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Hitman: Absolution

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Tom FrancisNov 18, 2012
Currently, though, Absolution is not worth buying. If they can somehow patch in a save function, and if players do interesting things with Contracts, it will be. Until then, I'd wait for a preposterous Steam sale. That's something I never thought I'd have to say about a Hitman game. I desperately hope the reaction to it is strong enough to convince the developers to change direction, because I couldn't stand to watch the series die like this.
Adam BeckNov 18, 2012
While still very much a traditional stealth game, Hitman: Absolution has changed the series for the best in offering cinematic quality combat. It has a stronger focus on telling a coherent story while keeping a slow methodical pace. With a terrific single player campaign and a compelling online multiplayer component, it’s safe to say that whether or not you were a fan of the series before, you will be now. Even with its imperfections, Hitman: Absolution is a magnificent achievement that goes well beyond expectations and will lead future stealth action titles into a better tomorrow.
William SchwartzNov 20, 2012
Hitman: Absolution is a game that going to require you to forgive it at times. It’s a shame that for a franchise that’s been gone so long, it’s return is marred with problems. There really are some beautiful in-game cinematic moments in Absolution, coupled with some of the most ambitious stealth/puzzle gameplay that we’ve ever seen. If you have a high tolerance for bugs and can laugh off the stupid AI and other problems, you’ll likley enjoy Absolution immensely. If you’re looking for perfection, you won’t find it here.
Luke ReillyNov 18, 2012
Like Dishonored before it, it’s actually a true pleasure to play a game that lets you tackle it from multiple angles. After several years of increasingly totalitarian games where you’re very much following a pre-determined path, it’s nice to have a game that doesn’t just encourage improvisation; it requires it.
Jeff DunnNov 18, 2012
Despite being a strictly single-player experience, Absolution packs more replay value into its two game modes than most games would do with five. It has its fair share of deficiencies—a goofy narrative, okay gunplay, a few bugs here and there—but overall, Absolution is a game that demands you explore its nuances over and over again. Just be sure to stay quiet when you do so.
Hollander CooperNov 18, 2012
Hitman’s temporary hiatus did worlds of good for the franchise, and Absolution is one of the strongest entries in the series to date. It shows true evolution, moving Agent 47 forward and playing up his enhanced abilities well, both when it comes to hitting a well-placed shot to the head of a scummy target or stealthily moving through a building full of police.
Joe VargasNov 24, 2012
Conrad ZimmermanNov 19, 2012
Hitman Absolution offers refinement of a beloved series in many ways, boasting more visual pizzazz than most anything releasing this year and a well-paced story which features a good share of weirdness without attempting a scope beyond its means. While some simplifications could irk fans who may complain that the game has been watered down, the range of difficulty options should provide ample satisfaction for players who seek a classic Hitman experience without totally alienating those trying its unique blend of stealth and exploration for the first time.
Bengt LemneNov 20, 2012
Hitman: Absolution is the best game to come out of IO Interactive for quite a few years. It stays true to the franchise and provides us with a pleasant and suitably frustrating stealth experience, while modernising some of the mechanics to meet the demands of today's players. Fans of the old Hitman games will find a challenge in the higher difficulty settings, especially purist mode, a mode you really should only play after having learned all the ins and outs of the levels.
Joe RobinsonNov 19, 2012
This game has its share of interesting and mundane sections, and whilst it does a few key set-pieces quite brilliantly, on a whole it’s a fairly underwhelming experience. It’s hard to really give a final say as to whether or not you should buy it – maybe if you can find it cheap? The Contracts mode is really what’s going to keep this game going though, so perhaps we’ll see some interesting content and updates appear there in the months following release.
Michael WhittakerJun 15, 2015
Hitman Absolution is an engrossing experience, if slightly flawed, but one that is certainly always entertaining. Players will have a hard time putting the controller down, and the insane amount of scenarios that present themselves will cause tears of laughter to stream out. Sure, the save system should have been tweaked, as it does affect the gameplay negatively, but Absolution remains a joy to play, regardless.
Benjamin SchmädigNov 22, 2012
Das fünfte Hitman ist das bislang stärkste Abenteuer des kahlen Antihelden: Obwohl sich die Geschichte zu wenig für den Kopf hinter der Glatze interessiert, verleiht es seiner abgebrühten Kaltschnäuzigkeit eine verletzliche menschliche Seite. Vor allem aber zelebriert Absolution die perfide Genugtuung des kreativen Tötens – spätestens dann, wenn sich der Killer inmitten einer Menschenmenge unbehelligt vom Tatort entfernt. Dass die Schauplätze mit ihren Kurzhandlungen um Zivilisten, Polizisten und Bösewichte so lebendig sind, macht sowohl die behutsame Pirsch als auch den grausamen Akt umso eindringlicher.
Frank Erik WalterNov 23, 2012
Insgesamt ist den Machern aber ein spielerisch und technisch solides Hitman-Spiel gelungen. Wobei ich nach sechs Jahren mehr erwartet hätte. Mehr Höhepunkte, schlauere Kills, weitschweifigere Szenarien, mehr Raum zum Planen meiner Strategie und eine interessantere Handlung. Der Mehrspieler-Modus ist eine nette Geschichte und wird sicher seine Fans finden - Otto-Normal-Assassinen wird er allerdings nur ein paar Tage länger bei der Stange halten.
Florian VelterNov 19, 2012
L’Agent 47 revient très fort avec Hitman Absolution qui, sans en révolutionner véritablement la formule, dépoussière considérablement une série qui en avait, il faut l’avouer, bien besoin. Propulsé par un Glacier 2.0 très impressionnant même si parfois buggué, le titre de IO Interactive fait entrer Hitman dans le cercle des jeux spectaculaires avec une mise en scène de rigueur, un scénario plus présent et des personnages secondaires plus travaillés.
Tom BoshouwersNov 19, 2012
Ondanks zes jaar afwezigheid is Agent 47 beter dan ooit. De game speelt beter dan vorige delen en is door de openheid ook toegankelijker voor nieuwkomers. De grondslag blijft echter liggen op de stealth gameplay en daar is Hitman heer en meester. De manieren om iemand te vermoorden zijn eindeloos, en kiezen hoe is soms moeilijker dan de daadwerkelijke actie. De levels zien er prachtig uit en daar zul je graag wat uurtjes spenderen.
Jonas MäkiNov 18, 2012
I slutändan är jag därför väldigt nöjd med Hitman: Absolution som bjuder på en både lång och bra singeplayer-kampanj. Istället för att lägga till multiplayerstöd av dödsmatchmodell som närmast tycks vara ett krav i actionspel idag, har IO Interactive byggt vidare på sin underhållande grundmodell. Här kan man nämligen välja en av spelets alla banor, bestämma vem som ska vara måltavla samt sätta upp ett regelverk för vilka vapen och/eller utstyrslar som får nyttjas.