hopefully, Subset Games will add more maps, more creatures, mechs, and the like to keep the game feeling fresh for months to come. Even without that, Into the Breach is something every strategy fan should try.
Edmond TranFeb 26, 2018
Into The Breach is a pristine and pragmatic tactical gem with dynamic conflicts that will inspire you to jump back in again, and again, and again.
Brittany VincentMar 11, 2018
Into the Breach is an excellent game for those who like their strategy games in short bursts. Each mission only takes a few minutes to complete, and the whole game can be taken in bite-sized quantities. Unfortunately, I don't think it's quite on the level of FTL in originality or execution.
Ty ArthurFeb 28, 2018
There's some major thrill to be had when pulling off a crazy combo, getting all the units into just the right places, and some unexpected moments of elation when you accidentally put someone into position for the perfect attack or movement. Simply put, Into The Breach is addictive and has plenty of strategy without being frustrating, making it the best of all worlds.
Jason FaulknerMar 11, 2018
I enjoyed my time with Into the Breach, and it's a great game to pick up and play for a few minutes at a time. I hope that it finds its way to mobile devices or the Nintendo Switch because it would be perfect for playing on the go. Each map only takes a few turns, and even when you lose its quick and easy to get back into the fray.
Rosh KellyMar 07, 2018
Into The Breach blends turn-based strategy and puzzles games on such a tiny, yet perfect scale that it has raised the bar for both genres at the same time.
Patrick HancockMar 08, 2018
Into the Breach is a mechanically perfect game that is surrounded by mediocre design decisions. I absolutely adore the tactics-style gameplay and how simplistically the game can convey so much information. But with the only run variance being the three pilotable mechs and the potential upgrades, things just start to feel "same-y" after not too long. For those, like myself, who can easily fall in love with intelligently designed mechanics, there is a lot to love about Into the Breach, but it's not as well-rounded as it could be.
Dan StapletonFeb 26, 2018
The wide variety of mech and pilot abilities make Into The Breach’s tactical combat deep, satisfying, and replayable. Every turn creates a new complex puzzle, and though sometimes there’s no perfect solution, finding the best way to minimize damage creates frequent eureka moments as you learn to make the most of the abilities you’re given to work with. It’s a small-looking tactics game that’s kept me playing more intently than most big ones.
Matt MillerFeb 26, 2018
Into the Breach demands concentration and lateral thinking, and some players may balk at the painful sacrifices that become necessary at higher difficulties, and how they arise from random factors of unit placement. Others may struggle at the necessity of such deliberate planning on each turn. But those are less faults of the game, and more variations in player taste.
Alex WiltshireFeb 27, 2018
For those who loved FTL for its thoughtful and clever design, it’s all here, too. But Into the Breach is a much tighter, more focused game. While there are plenty of weapons to experiment with, pilots with differing abilities to unlock, and level gimmicks to get your head around, you’ll have a very good idea of its breadth in your first run. For some, Into the Breach might lack a sense of mystery and expansiveness, but for me, it’s more than enough to fuel a hundred hours or more of the most consistently rewarding tactics I’ve played in many years.
A. R. TeschnerMar 07, 2018
If the above sounds at all intriguing, you should take the plunge, even if the lack of a large, ever-building campaign discourages you. There are so many ways to tackle each game, so many tactical options and choices, that it manages to remain a fun toy to play with whether or not you're interested in hunting for unlocks or just like the clash of huge robots and giant insects. The weight of all the individual elements of Into The Breach makes for a tremendous potential for variations. Beating the game is hardly the end.
Simon BrownMar 14, 2018
The difficulty curve might be a little punishing but it at no point feels unfair. The game also has wonderful pixel-art visuals and a fun sci-fi aesthetic. if you enjoy turn-based strategy there is little reason to not give this a look. It’ll eat a lot of your time.
Rex HindrichsMar 10, 2018
Into the Breach is as much a puzzle and chess match as a tactics game. Its challenges can leave you scratching your head and debating your every move for ages, but the moment you find the solution to a seemingly impossible predicament is elating. Its simple appearance hides immense depth and value. Tight, lean, and expertly crafted, rarely is so much accomplished with so little. It's an easy recommendation for any fan of strategy or brain teasers and worth every penny.
