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Lauren MortonOct 10, 2019
Although Indivisible may not be my flavor of story or platforming, its battles are a successful experiment in adapting fighting game-like combat to an RPG. Its sleek 2D animations, easily chained attacks, and versatile cast of characters all make me feel like a powerhouse, even though I'd fare much worse in the competitive fighting games the system was derived from.
Brian StasiukaitisOct 07, 2019
All in all, I felt so much promise from Indivisible that was quashed by a game with little to no challenge and a monotonous combat loop, leaving me craving separation. It’s a shame, as the art and style demonstrate such love for a cool concept that may never realize its potential. Indivisible promises additional characters from other indie darlings, but it’s a tough sell to bring me back for more of the same boring gameplay.
Andrew FarrellOct 07, 2019
Although it has an underwhelming story and some pacing issues, Indivisible is a great game filled with memorable characters, gorgeous visuals, entertaining combat, and fun dialogue.
Josh TorresOct 07, 2019
Indivisible is extraordinary. It’s a very focused game that cuts out a lot of the fluff in RPGs. There’s no skill trees, no crafting, no mundane ‘kill 10 of this monster’ type of stuff, no weapon or armor system, and not even money to spend things on. There’s one basic currency you collect to upgrade your attack or defense. I think this works in Indivisible’s favor in an era filled with games full of massive checklists, endless progress bars, and so forth. Lab Zero has an admirable vision of where it wanted to take Indivisible; it may be a streamlined experience, but it’s a damn good one.
Miserable ScribeOct 13, 2019
Indivisible is an extremely fun and engaging game, and it is definitely worth playing. Its astounding art and graphics are amazingly well done and will hook you in from the get-go. While the story isn’t exactly a masterpiece, it is still interesting enough to keep you immersed in its world. While Indivisible has its issues, fans of the genre will more than likely appreciate it for what it is – a great mix of two different genres filled with an intriguing story, likable characters, and engaging combat system.
Michael HighamOct 07, 2019
I'm happy to have a game that's distinctly Southeast Asian, giving some earnest representation to a part of the world I belong to and one I'm even more curious about now. As a whole, it sometimes doesn't come together; it's missing weight to its narrative and the challenges necessary to flex its wonderful combat system. But it stands out as an RPG that's doing something genuinely different, and it brings joy to its clever platforming with the tune of an infectious soundtrack. For all its faults, Indivisible has its heart in the right place.
Chris "Atom" DeAngelusOct 07, 2019
Indivisible was incredibly close to being the best indie RPG I've ever played. The first half of the game is exciting, engaging and does a fantastic job of meshing together fighting games, Metroidvanias, platformers and RPGs. Unfortunately, the second half only manages to nail the Metroidvania and platformer aspects. The strong presentation and likeable characters help carry it through the weaker second half, and it's still absolutely worth a shot if you're looking for a stylish RPG.
Kyle CampbellOct 07, 2019
True to its name, Indivisible should be taken as a whole to understand what makes it a unique roleplaying game. Whether it's watching Ajna and her friends growing close or theory crafting combos through party synergy, this is a game about the importance of cohesion. Sure, the plot is a bit predictable at the beginning, and there are some irritating difficulty spikes thanks to overly long boss HP bars, but those few lows are never enough to take away from how fantastic the story and gameplay are as a whole. Amidst all its moving parts, Indivisible finds its center, and opens its third eye.
diegoarguelloOct 25, 2019
Despite lacking some quality of life improvements that we've grown used to in the sub-genres it's based on, as well as the absence of a few balance patches here and there, Indivisible is well worth the wait, and I will cherish the characters I've met in this journey for years to come. Indivisible brings its own mix of genres, packed with the best group of characters in years.
Donovan ErskineOct 08, 2019
Indivisible manages to be something fresh and new, without ever getting too outside of the box. The mechanics feel familiar, as they are an exceptional blend of of metroidvania style exploration with RPG character progression. The combat harkens back to traditional RPG gameplay, but introduces new systems that really add a fun sense of strategy. Indivisible also hosts one of the most culturally and ethnically diverse rosters of playable characters I've ever seen.
Francis KennaOct 23, 2019
It’s hard to truly dislike a game that tries to meld pre-existing ideas into something new, and this is true with Indivisible. However, it’s also hard to truly enjoy a game that doesn’t fully succeed in any of its key areas, and unfortunately this also applies to Indivisible.
Brian SantanaOct 07, 2019
Indivisible es un lujo artístico. Además, tiene una buena variedad de registros en cuanto a plataformas y combate, lo que resulta en un conjunto bastante redondo.
Ramón VarelaOct 08, 2019
Dentro de lo notable que es Indivisible, habría que recalcar que no juega en la misma liga que otros RPG más puros ni ese es su propósito, lo cual le permite eliminar mucho relleno del género –tales como las misiones de recadero o caza- y que sus aproximadamente 20 horas de partida estén bien concentradas.
Borja RueteOct 29, 2019
Indivisible combina mecánicas de RPG, plataformas y metroidvania en un producción que llama la atención por su aspecto visual, pero que engancha por su jugabilidad (y decepciona un poco por su historia). La parte de exploración es desafiante, llena de saltos en los que deberemos hacer uso de todas las artimañas del personaje y de la propia habilidad del jugador. Los combates, por turnos, funcionan parecido a los de Valkyrie Profile, es decir, con un botón asignado para cada miembro del grupo (cuatro en total) que utilizamos tanto para atacar como para defendarnos.
