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Daniel NewJul 13, 2016
The shadow of Limbo is felt strongly though, and perhaps Inside never quite escapes its influence, but nonetheless the game remains a towering achievement. It’s The Empire Strikes Back to Limbo’s A New Hope, and it’s the type of game Playdead could feel absolutely confident of releasing without an ounce of promotion. Its quality speaks for itself, and – as you venture deep inside – it certainly speaks to the player, too.
Tom ChickAug 01, 2016
But Inside can’t resist padding its story with what passes for gameplay. Whatever the case, Inside is a provocatively outside-the-box story in a disappointingly inside-the-box game.
Ryan McCaffreyJun 28, 2018
Inside very clearly builds upon what made Limbo great, and in fact builds something greater. Its unimaginable twist may leave you dumbfounded, confused, and quite possibly speechless, but it will fuel heated discussion with your friends about its meaning, its message, and its intentions. It’s a short ride, but one I felt compelled to take again – including a search for its mysterious hidden orb collectibles. Play it soon before anyone spoils a single big moment for you.
Stuart ThomasJul 18, 2016
It's remarkable how effective a game PlayDead have created from a few static backgrounds and a bunch of playforms and ladders. I suppose it goes to show that games as art are as good as the emotional investments of the designers. Good for you, PlayDead. I'll be interested to see where you go next.
Chris WrayJul 12, 2016
Inside has a foreboding atmosphere that's second to none, set by the masterful use of lighting, shadows, colors and sound. Although padded at parts (even for a four hour game), it's still able to keep you gripped. The puzzles are somewhat basic for the most part and the ending of the game is one of the worst I've ever encountered, simply not fitting in with the rest of it.
Ken McKownJul 11, 2016
INSIDE is a fantastic experience. The puzzles are a bit rudimentary at times and the story is almost too outlandish and confusing to describe. It is almost impossible to discuss the game without talking about what makes it special. Do yourself a favor, play this game, I guarantee immediately upon finishing it, you will want to talk to someone, if for nothing else but to just see their face and say “WTF just happened.” Yes it is one of those games.
Will BorgerJul 09, 2016
Instilled with a pervading sense of disquiet and a knack for the disturbing, Inside is a memorable, beautifully realized puzzle-platformer. The game’s middle drags as it leans too heavily on puzzles, and the game’s short length and ending will no doubt put some off, but some strong puzzle and world design and an engrossing, murky narrative makes Playdead’s latest is an adventure worth taking.
Jordan HurstJul 11, 2016
Calling INSIDE merely a "worthy successor" would be doing it a disservice. It's not just great relative to its sibling; it's great, period. Its cinematic, artistic, and structural techniques have set a new standard for 2D platformers to be measured against.
Carlos LeivaJun 28, 2016
Playdead ha conseguido mejorarla en todos sus apartados y llevarla un paso más allá, dando como resultado un juegazo con una ambientación tan especial y fascinante como oscura y perturbadora. Quizás no sea el título más difícil, original o largo que hayamos jugado este año, pero sí que ha sabido ofrecernos un viaje irrepetible y de los que no olvidaremos fácilmente, motivo más que suficiente como para le deis una más que merecida oportunidad.
Tobias VeltinJul 08, 2016
Inside ist Limbo mit ein bisschen mehr Farbe. Diesen Kritikpunkt habe ich vor dem Test mehrfach gelesen. Jetzt, nach zweimaligem Durchspielen, muss ich sagen: Ein Stück weit stimmt das auch. Im Kern ist Inside ein verfeinertes Limbo mit ähnlichen Mechaniken und einem ausgewogenen Geschicklichkeits- und Rätselmix.
Florian VelterJun 30, 2016
Après LIMBO, Playdead vise à nouveau très juste avec INSIDE, dont il est clairement l'héritier visuel et spirituel. Si le nouveau jeu du studio danois devrait vous offrir de belles tranches de réflexion, c'est surtout pour les émotions qu'il transmet en seulement quelques heures de jeu qu'INSIDE épate. Par ce sens de la mise en scène minimaliste, par cette direction artistique terriblement efficace, par cette narration invisible et elliptique mais aussi par les thèmes abordés.
Julien HubertJun 28, 2016
Inside fait partie de cette race de jeux qui peuvent vous marquer à vie. Dans la lignée de Limbo, Playdead nous livre à nouveau une pure pépite, à la fois artistique et ludique, qui vous emmène quelques heures durant dans un univers fort et marquant, délicieusement noir, original et envoûtant.
MrderivJul 05, 2016
Vous avez aimé mourir dans Limbo, vous adorerez périr dans Inside ! Pour leur second jeu, les Danois de Playdead nous livrent une expérience qui transcende le concept établi par son prédécesseur. Si Limbo nous racontait à sa façon l’histoire d’un garçon prêt à tous les sacrifices pour sauver sa sœur, Inside braque ses projecteurs droit vers son univers dystopique peuplé de figures fantoches, de grands espaces industriels abandonnés et de situations tout aussi sordides qu'haletantes.
Paolo MinissaleJun 29, 2016
INSIDE è un prodotto di assoluta qualità, che riuscirà a farvi imbarcare in un incredibile viaggio, disturbante e opprimente, in cui ad essere l’assoluto protagonista è il linguaggio visivo di prim’ordine utilizzato da Playdead per raccontare una storia molto particolare. Un modo di sviluppare il videogioco assai diverso rispetto ai classici canoni a cui siamo ormai abituati ma che si è rivelato anche questa volta convincente in molteplici aspetti. INSIDE è infatti l’ennesima conferma di come sia possibile creare qualcosa di davvero “diverso” dal solito anche con idee semplici e funzionali, senza l’abuso di cut-scene o utilizzando chissà quali tecniche narrative particolari. E anche i “problemi” della breve longevità e della relativa scarsa rigiocabilità vanno in secondo piano: si tratta di un’esperienza infatti che va semplicemente vissuta, in primis per la qualità di ciò che vi viene proposto e non per la quantità.
Георгий КопьевJul 10, 2016
Inside ждали почти три года. По-моему, для трехчасовой инди это слишком большой срок. За это время я успел напрочь забыть об игре дважды. О том, что Inside еще существует и что кто-то ее все еще делает, напоминали разве что новые трейлеры во время E3. Раз в год. Разработчики, кажется, даже пальцем не пошевелили, чтобы поддержать интерес к игре — это так же печально, как и сама Inside.
Mohammad FahmiAug 25, 2016
Meskipun begitu, Inside tetaplah sebuah game yang amat sangat luar biasa. Dan jika kamu penganut keras kepercayaan “perjalanan lebih penting daripada tujuan,” maka tidak mustahil Inside bisa menjadi sebuah game yang sepenuhnya sempurna di kacamata kamu.
Przemysław ZamęckiJun 29, 2016
Ukończenie Inside wymaga około czterech, może pięciu godzin, ale w żadnej mierze nie jest to czas zmarnowany. Gra stanowi smakowitą porcję bardzo dobrze napisanego kodu, będąc lepszym i dojrzalszym produktem od świetnego Limbo. Ludzie z Playdead zawarli w niej więcej pomysłów, z pewnością byli też o wiele bardziej kreatywni w tworzeniu zaprezentowanego świata – wyraźniej namacalnego oraz niesamowicie wrogiego wobec zupełnie niewinnej i ściganej bez powodu jednostki.