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Robert VerBruggenAug 28, 2012
Yes, at first blush, Guild Wars 2 seems like World of Warcraft with better graphics. But in countless ways, it's a complete overhaul of the way things are done. I've played a lot of recent MMOs—from Wakfu to SWTOR—and plenty of them were fun and had the potential to grow and improve. But this is the first time I could make the following statement: This MMO, in its current state, poses a serious threat to World of Warcraft.
Kevin VanOrdSep 11, 2012
There have been some issues during the launch phase, such as trading post problems, glitched world events, scripted moments that can get you stuck in a monster's geometry, and a few other oddities. But these aren't defining moments, and many have been cleaned up hastily, allowing the incredible exploration and thrilling player-versus-player combat to command attention. There's so much more that could be said about Guild Wars 2--the branching story paths, the keg brawl minigame, crafting at the mystic forge--and that says a lot about the breadth and depth of this online world. Tyria isn't just a place you should visit; it's the place you should call your new online home.
William MurphyOct 04, 2012
What faults I’ve found in my time with the title are minor in comparison to the leaps and bounds the game has made towards taking MMORPGs to new places. ArenaNet set out to make a game they wanted to play. Along the way, they’ve created one of the best titles of the year in any genre, and indeed one of the best MMORPGs ever made. Well done, but don’t get cocky. The true development of Guild Wars 2 is just beginning.
Lauren WainwrightSep 14, 2012
Guild Wars 2 is beautiful game that runs very well on most mid-spec machines, but there’s currently very little reward for rushing to the top. The lack of monthly fees cements ArenaNet's wish for players to take their time and explore all of the content available, but the developer needs to rethink its approach to rewarding the game's most devout players if it still wants people to be actively participating in Tyria over the coming months. Rewarding players' hard work should be paramount.
Simon ChunSep 14, 2012
To say that it revolutionizes the genre might be saying much but to start the wheels of innovation going is a more adequate definition for Guild Wars 2. Rather than implementing drastically new ideas, Guild Wars 2 attempts to rethink how old MMORPGs should play.
Hollander CooperSep 11, 2012
Guild Wars 2 is everything a massively-multiplayer online RPG should be. It’s original, massive in scope, and wonderfully social, removing many of the gates that held back the genre in the past. Being able to play with friends regardless of level or class is a gigantic leap forward, and one that, when mixed in with all of the other innovations in the genre, make Guild Wars 2 one of the best MMOs currently available.
Joe VargasSep 06, 2012
Philip KollarApr 24, 2014
A handful of technical issues — a rarely-functional auction house and glitchy social features among them —€” and poor tutorials only barely impact the addictive, infinitely explorable world that ArenaNet has crafted in Guild Wars 2. The genre's flaws all still exist here. The never-ending MMO treadmill still gets exhausting, even when you can periodically shift your efforts to other, tinier treadmills.
Charles OnyettSep 11, 2012
ArenaNet has built one of the most exhaustively detailed and rewarding MMOs in existence, one that never unfairly penalizes and fosters an incredible urge to explore through a generous reward system and achingly pretty environment design. It’s a virtual world that more than anything wants you to work together with others, and provides a huge number of possibilities for cooperation while minimizing restrictions.
ThreeDJPSep 19, 2012
If you have been able to make it this far in my review, and anything you read has intrigued or excited you about this game, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy as you will not be sorry. The improvements are many, the story is enjoyable, and the gameplay is pretty refined; all of these make Guild Wars 2 a game worth playing. Oh, and ‘May the Six watch over you’.
Chris ThurstenSep 07, 2012
Guild Wars 2 is not a revolution, but it is a call to arms. Tomorrow's MMORPGs will be held to account against its standards: generosity, variety, and respect for the player's ability and time. Of course, by that point, it won't be Guild Wars 2 waving the banner. It's not a revolution. It just quietly suggests that we start one.
Jonathan LeackSep 04, 2012
Its dungeon design strays from the norm and future updates will determine whether or not it can carry the attention of the content-devouring PvE crowd. That said, Guild Wars 2 has something few games are able to muster: a personality. Its contemporary mixture of content and gameplay along with its lack of a monthly fee makes it recommendable to both MMO fans and online RPG skeptics alike.
Justin ClouseSep 29, 2012
The MMO industry has been tirelessly chasing the coat tails of a certain game, attempting to capitalize on being the same formula but with something like better storytelling or PVP. In a fresh contrast, the developers behind Guild Wars 2 have taken the time to truly examine the MMO from the ground up. Guild Wars 2 may not completely revolutionize the genre, but it certainly appears to be the new standard that future MMOs will look to.
Game TrailersSep 11, 2012
Guild Wars 2 is most successful at proving that there’s always another way. The level of imagination, inspiration, and variety on display sets a high standard for other games to come. And with a payment model a good deal more generous than the majority of its competition, it puts to question just what other developers can get away with. While it’s difficult to say if we’ll look back on Guild Wars 2 as the game that finally did World of Warcraft in, we’d be surprised if the future of MMOs doesn’t look a bit more like this.
Oli WelshSep 18, 2012
Almost every aspect of its design serves the individual player and whole community equally, and there's a breezy willingness to put the content ahead of the grind throughout. It's a little lightweight, perhaps; its fantasy world is more picturesque than truly enveloping, and its social and gameplay hooks offer instant gratification over ties that bind. But it's still the most coherent, seamless, social and fun MMO in a long time - and the only one that can call itself truly modern.