Marcel KleffmannJun 30, 2020
Indivisible ist eine eigenwillige Mischung aus Plattformer und Action-Rollenspiel, die hauptsächlich von der charmanten Präsentation lebt. Die Geschichte ist eher zweckmäßig, die Qualität der Dialoge schwankt stark und es gibt zwar viele, aber zu wenig interessante Charaktere. Die akrobatischen Passagen sind unterhaltsam, jedoch reagiert die Steuerung gelegentlich etwas träge.
IzokayOct 09, 2019
C'est la surprise de ce mois de septembre, de par son mélange entre RPG et phases de plateformes bien senties et sa réalisation parfaitement calibrée. Zero Lab Games réussit avec brio son pari de rassembler les genres, mécaniques, personnages et univers sans jamais décontenancer. Des éléments qui une fois associés forment un tout rafraichissant, profond pour une durée de vie plus qu'honnête. Une oeuvre indivisible, tout simplement.
Julien InvernoOct 07, 2019
Indivisible est un jeu de plate-forme et un RPG sans prise de tête. Sans grande profondeur non plus du coup. Un défaut sans aucun doute pour ceux qui espéraient s'atteler à un jeu de rôles emprunt d'une certaine complexité. Pour les autres, il demeure un jeu très sympathique, de par ses beaux atours de dessin animé japonais, ses personnages, s'ils ne sont très charismatiques, au moins toujours mignons et amusants, et son dynamisme général.
Pierre-Alexandre RouillonOct 11, 2019
Vous en entendez parler depuis au moins cinq ans et sa campagne Indiegogo auréolée de succès : Indivisible est le dernier bébé du studio Lab Zero Games, les développeurs du jeu de combat Skullgirls. Un titre que l'on nous vendait comme le successeur spirituel de Valkyrie Profile et qui, à défaut de totalement remplir ce rôle, s'avère être un honorable héritier qui, comme le préconiserait sûrement Françoise Dolto, trouve sa voie en s'affranchissant du père.
DottorKillexOct 07, 2019
Indivisible è un concentrato di stile, rapidità ed immediatezza, capace di mescolare sapientemente fasi platform discretamente impegnative con combattimenti a turni anche più severi, creando un amalgama gradevole ed accessibile.
Stefano CalzatiOct 07, 2019
Indivisible è un’opera deliziosa, una speranza trasformata in solida realtà a 4 anni dall’annuncio. Un mix di generi, ispirazioni, personaggi, forme, colori e sensazioni che sulla carta non dovrebbe quasi mai funzionare, peccando di coerenza e amalgama, ma che invece qui diventa cifra stilistica e ludica. Un racconto di crescita delicato, divertente, intenso, che gioca sul contrasto tra una spiritualità fatalista e una voglia di azione travolgente, tangibile, frettolosa.
Aligi ComandiniOct 07, 2019
Per quanto questi sviluppatori siano talentuosi, però, mancano di esperienza, e svariate ingenuità strutturali - oltre a una serie di problematiche legate a bilanciamento e progressione - impediscono alla loro ultima creatura di avvicinarsi alla vera eccellenza. Un peccato, perché le avventure di Ajna con qualche ritocco avrebbero potuto tranquillamente raggiungere vette altissime, ma anche nello stato attuale Indivisible resta un gioco consigliatissimo, dopo il quale i Lab Zero meritano l'attenzione di qualunque appassionato.
Alessandra BorgonovoOct 08, 2019
Un'esperienza brillante e impegnativa, Indivisible è un gioco che chiede la stessa cura e la dedizione degli sviluppatori per essere padroneggiato al meglio.
Никита КазимировOct 11, 2019
От Indivisible постоянно хочется чего-то большего — новых механик, локаций, лоска и многого другого. Но саму игру и ее разработчиков винить в этом нельзя, ведь то, что она делает, получается у нее идеально. Возможно, сложная прокачка и какие-то комплексные системы лишь разрушили бы очарование игры. Но мы тут не предсказатели, чтобы гадать, как оно могло бы сложиться. Главное, что Indivisible вышла — и она пленяет. Настолько, чтобы без лишних стеснений назвать ее как минимум самой красивой игрой года.
Furkan GülerNov 06, 2019
Grafiksel ve animasyon açısından başarılı olan Indivisible, türü sevenler için güzel bir örnek olabilir. Ancak bu türe uzak bir oyuncuysanız, Indivisible sizi yapısıyla sıkacaktır. Özellikle çizimler üzerinde büyük uğraş harcayan geliştirici ekibi bu konuda da tebrik etmek gerekiyor.
دانیال کریمی طارNov 15, 2019
در نهایت باید گفت بازی Indivisible با نقاط قوت بسیاری دارد که تجربه آن را برای بسیاری از گیمرها تبدیل به یک تجربه خوشایند و دلنشین میسازد. با این حال برخی نقاط ضعف بازی مانند المان‌های ضعیف نقش آفرینی و باگ های خانمان سوز باعث شده که عنوان Indivisible در رده عناوین برتر قرار نگیرد  و تنها از آن به عنوان یک بازی خوب و با پتانسیل های زیاد یاد کنیم.