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Stephanie ChanJan 22, 2018
The game isn’t a perfect narrative experience, but to me, the story comes second to the gameplay in a platformer. And the mechanics in Iconoclasts are fantastic. I always felt like I had enough information, and searching for solutions to puzzles in the beautiful environment felt like an adventure. I could easily see this game becoming a beloved retro-inspired title, much like Shovel Knight. Most impressively, Iconoclasts evokes nostalgia without feeling derivative. It hits a lot of character tropes, but it manages never to feel stale thanks to fantastic visuals, a memorable world, and solid gameplay.
Jeremy ParishFeb 01, 2018
Iconoclasts’ combination of clever Metroid-inspired design and lush art offers more than enough incentive to stick with it, even when the ambitious plot doesn’t always connect. This is a strange, complex game that – refreshingly – doesn't play quite like any other work in the genre. Iconoclasts offers a welcome reminder that they don't all have to play the same way.
Kyle HilliardFeb 01, 2018
With its Metroid trappings, Iconoclasts began as a familiar experience, but by the end I was left thinking more about the impactful character and narrative moments. Despite its bright and colorful aesthetic, Iconoclasts' world is a dark one, and the journey across it is one I did not expect to be so affected by. Couple that with design that would excel even without the narrative hooks, and you have a game that stands above its peers.
Nic RowenJan 22, 2018
Iconoclasts might be a delightful action-adventure romp, but it’s also a look at oppression, what it’s like to live life outside the lines. That’s where Iconoclasts lives too, outside the lines. Of its genre, its inspirations, and its expectations. It’s a delightful surprise, the kind that doesn’t come around often enough.
Jenni LadaJan 25, 2018
Iconoclasts is quite an enjoyable game. It has a strong foundation, with characters brimming with personality and a colorful world. Each location in the world has its own distinct look and mechanics that make you perfect your skills, learn how to use the abilities Robin has, and find new skills that will help you find your way into new spots. It’s a game that flows well, where each area might take a second or two to find out what needs to be done, but should rather quickly pick up what needs to happen to help Robin continue her journey and save her world from One Concern.
Drew LeachmanJan 25, 2018
Iconoclasts is a pretty fantastic game. The story is fun and interesting, the controls are tight and near perfect, the art and animation is beautiful, and many of the puzzles and traversal are both fun and challenging at the same time. If you’re into the Metroidvania style games and don’t mind a bit of backtracking, this is the game for you. I can’t suggest it enough to fans of the classic SNES side scrolling shooters and action puzzle fans.
James CunninghamFeb 01, 2018
It’s a long, difficult journey with a large cast of characters to meet, befriend, fight, and sometimes lose along the way, creating a memorable world that will stick in your head long after the final boss is defeated.
Andy KellyJan 23, 2018
Iconoclasts is a fine game, offering both satisfyingly sharp platforming and shooting, and some really smart puzzles. It’s enormous too, packed with secret areas and other stuff to discover. And although I found the humour a little glib and childish at times, it tells its heartfelt story well. A lot of Metroidvania games go for a bleak, downbeat atmosphere, but Iconoclasts is infectiously vibrant and sunny, even if the story does occasionally venture into dark territory.
Aron GerencserJan 23, 2018
For the sake of avoiding spoilers I’ll be vague, but there is a particular part-gruesome, part-intriguing “the plot thickens” moment fairly early on in the game when a weird, white, Ivory infused plant sprouts from someone’s corpse. This happens right after a particularly fast-paced and very hectic boss-battle, and feels like the perfect narrative pay-off for the previous gameplay sequence. It’s also really creepy when you start to think about it.
Ingar Takanobu HaugeJan 27, 2018
The premise for the narrative is promising, but it doesn't take long before the story starts playing second fiddle. Several of the characters remain interesting from start to finish, but the game has a consistent problem when it comes to timing, dialogue and the narrative technique in general. Many of the conversations strike us as clumsy and unnatural, and the grand plot loses some of its spark after a while. The transitions in the story feel hasty at times, and at the end, you've lost most of your reason to even care. It's a shame, because like we said the story has promise at first.
Gary BaileyJan 28, 2018
With its fantastic cast of varied and unique characters, coupled with a constantly evolving storyline that offers so much entertainment and a surprising amount of emotion and heart, Iconoclasts is a game that simply must be played. Even if you’re more about the gameplay than plot, Konjak has you covered thanks to some stunning level design and those cracking boss fights. It will take your hand and pull you along for an exciting adventure, and you won’t want it to let go.
GameCentralJan 24, 2018
Fantastic 2D artwork and animation, with some surprisingly involved characters and storytelling. Very well-designed puzzles and boss battles. The combat is imprecise and unsatisfying, with mediocre platforming. Outside of the puzzles there’s a lack of innovation in terms of level design.
Wes MaulsbyMar 29, 2018
It will strain your brain with tricky puzzles and unique boss encounters, and it will also present a world whose obstacles and solutions may even challenge your own ideals and world view. This is an experience that cannot be missed by fans of both 2D action platformers, or by those seeking a greater level of mental and ideological engagement.