Brent GaliettiSep 04, 2012
It is an amazing, brilliant, awesome game that takes many positive elements of the MMORPG genre while changing up many other staples for the better. It’s entirely possible that the game will change between the publishing of this review and when you first play it. However, based on what we have experienced, we are confident that ArenaNet will continue to keep Guild Wars 2 in the upper echelon of gaming for years to come.
Emmanuel BrownSep 12, 2012
It’s not often you can say that about any MMO in this day and age, and even if this is one of the final death rattles for the template we’ve come to know and love over the past decade or more, what a hell of a way it would be to say goodbye. Guild Wars 2 is a fast, slick and beautiful community-driven MMO experience featuring all the content and mechanics you’d expect from a game with a monthly fee, and a good deal more besides. With that in mind, I cannot recommend it enough.
Alexander LeachSep 11, 2012
Guild Wars 2 does provide something new and inventive. Even if it's often drawing upon features other games presented before, it combines them in such a way that sets it distinctly apart from other MMOs.
James PinnellSep 07, 2012
I would be reasonably loathe to consider Guild Wars 2 a “revolution” in MMO mechanics, since at its core there is still a theme park here, albeit an extraordinarily well-designed one. But it’s obvious that its creators took on and smashed existing tropes with an aim to significantly improve on that experience that many millions of players currently fork out money for every month.
Alberto PastorSep 06, 2012
Con el aliciente de ser un MMORPG sin cuotas, ArenaNet ha logrado desmarcarse de sus competidores con su sobresaliente juego de rol en línea. Su vertiente PVP es puro vicio y su faceta PVE cuenta con los ingredientes necesarios como para no decepcionar a nadie. Puede que su sistema de combate no se haya aprovechado del todo y que se le haya restado demasiada importancia al juego en equipo, pero a día de hoy, son muy pocos los juegos capaces de divertir tanto como Guild Wars 2.
Enrique GarcíaSep 07, 2012
Seamos claros: Guild Wars 2 es justo lo que los fans de la saga esperaban, un sólido juego online que replantea muchas bases del género con bastante acierto y pocos problemas. La magia que Arena Net transmite con cada hermoso territorio de Tyria es igual de atractiva que los pasos al frente dados en aspectos como la estructura de misiones o el sistema de combate. Si bien es cierto que algunos elementos son más una transformación de las bases tradicionales del género que una revolución, es innegable que el trabajo del estudio afincado en Seattle ha resultado impecable.
Mathias OertelAug 28, 2012
Für mich ist Guild Wars 2 das beste und wichtigste Online-Rollenspiel seit Mythics Dark Age of Camelot. ArenaNet hat das Kunststück vollbracht, mit einfachen, aber effektiven Mitteln dafür zu sorgen, dass sich der umfangreiche Ausflug in den Fantasy-Vergnügungspark Tyria gleichermaßen vertraut wie neu anfühlt. Besonders begrüße ich die Entscheidung, bis hin zum Endspiel komplett auf die Grind-Tretmühle zu verzichten. Man kann überall etwas entdecken oder machen - und für alles bekommt man mehr Erfahrung als für das stupide Töten dutzender Monster.
Jürgen StöffelFeb 15, 2014
Guild Wars 2 ist auch nach fast zwei Jahren immer noch ein faszinierendes Spiel, in das die Entwickler nach wie vor unglaublich viel Arbeit und Energie stecken. Ich kenne kaum ein MMO, das eine derart lebendige Welt vorweisen kann. Ständig passiert irgendwo etwas und alle paar Wochen gibt es ein Update der lebendigen Geschichte. 2014 soll das Update-Tempo allerdings etwas gedrosselt werden (zuletzt gab es alle zwei Wochen was neues), damit auch Casual-Spieler noch etwas von der Story mitbekommen.
Fabien PellegriniAug 28, 2012
A moins d'être réfractaire au concept même du jeu en ligne massivement multijoueurs, il est tout bonnement impossible de résister à Guild Wars 2. D'abord parce que le jeu ne nécessite aucun abonnement, ce qui devrait désormais être la norme. Mais surtout parce qu'il ose remettre en question les poncifs du genre MMORPG.
Pixel PirateAug 28, 2012
Quand on prend le parti de modifier une formule qui a aussi bien marché, il faut s'attendre à être diversement accueilli, et c'est exactement ce qui guette Guild Wars 2. Mais c'était là le prix à payer pour proposer un univers persistant sans en reconduire les poncifs – et à ce titre, le MMORPG d'ArenaNet représente une prise de risque qu'on ne peut que saluer. Ce second volet n'est sans doute pas aussi irréprochable que son prédécesseur, et souffre même de quelques défauts plus ou moins gênants, comme un PvP structuré moins tactique, une lisibilité perfectible durant les combats, ainsi que quelques carences en matière d'immersion.
Tristan BrinkmanSep 13, 2012
Hoewel het verhaal en de end-game content niet de sterkste kant zijn van het spel, zul je jezelf uren, dagen en maanden kunnen vermaken in Tyria. Met Guild Wars 2 haal je een spel in huis van de bovenste plank en dat zul je merken ook. Guild Wars 2 zal voor menig gamer een verslaving worden en het virus heerst inmiddels ook op de redactie. Dus je weet het, zoek je een nieuwe topgame en een verslaving? Guild Wars 2 is je game!