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Xav de MatosJun 26, 2013
Gunpoint does away with excess in favor of simplistic ideals: a story that offers enough information for context and humor, and gameplay that focuses on a few well-developed mechanics. At $10, Gunpoint is a proudly lean product, and its clever blend of stealth, puzzles and film noir humor is worth exploring, though you may want to avoid enhancing your real-life spy skills by following Conway's lead.
Peter BrownJun 07, 2013
Even with the ability to choose new tactics and alter the flow of the game's plot, you'll wind up walking away from Gunpoint sooner than you'd like. It's the start of something great, but without more content, it feels too much like the appetizer to a main course: tasty enough to excite the senses, but not substantial enough to constitute an entire meal.
Justin McElroyJun 18, 2013
Gunpoint isn't a long game - for $10, it doesn't have to be - but it's a delightfully lean experience. From the mechanics to the artistic direction, any trace of bloat has been done away with (if it was ever there to begin with). As mainstream games continue to balloon in budget and feature sets, Gunpoint is a bracing reminder of how lovely simplicity, when exquisitely executed, can be.
Kirk MckeandJun 03, 2013
It’s refreshing – in the age of ‘follow the man’ – for a game to trust you within its confines. You’re trusted not to break it. It’s a testament to the quality, with so many complexities to take into account, that it’s rare you get trapped by the level design – if you do, it’s your fault. Gunpoint is a champion of the indie game scene, and should be experienced.
Ben MooreJun 06, 2013
Gunpoint is expertly paced, pushing you forward with new challenges at practically every step. The game is something you’ll want to tell your friends about the minute you finish. It’s quirky, clever, and most importantly funny -- a quality sorely lacking in most other games. Sure, there may not be a lot to it, but you’ll get more out of this game in three hours than most games can provide in 15. How could you not fall in love with game featuring “hypertrousers”?
Phil HornshawJul 03, 2013
There’s not much to say in the negative category for Gunpoint, though, and while it only lasted three or four hours when I ran through it, the game was hard to put down during that time. Additional bits of coolness like a level editor extend the experience, and the game simply feels highly refined and functional; everything is carefully considered, with nothing that’s tacked on or feels extraneous to the experience.
Tom ChristiansenJun 17, 2013
Gunpoint, from start to finish, was a persistent challenge, but never felt like a chore. The simplistic visuals and interface layout made what could have been an overly complex experience, an incredibly fun one. The soundtrack and the humor blend seamlessly into the gameplay, resulting in a final product that will remain in the back of my mind for months to come.
Marty SlivaJun 20, 2013
Gunpoint is a refreshingly welcome addition to the burgeoning stealth genre. It nails player movement, puzzles, and storytelling in games, and completely removes anything that stands in the way of these three. Gunpoint is undeniably smart, and it takes the much-appreciated risk of assuming that we are, too.
Fraser BrownJun 03, 2013
The understated, fantastically animated pixel art -- presented side on and zoomed out -- and excellent, quirky jazz soundtrack matches the game flawlessly. It's a homage to noir and neo-noir, yet it's an irreverent game that doesn't take itself too seriously. Dialogue is smart and snappy, with Conway being a delightfully sarcastic private dick. While there's little time for characterization in this all-too-short romp, it still manages to ooze personality from every pore.
Marshall LemonJun 03, 2013
Gunpoint is a short, well-crafted title that combines film noir, stealth, and hacking puzzles into a incredibly fun gaming experience. No one mechanic or playstyle takes precedence over the others, but all are equally balanced and fun to play around with.
Dan WhitheadJun 03, 2013
Springing around its miniature fortresses like a flea in a trenchcoat is a tactile pleasure in itself, and the rewiring concept is both simple in action and powerful in execution. Just mucking around in these little sandboxes is a blast - and in that sense, it's the best sort of game, where play is its own reward. More snack than feast, it would be nice if there was slightly more of it to enjoy, but Gunpoint comes highly recommended all the same.
Mike HolmesJun 03, 2013
Whatever version of Gunpoint you buy, you're in for a treat. Sure it's a fleeting experience, but it's a superbly crafted title with some great ideas. There's different ways to approach each mission (I went with the non-lethal approach first time around, next time I'm going on a killing spree), so you'll likely want to revisit the game once the case has been closed and experiment in different directions.
Matt GirdlerJun 14, 2013
With his debut game, Tom Francis has produced a stellar experience. His combination of puzzle and stealth work brilliantly, and in the Crosslink, Francis has created a tool that I'm sure will be subject to much imitation from developers. The unique and original game mechanics, combined with great presentation and storytelling, add up to an excellent title that no one should miss.
Aimé VillaJun 26, 2013
Gunpoint no sólo es una simpática propuesta indie, sino también uno de los grandes videojuegos de rompecabezas que nos deja el 2013. Más allá de su sentido del humor, su excepcional banda sonora y su ritmo trepidante, el programa nos deja una propuesta ágil y divertida a la que sólo podemos echar en cara su breve duración.
Michael KrostaJun 20, 2013
Leider kommt das Ende schneller als gedacht: Schon nach ca. drei bis vier Stunden ist die Suche nach den Schuldigen vorbei und man darf zum krönenden Abschluss noch einen genialen Blog-Eintrag verfassen, der zusammen mit Statistiken anonym auf der offiziellen Webseite veröffentlicht wird. Wer Nachschub will, bastelt sich einfach weitere Herausforderungen im Level-Editor. Kurzum: Gunpoint ist ein charmenter Rätsel-Plattformer, den man sich trotz des geringen Knobelfaktors nicht entgehen lassen sollte.