Joel CoutureFeb 24, 2018
Iconoclasts is a near-constant delight, offering story that can be charming or silly or insightful, combat that is involved, puzzles that challenge the mind, and a feeling of endless excitement and adventure.
Francisco Alberto Serrano AcostaJan 29, 2018
Iconoclast es un juego fantástico, con una personalidad y un cuidado excepcionales. Mientras que hay otros juegos basados en pixels que parece que quieren definir su valía meramente con esa condición, el título de “Konjak” va más allá de lo superficial y demuestra que se ha fijado en algo más que la estética retro para concebir su juego más ambicioso. La influencia de Monster World IV es más que obvia, pero se nota el paso por todos los grandes de la acción/aventura 2D como universidad de la que se han aprendido los mejores trucos del oficio para crear un juego con aire de clásico.
Jorge CanoJan 24, 2018
A nosotros lo que menos nos ha gustado es su gran carga narrativa, excesiva en nuestra opinión y no lo suficientemente interesante, pero sabemos que es algo muy subjetivo, y seguro que muchos conectaréis con su historia e Iconoclasts os parecerá todavía mejor que a nosotros. En cualquier caso, es un juego muy recomendable, y uno de los primeros grandes indies de un 2018 que promete mucho.
Alberto PastorJan 26, 2018
Ha dedicado casi diez años de su vida a crear esta aventura de acción y plataformas, y esa pasión se ve reflejada en un videojuego de gran calidad que sorprende por su potente trasfondo argumental y emocionantes combates contra jefazos. Iconoclasts es un videojuego trepidante, con muchos disparos, buen plataformeo y montones de puzles que os pondrán a prueba de muchas formas distintas. Sin duda, este juego de estilo retro es una compra más que recomendable.
Manuel FritschJan 31, 2018
Ich habe jeden Sprung und jede Umdrehung mit dem Schraubenschlüssel in ihrer wunderschönen Pixelwelt genossen und mir wahnsinnig gerne den Kopf an den teils wirklich fordernden Rätseln und Aufgaben zerbrochen. Die Mischung aus Action, unzähligen Sprung- und Schalterrätseln und wirklich toll inszenierten Bosskämpfen haben mich dann auch die für mein Empfinden enttäuschende Rahmenhandlung und das in die Länge gezogene Finale verzeihen lassen. Charaktere, die einem ans Herz wachsen, der immer wieder durchblitzende Humor und das in jeder Szene spürbare Herzblut des Entwicklers machen Iconoclasts zu einem überaus empfehlenswerten 2D-Plattformer.
Jan WöbbekingFeb 02, 2018
Glückwunsch an Joakim Sandberg! Es hat sich gelohnt, rund sieben Jahre seines Lebens in die wundersame Welt von Iconoclasts zu investieren. Die eigenartigen Gesetzmäßigkeiten und philosophischen Gespräche haben mich immer wieder in Erstaunen versetzt und auch die auf überschaubare Areale beschränkten Puzzles sind richtig motivierend. Wer gerne inmitten kullernder Bomben, beweglicher Gerüste und versteckter Geheimräume experimentiert, kommt hier auf seine Kosten – zumal es hier weniger verwirrend wird als in vielen Konkurrenztiteln nach dem „Metroidvania“-Schema.
CarnbeeJan 22, 2018
Iconoclasts est fait par un amoureux des Metroidvania pour les amoureux du genre, ceux-là mêmes qui prennent du plaisir à mémoriser tous les recoins reculés d’une carte pour y revenir avec le bon item ou pourvu de la compétence nécessaire. Contrairement à certains titres affiliés, le jeu de Joakim Sandberg met l’emphase sur la réflexion avec un level design faisant la part belle à des mécanismes de puzzle-game, tout en livrant une expérience aux séquences variées et aux nombreux dialogues humoristiques.
Gianni MolinaroJan 30, 2018
Iconoclasts ne se contente pas d'être un beau moment de pixel art propre à faire verser une petite larme à tous les nostalgiques des années 90. Le jeu de Joakim Sandberg est plaisant à prendre en mains, remarquablement conçu, plein d'idées qui fonctionnent en matière de plate-forme, d'action et de casse-tête en 2D. Cerise sur le gâteau, son histoire, faite de personnages vraiment intéressants et bien développés, saura également vous tenir en haleine. Voilà ce qu'on appelle une réussite totale.
Simone TagliaferriJan 28, 2018
Iconoclasts è un evidente atto d'amore: un'opera di artigianato videoludico che riesce a trasmettere la sua unicità, pur non essendo per nulla originale. Paga un po' i suoi anni di sviluppo, visto che nel frattempo di metroidvania stilisticamente eccellenti ne sono usciti diversi (Owlboy, Hollow Knight, Axiom Verge) e, quindi, è difficile lasciarsi stupire. Del resto ha un design dei livelli e dei puzzle davvero eccezionale, nonché una storia che riserva moltissime sorprese, diventando sempre più cupa con il procedere dell'avventura.