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Thi ChaoMay 18, 2018
Despite some of the confusing mechanics, awkward camera angles and inelegant solutions, Inked is still very much a visual delight. It presents us with an intriguing narrative and along with a beautiful soundtrack, it is worth checking out as there is a ton of great potential here. While this game may not be for the faint of heart puzzler, those who are more experienced, especially with some terribly fussy controls, this game may just be right for you.
Damien GulaMay 11, 2018
Without spoiling any more of the story, Inked will take you on an adventure of grief, loss, and healing. It does, as stated in the beginning, what good art should do: provoke thought and feeling. It is gorgeous in its presentation, but flawed in some of the execution of its gameplay features and controls.
Peter GlagowskiMay 10, 2018
There is a lot of potential here for a great idea and certain moments are truly awesome, but the whole experience just doesn’t hold up and ends on a low point. If you have a stronger stomach for finicky controls, though, Inked might just be the game for you.
Brienne RoseAug 31, 2018
But when faced with the game’s successes - its clever premise, powerful narrative (flawed though it may seem at times), and enjoyable mechanics - Inked’s flaws come across as mostly minor nitpicks. The experience will last you a dozen hours, a fair length for a $20 game, and to anyone who has suffered trauma and loss, the narrative may, I hope, resonate and give some hope.
Jon NewcombeMay 13, 2018
Inked doesn't have much voicework but what there is has been executed relatively well. The main voiceover players will hear is that of the creator, Adam. Every now and then he will chime in with threatening or taunting remarks as the samurai presses onwards. Another voice chimes in every now and then - a dark and grisly one that encourages menacing thoughts such as killing.
Alberto PastorApr 27, 2018
Hay mucho encanto en la aventura que propone Inked, un buen videojuego de puzles y plataformas que sorprende por su bello apartado artístico y el modo en el que cuenta su historia. Sus rompecabezas, con un diseño atractivo e ingenioso, plantean retos de lo más interesantes con los que es difícil no pasarlo bien, aun cuando a veces pecan de ser algo simples.
Rosario SalatielloApr 27, 2018
Nonostante abbia una trama tutto sommato banale e porti con sé qualche difetto, Inked riesce ad attirare l'attenzione del giocatore grazie alla sua ispirazione artistica. Se amate i disegni e tutto ciò che è "papercraft", e le sfide difficili in ambito videoludico non vi spaventano, questo gioco farà senza dubbio al caso vostro. Se viceversa questo genere di cose non è ciò che fa per voi, il consiglio che vi diamo è quello di ricorrere a un qualcosa di diverso.