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Diego PerezJan 19, 2021
Hitman 3 is the ultimate murder simulator. Now that the World of Assassination trilogy is finally complete, there's no excuse to not play Hitman. In order to truly appreciate the game's intricacies, you have to commit to replaying levels, attempting challenges, and testing out new strategies.
Phil HornshawJan 19, 2021
What's good about Hitman--its level design and the creativity, experimentation, and exploration that affords--is great in Hitman 3. It closes out the trilogy by brilliantly playing off everything that came before it, making use of and then subverting expectations, and rewarding players for their willingness to master the complexity of both its individual levels and the series as a whole.
Jeff GrubbJan 19, 2021
Hitman is a world made up entirely of Chekhov’s guns, and it’s a blast finding out how to get Agent 47 into position to pull the trigger.
Michael LeriJan 19, 2021
Hitman 3’s story reflects IO’s time with the franchise as even skilled professionals must eventually move on and carve a new path for themselves. IO will be focusing its efforts elsewhere for the near future but it has at least left Hitman on a particularly high note.
Jason RodriguezJan 19, 2021
Although there are a few issues (namely with its save system and soon-to-be-fixed progress carry-over function), Hitman 3's mission stories, level design, and creative assassinations provide the franchise's "greatest hits" record. It's the perfect way to cap off Agent 47's journey.
Jason FanelliJan 21, 2021
Hitman 3 defies every expectation I had for it, from the size of its maps to the scope of its missions. I am truly free to approach these jobs however I wish, so long as the objectives are met, and that freedom is downright exhilarating.
Bill LavoyJan 19, 2021
Still, it offers players a huge amount of content if they don’t expect to experience it all on a single run. It’s a game that’s meant to be played repeatedly, and it benefits from the addition of the camera and the permanent shortcuts. It’s great on its own, but combined with Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 it helps make up the masterpiece that is the World of Assassination trilogy.
Andy KellyJan 19, 2021
Despite a couple of weaker levels, Hitman 3 is a sensational stealth game. Berlin, Chongqing, and Dartmoor represent the series at its best, which is a fine way to end the trilogy. And if you own the first two games you can—once Epic figures out how—access all of those levels here, with improved visuals and the ability to use the new game's gadgets and weapons in them.
Andreas SalmenJan 31, 2022
Overall, Hitman 3 VR is a fun distraction when treated as an additional mode and nothing more. If you've played the game in VR on the PlayStation, this is essentially the same thing with minor improvements, several of which turned out to be useless. It's a shame given the potential and how well the fundamentals have come together, but it pales in comparison to what consumers expect from a VR port. In its current state, Hitman VR feels like a one-man modding attempt rather than a big-budget studio investing resources to make it a worthwhile addition.
Kirk MckeandJan 19, 2021
Alas, we can’t break through the skin of the world and reach that universe. We’re stuck here. In our world, Hitman stands alone. There’s nothing like it, and Hitman 3 is an outstanding refinement of that unique 21-year-old recipe. Just watch out for that secret ingredient. (It’s poison).
Cade OnderJan 19, 2021
While Hitman 3 is the end of this trilogy, it’s clear IO will be coming back to 47 after they play around in the 007 sandbox for a while. This isn’t so much the end of Hitman as it is this iteration of 47 and I will be eagerly awaiting his return.
Leo FariaJan 24, 2021
Hitman 3 is an absolutely stunning ending to this trilogy, finally delivering a story that, whilst not mind-blowing, did subvert my expectations in the best of ways, all while delivering the same high quality gameplay and level design that fans have come to expect.
Chris CarterJan 24, 2021
It’s very subtle; but it’s a welcome change as it ensures that you can explore the sandbox the way you want to each time. I would refrain from using the phrase “guided,” but the first run is definitely angled in such a way to make it feel more cinematic in nature. With shortcuts, branching paths allow you to see the entirety of the design in all its splendor. This is on top of the existing “starting locations” system, mind.
Stuart ThomasFeb 09, 2021
I don't have a surprise twist for you though. Predictably enough, I loved it. I loved the stories, the variety in approach, the focus on concluding the trilogy in a (mostly) satisfying way. I loved the literary and cinematic influences. I really like IOI's commitment to ' backwards compatibility' - unlock a sniper rifle in Hitman 3, and sure!
Leon HurleyJan 19, 2021
This is a great end to the trilogy, with a satisfying conclusion made from enjoyable and endlessly entertaining levels. Well done 47.
Jeff CorkJan 19, 2021
Hitman 3 concludes a chapter in the greater Hitman story, but it doesn’t feel like an ending. There’s an abundance of content and side activities on offer, and the trilogy as a whole is bound to be a long-term destination for would-be assassins. IO Interactive’s final act in the trilogy anticipates and rewards player experimentation, features meticulous level design, and has moments of ghoulish catharsis that makes me cackle aloud. My enthusiasm for it all is as indelible as the barcode tattooed on the back of Agent 47’s head.