Ric CowleyAug 29, 2018
The strategy mechanics are absolutely sublime, and the shift from outright victory being your objective to simply scraping by will have you scratching your head and questioning every decision. It can be tough going at times, both mentally and due to its high difficulty, but if you invest some time and energy into the game, you're going to get a lot out of it.
GameCentralFeb 28, 2018
No matter how you manage it, Into The Breach is something everyone should experience. Its spartan interface and ruleset gets the maximum amount of gameplay depth out of the very minimum of inputs, creating a strategy game where ‘one more go’ is uttered with such insincere frequency that you’ll wish you really did have time travel powers – just so you can fit in a few more games.
Gary BaileyMar 09, 2018
Into the Breach is something special. Okay, that’s already obvious from the first paragraph of this review, but it bears repeating. Its gorgeous, almost-cute pixel art belies a combat system that packs one hell of a punch, and its simple, turn-based action hides a depth that even the most sophisticated strategy games rarely offer. Uncovering all these hidden joys will reward you with one of the best games of the year; possibly one of the best strategy games ever made, quite frankly. Certainly the most fun one.
Chris BrownMar 02, 2018
The strategic options available in Into the Breach only really became apparent to me after my fourth death, but once I learned to approach its puzzles in a new way, I was completely and utterly captivated. It is nothing short of genius, and demonstrates just how well Subset understands the turn-based genre, and its audience. Into the Breach might just be the most elegantly designed game I have ever played. I adore it.
Alejandro PascualFeb 28, 2018
Into the Breach es un juego muy bien pensado y muy bien planteado. Estrategia rápida, pero que te estruja el cerebro a base de plantear todas las posibilidades de cada una de tus acciones. Parece algo menos profundo que su anterior trabajo y en algunas ocasiones, perder parece algo inevitable, pero la diversión que logra es sólo equiparable a la adicción que produce.
Carlos LeivaMar 05, 2018
Into the Breach es un juegazo que con un precio de apenas 15 euros de salida sabe ofrecer horas y horas de pura diversión con su desafiante y satisfactoria propuesta. Tiene personalidad, todos sus elementos funcionan a la perfección y su genial mezcla entre estrategia por turnos y puzles es puro vicio, por no hablar de la sensación de satisfacción tan plena con la que recompensa al jugador por un trabajo bien hecho tras numerosas y amargas derrotas. Sin duda, todo un imprescindible y una de las grandes sorpresas del año.
Carlos G. GurpeguiMar 05, 2018
Into the Breach es un juego de estrategia muy accesible que te muestra sus cartas nada más comenzar. Sabes en todo momento lo que sucede, qué hace cada unidad y cada ataque y qué sucederá en el próximo turno... está en tu mano aprender a moverte por su mundo. Aunque no perdona ningún error siempre te da un nuevo motivo para montarte de nuevo en el mecha y combatir a los Veks.
Jose Luis Lopez de GarayoFeb 28, 2018
Se conforma con la excelencia en el diseño y es mejor juego por ello. Subset Games ha conseguido traducir la perfección de juegos de mesa legendarios como el ajedrez o Go al terreno virtual, han convertido el género de la estrategia por turnos en algo que se puede consumir a bocados y en el proceso han creado uno de los mejores juegos del año y un clásico instantáneo.
Daniel Ziegener Feb 27, 2018
Motivierendes Rundenstrategie-Roguelike mit taktischem Tiefgang, das trotz schlichter Grafik in jeder einzelnen Runde spannend bleibt.
Jörg LuiblMar 01, 2018
Es entsteht nicht nur komprimierte Spannung, sondern auch langfristige Motivation aufgrund der vielen Aufrüst- und Freischaltoptionen. Hinzu kommt ein überaus stimmungsvolles minimalistisches Artdesign sowie ein klasse Chiptunes-Coundtrack. Das kleine Team von Subset Games gehört spätestens mit diesem Geniestreich zu den ganz Großen des Spieldesigns.
