Heaven's Vault for PC
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Heaven's Vault

Apr 16, 2019
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Critic Reviews

11 Reviews
Rosh KellyApr 16, 2019
Heaven's Vault is a puzzle game you haven't experienced before. From its engaging story to its engrossing fictional language and puzzles, this is a game that feels rewarding in a way that no other game has done before.
Claire CorbelApr 16, 2019
Although Heaven's Vault boasts no groundbreaking animations, an emphasis on dialogue and language truly makes it stand out as an innovative puzzle game. With characters as colourful as the worlds you visit, you are guaranteed to be swept into an intriguing storyline shaped exclusively by you.
James O'ConnorApr 16, 2019
There's plenty to be charmed by in Heaven's Vault. The art style is pleasant, and the orchestral soundtrack is often beautiful. The writing and lore can occasionally make the game feel like an adaptation of a book that doesn't exist, and it's hard not to get invested in learning more about the game's world. It's just a shame that there's so much tedium to get through as well, and that the experience doesn't always reach the greatness it occasionally shows itself to be capable of. Heaven's Vault excels in creating a well-constructed, branching narrative, but expect long sections of it to feel like a slog.
Philippa WarrApr 16, 2019
Heaven's Vault does a beautiful job of letting you unlock a language, and thus a dialogue of sorts, with the past, via a wonderfully engaging protagonist. Heaven's Vault communicates the beauty of assigning meaning to symbols, and thus the people who wrote them.
Samuel GuglielmoApr 16, 2019
Heaven's Vault manages to make me look forward to learning a new language, which is something I honestly never thought a game could do.
Elise FavisApr 18, 2019
Heaven’s Vault is both ambitious and beautiful. It conjures a world rich with life; I enjoyed learning about the different cultures and religions of those dead and alive. Despite the long travel segments and a handful of bugs, I don’t hesitate to recommend Heaven’s Vault. The impressive language-learning mechanic largely succeeds, and with a world brimming with detail, it makes this adventure an exciting one.
Caty McCarthyApr 16, 2019
Heaven's Vault may have one of the most well-realized video game worlds ever, with your curiosity and personality molding your story through the Nebula. Whether you're fascinated by history or just by a personal sense of duty, there's a lot to love about Heaven's Vault, even if the clunky movement and frustrating sailing sour the overall experience.
Jörg LuiblApr 16, 2019
Entfaltet diese orientalisch angehauchte Science-Fiction sogar den Charme eines alten Zeichentrickfilms, während man immer tiefer in die Geheimnisse von Sprache, Religion und Kultur vordringt. Das ist kein lineares Abklappern von Rätseln plus Story, sondern ein offenes, kreativ verwobenes Abenteuer mit klasse Dialogen, dem die Symbiose von Storytelling und Knobelei besser gelingt als oder - sogar das Gilgamesch-Epos lässt grüßen.
Mastelli SpeedApr 18, 2019
Nel complesso, però, la maestria inkle nel creare storie che si adattano realmente alle decisioni del giocatore è presente anche in questo titolo. È questo, probabilmente, il merito maggiore di un’avventura che, per essere vissuta appieno, richiede una conoscenza abbastanza approfondita dell’inglese.
سینا گلاب‌ زادهApr 19, 2019
تبدیل باستان‌شناسی به یک مکانیک جذاب بدون تبدیل شدن به اثری اکشن و هالیوودی ساخت و پرداخت دنیایی خیالی که حس واقعی بودن دارد راه مختلف و متفاوت برای پیشبرد داستان
kordiMay 21, 2019
Heaven's Vault nudná, len sa hrá na titul s posolstvom a pateticky kĺže po povrchu otrepaných tém. Pád do priemeru nezachráni ani hudba a váš drahocenný čas pokojne venujte niečomu inému.


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