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Grady PennaAug 03, 2019
Horace is a charming homage to an era of gaming and culture that’s rapidly fading into the sunset, yet it never rests of the nostalgia factor to keep the player engaged. The sound design is messy and the cutscenes can run on too long, but its affecting story and sharp, fun platforming are bound to satisfy anyone keen on the genre. Nostalgia may be a common crutch, but with a sturdy foundation beneath it, Horace shows that feeling a little sentimentality isn’t a bad thing at all.
Cody MedellinNov 20, 2019
Horace is an engaging experience if you're patient or don't get riled up easily. The platforming isn't as infuriating as most precision-based platformers, but the obstacles in some rooms can be annoying. The instant respawns are nice, but they don't cancel out the frustration of occasionally spotty hit detection. The instant camera rotation can be dizzying, and the repetition of tricky jumps can get old, but the engaging story makes it all worthwhile, especially since this is quite a lengthy game.
Steve CAug 19, 2019
Horace is one of the most pleasant gaming surprises in years. I'm clearly a key part of its target demographic, having lived through the 1980s and early 90s that so heavily influenced it, but my enjoyment and engagement went past such an identification. I was completely absorbed throughout, and fully intend to return to collect the remaining pieces of junk. It may not be as immediately impressive as the latest AAA blockbuster, but Horace is essential for fans of retro games or hard platformers and a real contender for Indie Game of the Year.
Renan FontesJul 26, 2019
While Horace himself might not be the most emotionally intelligent protagonist, the same cannot be said for his namesake game. Horace has an emotional depth that even the best scripts tend to lack. It is a testament not only to its medium, but to storytelling in general. Blending genuinely unique platforming with an incredibly nuanced plot, Horace maturely tackles themes of identity, purpose, and war in almost jarringly realistic ways. Coupled with excellent game design and stellar presentation, Horace might very well be the best platformer of 2019.
Davide SpottiJul 29, 2019
Come dovreste aver intuito leggendo il resto del pezzo, Horace è stato davvero una gradita sorpresa: un plaform 2D solido, ben realizzato, dove la componente narrativa ha il pregio di accompagnare con efficacia il viaggio del piccolo protagonista senza mai risultare tediosa o fuori posto. Ciò che spicca è anche la qualità della progressione ludica, che al netto di qualche piccola imprecisione del sistema di controllo riesce a mantenere vivo l'interesse del fruitore per tutta la durata della partita.
Stefano CalzatiJul 26, 2019
Horace è una sorpresa, travolgente come il suo humour malinconico, imperfetto come i prodotti artigianali. Un’opera che vuole essere tutto, e che si racconta attraverso un gameplay variopinto che tende in gran parte al platform con mire da metroidvania, incastonando il gioco all’interno di una narrazione appassionante, caldo, ora drammatica ora esilarante. A giudicare da questa sua opera prima Paul Helman sembra predestinato a entrare nel pantheon degli sviluppatori indipendenti.