Jae LeeFeb 03, 2021
Despite the less than stellar final mission and instability of the servers, Hitman 3 is a worthy entry to bring the World of Assassination trilogy to a close. While it’s uncertain where Agent 47 will go from here, I feel the series is in good hands and I’ll be sure to have my Fiber Wire handy for the next contract.
DelrithJan 30, 2021
AlexJan 30, 2021
Logan MooreApr 12, 2021
To that end, I would express that Hitman 3 isn't a game you necessarily need to look to pick up right this moment, but it's one you should have on your radar in the future. And even if you are looking to snag it now, what's here boasts countless hours of gameplay for you to get lost in. Hitman 3 is a title that will surely keep you quite entertained in this dry period of gaming releases -- especially if you've got nothing else to play.
Kris CornelisseJan 25, 2021
Overall, I can identify the sheer quality of Hitman 3, even if it’s not the kind of game I’ll be going back to a lot. This is also not exactly a great place to start for newcomers, and I’d recommend checking out the earlier games/levels first. For those who are already fans though, this should be just what the unusual doctor with the barcode tattoo ordered.
Marcello PerriconeJan 19, 2021
Hitman 3 continues the series’ tradition to iterate and improve on each entry, though this entry is considerably less advanced than Hitman 2. It still is a fascinating finale to the franchise, building up to an entrancing climax that will either please you, anger you, or disappoint you.
Aaron PotterJan 19, 2021
Hitman 3 doesn’t do too much to improve on its predecessors or the Hitman formula in general, choosing to instead emphasize the features and elements that always made the series great, while showing them off through some of the best and most intricately constructed maps the series has seen so far.
Ben LyonsJan 19, 2021
Considering how IO Interactive has explored and built out this franchise to be better than ever before, I sincerely do hope that the future involves more Agent 47, as it would be a shame to see this incredible series put to rest: Especially as Hitman 3 is one of - if not the best - Hitman game we've ever been fortunate enough to experience.
Jordan ForwardJan 19, 2021
They do also lead to a disappointing finale, but the good generally outweighs the bad. Hopefully, this experimentation finds fertile ground in IO’s upcoming Bond game, because I don’t want to wait for another Hitman trilogy to play another stealth game this good.
Hamish LindsayJan 20, 2021
These are the people who’ll play every escalation, take down every limited target and unlock all of the challenges that each level poses. For them, Hitman 3 is perfect just as it is. For everyone else? Despite the slow start and (very) familiar story, it’s still a fun ride.
Víctor MartínezJan 19, 2021
Más allá de estas cuestiones, Hitman III es un cierre magistral para un trío de juegos que quizá no ha sabido encontrar el éxito que merece pero que, hoy más que nunca, está perfectamente preparado para ello.
Carlos GallegoJan 19, 2021
Así mismo, y aunque es algo que no ha sido nunca tradicional en la serie, en lo personal hubiera apreciado también un mayor esfuerzo en términos narrativos para este final de trilogía.
David SorianoJan 19, 2021
El último servicio de Hitman en esta trilogía World of Assassination es una culminación de grandes ideas que IO Interactive ha ido añadiendo con el paso de las entregas. Un colofón excelente que presenta escenarios mucho más trabajados en líneas generales (con un par de salvedades) en los que se consiguen asesinatos de lo más ingeniosos, dignos del Agente 47. Presenta solamente un par de novedades jugables, a las que tampoco se saca demasiado partido, pero el hecho de ser un hub donde jugar y rejugar todos los escenarios de la trilogía (a falta de pulir el sistema de importación de niveles anteriores) es un plus como para quedarnos con Hitman 3 como la entrega definitiva de la serie.
Alejandro CastilloJan 19, 2021
Es indudable la calidad de Hitman 3. Los escenarios que acompañan a esta entrega se dividen entre la experimentación y la línea tradicional marcada desde 2016. Dartmoor y Berlin sobresalen por lo primero. Son niveles arriesgados, que ofrecen otro punto de vista igual de válido que el resto. Mendoza, Chongqin y Dubai te introducen en la típica caja de arena de inicio a fin, lo cual no quiere decir que sea malo, ni mucho menos, solo que no logran sorprender como el otro dúo.
Michael KrostaJan 19, 2021
Dennoch sind Spiele wie Hitman genau das, was VR jetzt braucht: Große, umfangreiche Abenteuer mit einem hohen Produktionswert und nicht bloß ein paar Experience-Häppchen, Minispiel-Sammlungen oder halbherzige Bonus-Modi. Also bitte mehr davon!
Dimitry HalleyJan 19, 2021
Hitman 3 ist ein »Best Of« all der Konzepte, die vor fünf Jahren ihren Anfang nahmen. Wo die beiden Vorgänger noch viele frische Ideen und Ambitionen auf den Tisch brachten, führt das Finale etablierte Stärken zu einem runden, guten Showdown, ohne jetzt noch große Experimente zu wagen.