GautozAug 29, 2018
De loin, difficile d'imaginer que ses petits affrontements sur soixante-quatre cases puissent à ce point renouveler l'envie, souffler le frais et générer autant d'émotions différentes. Pourtant, j'ai près de cinquante heures cumulées sur les différentes versions du jeu et si je pouvais bâcler cette conclusion pour y retourner plus vite, je n'hésiterais pas une seule seconde. Je viens même de le faire.
[87]Mar 03, 2018
Difficile de retranscrire le plaisir tactique ressenti lors des différentes sessions de Into the Breach. Subset Games est parvenu à accoucher d'un titre qui sait se faire plus malin que son concept, simple en apparence, mais qui renferme une profondeur tactique admirable. Difficile, prenant, intelligent, Into the Breach n'est certes pas exempt de menus défauts et sa longévité ne dépendra que de votre envie ou non de tout découvrir, tout voir.
Camille AllardMar 08, 2018
Into the Breach fait partie de cette race de jeux que l'on peut qualifier de "pépites". Intensément tactique, d'aspect simple mais d'une profondeur presque insondable, le dernier titre de Subset Games vous réserve bien des surprises. Jouissif du début à la fin, le bonheur tactique est en plus à portée de main pour une quinzaine d'euros sur Steam et GOG. Durant les parties, on a vraiment l'impression d'assister à une petite partie d'échecs, sauf qu'en lieu et place de rois, reines et autres cavaliers, on enchaîne les bourres-pifs de gros mécha contre des aliens boostés aux hormones de croissance.
Gianluca ArenaMar 08, 2018
Owlboy, Night in the woods, Iconoclasts, e ora Into the breach: il bello di questo lavoro è che, accanto alle produzioni multimilionarie, che alzano l'asticella dell'intera industria, ci sono queste brillanti gemme indipendenti, capaci di calamitare la nostra attenzione per ore a fronte di una spesa modica. L'ultima fatica di Subset Games è uno degli strategici a turni migliori che abbiamo giocato negli ultimi anni, un prodotto tanto semplice quanto efficace, dotato di un gameplay che funziona come un orologio svizzero e di una colonna sonora di altissimo livello.
Aligi ComandiniMar 04, 2018
Into the Breach è droga pura, uno strategico dove al giocatore vengono date tutte le informazioni necessarie e le battaglie si svolgono in mappe minute, ma ogni errore si paga carissimo, i calcoli devono essere sempre perfetti, e nulla viene lasciato al caso nonostante la formula procedurale. Incredibile come i Subset Games siano riusciti ad inserire in un sistema così intuitivo e concentrato un numero spaventoso di possibilità, sinergie tra unità e strategie applicabili.
Damaso ScibettaMar 05, 2018
Into the Breach si è rivelato una bella sorpresa. Uno strategico che, prendendo le distanze dall'eccessiva natura casuale di Faster Than Light, è stato capace di costruire un gameplay focalizzato sulla crescita dell'abilità tattica del giocatore, più che sul potenziamento dei soldati in gioco. Questo crea una struttura di gioco particolarmente tattica e ben fatta, rovinata soltanto in parte da qualche problema di bilanciamento principalmente fuori dalle missioni.
Сергей ЦилюрикMar 08, 2018
Into the Breach — это великолепная тактика, в которой нет ничего лишнего, а то, что есть, выполнено блистательно. Она стоит сущие копейки, и если у вас в принципе есть интерес к этому жанру, не проходите мимо. Уже сейчас можно сказать, что Into the Breach наравне с Celeste будет претендовать на звание одной из лучших (инди-)игр этого года.
Константин ГоворунMar 10, 2018
Красивый научно-фантастический кёрлинг с монстрами, мобильными доспехами и пиксельной графикой.
Adam ZechenterFeb 27, 2018
Nie znam chyba gry (poza szachami), do której bardziej pasowałaby formuła „easy to learn, hard to master”. Niskie wymagania sprzętowe Into the Breach i szybkie rozgrywki to atuty, dzięki którym gra zagości na dłużej na moim laptopie. Nie wiem, czy tytuł pobije sukces FTL-a, który był moim hitem w podróżach przez kilka lat, ale po paru dniach dostrzegam u siebie syndrom „jeszcze tylko jednej mapki”.Mariusz Klamra