Fabien PellegriniJan 19, 2021
Réellement enthousiasmant, le jeu ne s'avère par parfait pour autant. On pourra toujours lui reprocher la rigidité de certaines animations, ou une IA parfois trop permissive. Rien de gênant, de flagrant, ou de nouvellement problématique, qu'on se rassure !
Silent_JayJan 19, 2021
Techniquement solide et visuellement élégante, cette nouvelle aventure de l’Agent 47 est une invitation à la découverte, à l’exploration, et fait de la curiosité une arme létale entre les mains des joueurs. Hitman 3 élève tout simplement au rang d’art l’assassinat vidéoludique.
Gianni MolinaroJan 19, 2021
Plus joli, bien dodu, bouclant un scénario qui aura mis du temps à nous intéresser, ce volet introduit aussi la réalité virtuelle sur consoles PlayStation, assez incroyable. Son association avec Hitman et Hitman 2, auquel il apportera un lifting, vous garantit beaucoup de très bons moments. Après ça, 47 peut prendre un peu de repos, c'est mérité.
Stefania SperandioJan 19, 2021
Nonostante una IA che rinuncia a migliorarsi rispetto al passato, Hitman 3 ci riconsegna allora una IO mai così consapevole delle sue unicità, che non solo può dare un futuro importante e radioso alla saga dell'Agente 47, ma che sembra più pronta che mai a cimentarsi anche con le nuove scorribande videoludiche di James Bond.
Francesco SerinoJan 19, 2021
Acquistare i tre giochi in blocco, magari sfruttando le offerte già annunciate o quelle che verranno proposte in futuro, in modo da avere una delle più divertenti, corpose e sofisticate esperienze stealth di sempre. Vi lasciamo al voto del solo Hitman 3, ma all'opera completa potete dare tranquillamente uno scintillante nove.
Daniele DolceJan 19, 2021
I ragazzi di IO Interactive sono riusciti a migliorare e perfezionare una formula ormai consolidata, sebbene non manchi qualche sbavatura che tuttavia viene eclissata dall’incredibile qualità di un’opera senza eguali nel panorama videoludico moderno.
Giuseppe AraceJan 19, 2021
Assassino che uccide non si cambia. IO Interactive non rivoluziona la sua formula ludica, ampiamente rodata nell’ottimo Hitman 2, e la ripropone con lievi ma piacevoli aggiunte anche nel terzo e (forse) ultimo capitolo della saga World of Assassination. L’Agente 47 torna più scaltro e letale che mai, all’interno di un’esperienza che sa come valorizzare l’istinto omicida dei videogiocatori.
Alberto NasoJan 20, 2021
In conclusione Hitman 3 è un titolo solido, nonché il giusto finale per una saga longeva e sempre interessante. La durata potrebbe essere un problema per molti ma l'inclusione dei due titoli precedenti rappresenta un valore aggiunto. Insomma, è un gioco che merita di essere aggiunto alla vostra collezione.
Денис КнязевJan 19, 2021
Здорово видеть, что студия в 2016 году смогла переизобрести формулу своей главной серии и затем настолько ее улучшить. И крайне интересно в будущем будет посмотреть, что она сделает с новой игрой про Джеймса Бонда, которая уже находится у нее в разработке.
Samet Basri TaşlıJan 29, 2021
2016 yılında reboot ile tekrar can bulan Hitman serisi, Hitman 3 ile başarılı bir şekilde sona eriyor. Serinin en iyi bölümlerinden bazılarına ev sahipliği yapan oyun, tekrar oynanabilir yapısı ile de dikkat çekiyor.
Czarny WilkJan 19, 2021
Będąc wielkim miłośnikiem pierwszego i drugiego sezonu Hitmana, byłbym w pełni usatysfakcjonowany, gdyby „trójka” zgodnie z tym, co widziałem w wersji przedpremierowej, okazała się po prostu dodatkową porcją tego, co znam i bardzo lubię.
棘皮动物的野望Jan 27, 2021
saverJan 20, 2021
Hitman 3 je veľmi slušným finálne nového príbehu čísla 47. Ponúka parádne levely, niekoľko noviniek a tentoraz aj intenzívnejší príbeh. Možno je škoda, že obsahu nie je viac, 5 plných levelov a jeden finálny nie je práve masa, aj keď skúsených zabijakov dokážu zabaviť aj na stovku hodín a doplní im to ich kolekciu predchádzajúcich hier, keďže sa to celé prepojí.
Νικήτας ΚαβουκλήςJan 25, 2021
Αν είστε διατεθιμένοι να συμφιλιωθείτε με τη φύση του, κοινώς να οπλιστείτε με τεράστιες δόσεις υπομονής, να επιδείξετε παρατηρητικότητα και κυρίως να μην το παρεξηγήστε τοποθετώντας το στην κατηγορία των action games, τότε θα έχετε βρει το παιχνίδι με το οποίο θα περάσετε δεκάδες ώρες διασκέδασης, δίχως να δυσανασχετήσετε λόγω μονοτονίας και επανάληψης.